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Top 9 David William Books with Cute and Adorable Characters Top 9 David William Books with Cute and Adorable Characters
David Williams is a children’s book writer who is very well known for his cute characters. He is one of the many novelists whose... Top 9 David William Books with Cute and Adorable Characters

David Williams is a children’s book writer who is very well known for his cute characters. He is one of the many novelists whose works are recognized worldwide. No wonder David William books have spread in many countries.

We’ll take a look at some of Williams’ best books and reveal the lessons from funny and witty children’s stories. You deserve these books as valuable reading.

David William Books

If you like children’s storybooks, you deserve to read 9 books by David Williams. The following is a recommended funny children’s novel.

1. Grandpa’s Great Escape

Grandpa’s Great Escape is the first recommended book by Davids William. For those of you who like books about family, it can be a fun relaxing reading option.

This 2015 novel tells about the life journey of grandparents who are amid their relatives. As they get older, they are still passionate about life.

grandpas great escape top david william books with cute and adorable characters

It is a great book about the importance of a family connection with grandparents. Also, it teaches us never to look down on someone because of age.

Jack, the name of his grandson, was very considerate of him. He loves him who is getting more and more forgetful.
A good children’s book that tells about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren who help and love each other.

2. Demon Dentist

This David William books is about a character named Raj, a newsagent who is also known as a kind uncle. His funny attitude makes many children like him. Many children call him a teacher because he can give good advice through his witty stories. Raj is an honest character who always looks forward to his presence.

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One day, many children were disappointed because he did not attend an Awful Auntie event. The author tries to arouse the emotions of the children who read this book.

What’s the next exciting story? What does that have to do with a Demon Dentist? This best novel by David Williams published in 2013 answers it with witty stories.

3. The Bear Who Went Boo

David William never runs out of funny ideas to entertain children. It is another great funny storybook that contains important lessons so we can not only talk but also do something useful.

In this book, he also invites children to get to know the character of a polar bear with adorable and occasionally annoying behavior: likes to frighten other polar animals.

He is known as a sneering bear in the title of this novel: ”The Bear Who Went Boo”. What the bear was doing was not scary but just for fun.

There are funny and interesting stories in the book that make readers laugh. Supported by a good display of illustrations, the book published in 2015 feels like real life.

4. Awful Auntie

He is evil but many readers like him. That’s the character of Aunt Alberta in another interesting David Williams book you must read. This novel teaches that even though she is evil, there is still good in her heart.

awful auntie top david william books with cute and adorable characters

She was a big woman with a scary voice. When growling, for example, scares everyone around him. She is one of the most vicious criminals and will do anything for his evil ends.

Surprisingly, despite his evil nature, many readers like Aunt Alberta. As it turns out, she likes to do strange and dangerous things. Sometimes she looks for cute children. Are you curious?

5. The Boy in the Dress

David Williams presents a character named Dennis, who is known as “The Boy in the Dress”. At the age of 12, Dennis had a different behavior from his male friends.

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Since his mother left him, and now lives with his father as a truck driver, he feels that there is a change in him. He became even more convinced after seeing his body shape in the mirror.

He worries about gender issues. However, his schoolmate, Lisa James, told him he could be anyone. From then on, he was more confident. He wants to be himself and doesn’t want to be someone else.

One of these inspiring childrens’ novels teaches parents about the importance of allowing children to choose what they like. The task of parents is only to direct, not to impose.

6. Ratburger

Another funny David Williams novel that tells about children is Ratburger. Despite the story, the name in the novel is a very disgusting character.

The burger shop, where he works, is also very dirty. With the appearance of a potbelly, dandruff hair, and pants full of oil, Burt is a frightening figure.

For those who are sensitive, this character can be a serious threat. But it’s not a Williams novel if it’s not interesting. Burt is a witty character who is ready to make you laugh out loud.

7. Gangsta Granny

Ben protested to his parents because his grandmother was boring. But now Ben is determined to help his grandmother who wants to steal the crown jewel. Ben’s grandmother needs help and she has little chance of success.

A children’s book that is funny and teaches a lot of things at the same time. One of them is that we always respect our grandmothers and parents while they are still alive.

Gangsta Granny is David Williams’ best-selling novel on the market. Since its first publication in 2011, this novel has been printed in 41 languages and enjoyed by people all over the world.

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8. Mr. Stink

As the name implies, Mr Stink is smelly and pungent. He is known as a dirty tramp who lives near the park. Surprisingly, he was smelly and dirty but a lot of kids liked him.

Chloe, one of the characters in this novel, really loves him. Mr. Stink’s relationship with Chloe is also very good, which is shown by helping each other. They are real-life examples.

mr stink top david william books with cute and adorable characters

David Williams wants to tell in funny children’s language about the importance of trust in each other in a relationship with anyone. Stay away from prejudice and don’t judge people from the outside. It is a very interesting novel by the best author, not only funny but also dramatic that will make you cry.

9. Billionaire Boy

Last but not least is a novel entitled Billionaire Boy which tells the story of a 12-year-old teenager, a billionaire child who is not happy with his status. His name is Joe Spud.

At school, he was often treated unfavorably and considered a child who only rides on his parents’ wealth. Joe doesn’t like that title!

Because he was often bullied by his friends, he moved from the school. He wanted to hide his parents’ wealth so he could get along normally with other friends. Certainly not Joe’s fault if he was born to be the son of a billionaire.

Joe was a very good person, not wanting to be the son of a rich man and then behaving arbitrarily. Joe wants to teach us that wealth is not everything.

The David William books can be referenced for your children’s reading. You learn many valuable lessons from the books which are delivered in humorous styles.

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