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Top 6 Best Books on Emotional Intelligence Top 6 Best Books on Emotional Intelligence
Having a knack to browse articles on emotional intelligence is a good thing. But the overwhelming number of writings on the web may clutter... Top 6 Best Books on Emotional Intelligence

Having a knack to browse articles on emotional intelligence is a good thing. But the overwhelming number of writings on the web may clutter our minds. In this situation, closing your browser tabs and looking for the best books on emotional intelligence might be a better option for you.

Here, we’ll walk you through the best books that have ever been written on the topic. So keep reading and stay tuned!

1. Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ”

If you’re someone who loves to dig deep into things, seeking to know not only the fundamental concepts but also the history of their inception, this would be an excellent book to start.

Why? Because Daniel Goleman’s the very person that first propelled the word “emotional intelligence” into stardom. And his book is the first of the many emotional intelligence books that follow.

daniel golemans top 6 best books on emotional intelligence

In 1996, Daniel took inspiration from Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer’s 1990 research that first coined the word “emotional intelligence (EI)” and gave it context. Salovey and Mayer argued that there is another indicator of a person’s intelligence besides IQ. This was a breakthrough at the time, considering that companies back then heavily used IQ test results as their reasoning for hiring employees.

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Being an author and science journalist, Daniel was interested in the concept. He then further presented it as a significant predictor of success in the business and managerial world, even more so than IQ. This writing of Daniel’s then gained considerable momentum and successfully launched itself as a #1 best-seller in stores worldwide.

Although this book is now more than 15 years old and somewhat lacking insights present in most recent studies, it’s still an excellent start to help you understand the narration and framework of emotional intelligence (especially in the work and business world).

2. HBR’s “HBR Guide to Emotional Intelligence”

Unlike IQ, emotional intelligence is closely related to our hearts and behavior. Taking a course or reading a book on the topic means you’re giving yourself “heart food” that will shape how you think and act. Thus, it is of importance to take your insights from good and trusted sources.

As a university-owned press company, Harvard Business Review (HBR) stands out from the rest by providing good-quality, well-researched materials. Their publications are laden with data and opinions of known experts, presented as compelling narratives.

hbr guide top 6 best books on emotional intelligence

Due to that, we highly recommend you to read this book from them. This book will provide you with advice that you’ll need in succeeding with emotional intelligence. Other than that, it will also give you practical how-tos and answers to help you tackle real-life work challenges.

Here is some sneak peeks at what you’ll learn reading it:

  • Determining your strengths and weaknesses in terms of emotional intelligence
  • Dealing with “difficult” people
  • How to recuperate and bounce back from tough times
  • Understanding and managing emotional reactions
  • Helping others develop emotional intelligence
  • Making smarter decisions
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3. Travis Bradberry & Jean Greaves “Emotional Intelligence 2.0”

Other than Daniel Goleman’s, this book’ also considered an “authority” in the topic of emotional intelligence.
The authors used more than 500.000 individuals data, providing interesting findings and insightful answers to common questions about emotional intelligence.

travis bradberry jean greaves top 6 best books on emotional intelligence

Other than insights, the authors will also provide you with over three dozen strategies for building your emotional intelligence in life’s crucial areas: self-management, social awareness, relationship management, and self-awareness.

You will also be given beneficial. In that case,Suppose access to their online self-assessment test (under the well-known brand TalentSmart). Other than that, you will also be granted tips on how to improve yourself in areas that you scored low in.

4. Gill Hasson’s “Emotional Intelligence Pocketbook: Little Exercises for an Intuitive Life”

If you don’t have much free time for reading and are just looking for a quick and practical read, this book is for you.
The author is a career coach that has written several emotional intelligence books. As a coach, she will give you practical exercises and examples that you can directly apply in your daily life.

pocketbook top 6 best books on emotional intelligence

She divides the many little exercises into four main chapters:

  • Understanding Emotions
  • Managing Emotions
  • Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Your Social Intelligence

She also provides inspiring quotes that you can memorize and take inspiration from at the end of her book.

5. Patrick Merlevede & Gary Vurnum’s “105 Tips for Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Organization: More Success by Focusing on Work Attitude and Motivation”

If you’re here looking for emotional intelligence books, there are high chances that some of you are leaders looking for practical tips that they can apply in their organizations or businesses. If you are the person mentioned above, then you will find this book really beneficial.

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This book is written by experts in their field: founder of Patrick Merlevede and self-help professional Gary Vurnum. In this book, they will help you in making your workplace into an emotionally intelligent one in which people’s emotions are acknowledged and considered.

They provide more than a hundred tips on how to make employees empathize with each other, collaborate better, and motivate one another. These tips, employed by you, will make your employees more satisfied and able to make most of their strengths.

6. Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis, and Annie McKee’s “Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence”

Until this point, we have covered the top 5 books on emotional intelligence. Now, we will close this list with another one of Goleman’s phenomenal books.

primal leadership top 6 best books on emotional intelligence

In this 2001 book, he collaborated with Boyatzis and McKee and focused more on leadership development. The greatest point in this book is, arguably, his typology on styles of leadership and their implications. The said styles that you will learn in this book are:

  • Visionary
  • Affiliative
  • Democratic
  • Coaching
  • Commanding
  • Pacesetting

You will also learn how to develop your key skills and how to develop emotionally intelligent organizations.

In this day and age where technology further diminishes national borders and the world becomes a single global village, good emotional intelligence is the recipe for success and personal wellbeing.

Whether you’re an employee, a business owner, or a leader, it is an essential skill that you must develop. And one of the ways to do that is to delve into and deep-read the best books on emotional intelligence that we have listed above.

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