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Top 5 Best Books on Self-Discipline Top 5 Best Books on Self-Discipline
In every day and age, self-discipline is something that every successful person has in common. It keeps you standing when a storm hits and... Top 5 Best Books on Self-Discipline

In every day and age, self-discipline is something that every successful person has in common. It keeps you standing when a storm hits and propels you forward when the weather’s easy. But how do we achieve and cultivate it? Rest easy; we’ll walk you through the best books on self-discipline that will surely help you grow.

1. Charles Duhigg’s “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change”

Humans are dynamic creatures. We experience series of highs and lows throughout our daily lives. Because of that, we may find it easy to practice self-discipline at times and extremely difficult at another.

charles duhigg best books on self discipline

In this book, we’ll find insights that will give us the tools to turn our deliberate self-discipline efforts into habits. The author (Charles Duhigg’s) will guide us through the topic, explaining how habits are formed, how they influence our lives and decision-making processes, and how to take command of our habits and have better control over our lives.

As a business reporter for the New York Times, Duhigg presents this book in a captivating way that will keep us entertained while reading.

Not only that, but you will also find that this book is made from deep observations, high-quality data, and profound insights, all “cooked” into narratives that are relatable to all of us.

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2. Carol S. Dweck’s “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”

Have you ever heard of the term “growth mindset”? As we know, It deals with how to point out limiting beliefs (or mindsets) and replace them with ones that are essential for growth.

Other than being a very well-known concept in the realm of self-development, it turns out that it’s also proven to be very beneficial in terms of building sustainable self-discipline efforts and habits. And why is that?

It’s because practicing self-discipline without planting the right mindsets beforehand is like trying to climb a steep mountain with the mentality of a city-loving couch-dweller.

carol s dwecks best books on self discipline

Besides being hard in itself, you will also find yourself prone to exhaustion and constantly nagged with the urge to stop and just surrender. Practicing self-discipline is tough. You will need persistence, determination, patience, hard work, and a hunger to learn and grow to pull through constantly.

All of these are extremely difficult if you still have some limiting (or “fixed”) mindsets still lingering around. Thus, weeding out fixed mindsets and planting new ones should be the first stepping stone in your journey. That is, in your journey of building long-lasting self-discipline. In this book, the author will help you to do just that.

Professor Carol Dweck is highly respected in the field of psychology for her contributions to providing scientific literature on motivation, intelligence, and mindset. Due to that, this book is guaranteed to be of really high quality. Other than that, you will also find that this book is based on solid science and is very easy to read.

3. Barry Schwartz’s “The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less”

We highly recommend this book if you’re looking to cultivate not only practical but also efficient self-discipline. Self-discipline is not just about hitting the gas and cranking up your willpower to the max, speeding and powering through life’s complicated challenges.

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barry schwartzs best books on self discipline

It’s also about being disciplined about prioritizing things and keeping away from those that will burn you out. The author points out beautifully that the process of making choices takes much of our energy daily. If it were directed into more practical activities, this energy would make our lives more positive growth.

Moreover, in this day and age where technology grants us access to anything and everything, the diversity of available choices also grows. Thus, making it harder for us to make even simple decisions in daily life.

If you’re someone constantly struggling with distractions and are seeking to be more effective and efficient in these disruptive times, Schwartz’s book is guaranteed to be beneficial for you.

4. Darren Hardy’s “The Compound Effect”

Almost all the time, success doesn’t come overnight. Instead, it is an effect of years and years of continuous perseverance in building incremental progress. On the other hand, we are constantly bombarded with messages and stories of instant “rags to riches” fantasy. For example, through advertisements and movies.

darren hardys best books on self discipline

We also see successful people posting their luxury lifestyles on social media. Perhaps, they’re posting them to make us motivated. But more than often, it makes us more unhappy when we compare them to our present lives.

In this book, Darren Hardy will help you realize that the small choices you make daily will determine your later achievements. Rather than the heavy-liftings, he points out that consistent progress is what matters most.

If you’re looking for a way to realize your dreams and keep that “self-discipline engine” going for a long time while steering away from the constant fear of missing outs, this is the book for you.

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5. Peter Hollins’ “The Science of Self-Discipline”

Do you want to know what science says about how to be more self-disciplined? Or how to be relentlessly practical while practicing the strategies of the world’s best performers?

Among the many self-discipline books, this one (The Science of Self-Discipline: The Willpower, Mental Toughness, and Self-Control to Resist Temptation and Achieve Your Goals) was made by Peter Hollins. He’s a bestselling author who has studied psychology and peak human performance for over a dozen years.

peter hollins best books on self discipline

Hollins’ writing draws on academic research findings and his coaching experiences. This ensures that his messages are both grounded in facts and practical. In this book, you’ll learn how to:

  • Beat the urge for instant gratification
  • Create limitless motivation
  • Know the biological basis of self-discipline
  • Apply discipline tactics of the world’s best performers in your daily life
  • Diagnose what motivates, drains, and moves you emotionally
  • Form productive habits
  • Make a decent goal
  • And many others

Self-discipline is something that anyone willing to go forward in life must cultivate. Moreover, in this post-modern world where distractions are everywhere and in everything.

Above, we’ve laid out the best books on self-discipline that you could use to not only persevere in your daily life but also to engineer your mindsets and habits for success. Like our list on the top 5 self-discipline books? Stay tuned for more!

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