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The Top 10 Best Love Novels of All Time The Top 10 Best Love Novels of All Time
Romance is the most popular genre in fiction literature. It is no wonder if you can find thousands of book titles of romance novels.... The Top 10 Best Love Novels of All Time

Romance is the most popular genre in fiction literature. It is no wonder if you can find thousands of book titles of romance novels. Thus, we have curated the best love novels of all time for you. All writers must agree that writing is making the readers feel something. Romance, on the other hand, seems like the best genre that could represent that objective.

Over the decades or even centuries, there are tons of titles published under the romance genre. Thus, other than the best romance novels 2021, we also bring some classic titles.

1. The Notebook

Who doesn’t know The Notebook? The story has been adapted into the big screen with Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling as the main character.

This best love novels of all time draws the line between the historical and contemporary genres, which makes this work one of the best novels of all time every romance seeker should read.

the notebook top best love novels of all time

It tells the story of an older gentleman who visits a woman with a fading memory. He will read a well-worn notebook to her every morning. The love story is about Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson. Allie must decide whether she will marry her fiance or just be with Noah and give up everything.

2. Vision in White

Nora Roberts is the mother of the contemporary-classic romance genre in this century. Vision in White tells the story of a team of wedding planners who are surrounded by love, joy, and warm feelings from their successful wedding planning business.

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vision in white the top best love novels of all time

However, they never found love for themselves, at least until now. One day, Mackensie tries her luck for romance. In the end, it is way more treacherous than she had expected.

3. Tonight and Forever

Brenda Jackson is the writer behind this steamy yet heartwarming romance story. This best love novels of all time is telling the story of Lorren, who just went through a bitter divorce and wanted to be a way of California.

tonight and forever the top best love novels of all time

She later decides to come home to Texas and will never give her heart away for another man. However, Justin Madaris is not just another man. They two get together and something is definitely going on between them. This story is quite exciting. Thus, you better grab your collection of Tonight and Forever by Brenda Jackson.

4. Nine Lives

When it comes to the love story books for adults, Danielle Steel should be part of the list, big time. She always makes the women in her stories find who they truly are, regardless of personal dramas and other stuff.

nine lives the top best love novels of all time

So, Nine Lives is about the story of Maggie Kelly, who has done lots of things to prevent any tragedy from happening in her life. However, sometimes it doesn’t work as she planned.

One of those unplanned things is her high-school love who recklessly comes into her life again. It takes Maggie in a new direction that she never thought would exist.

5. Confessions of a Shopaholic

Becky is a lady who has everything. She gets a gorgeous apartment, lavish social circle, branded clothes, and generous credit card bills. She works as a writer but it doesn’t give her much money to throw away. Also, it is kind of making her bored out of hell. One day, Becky finds a story that catches her attention which may change her life for good.

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6. Get a Life, Chloe Brown

On the list of the best contemporary romance novels of all time, we have Talia Hibbert’s Get a Life, Chloe Brown. Chloe Brown can finally get away from a chronic illness that nearly rips her life. Right after, she gets a plan and attitude to follow. However, it will be better if she gets some bits of help along the way.

get a life chloe brown the top best love novels of all time

7. The Wedding Date

Most of the time, the best romance novels for adults that can hook the readers are the classic ones. However, this novel is more about “will you be my date to this wedding” instead of asking the other party about her willingness to get married.

Alex Monroe is asked to join a guy named Drew Nichols to attend a wedding. They met due to a malfunction in the elevator so that they were trapped together. The story is quite fun and witty. Feel free to go through the trilogy and enjoy the wilderness in romance through a contemporary perspective!

8. Hate to Want You

Livvy Kane and Nicholas Chandler take one night every year to share some good times. They do it for the sake of a tragedy in their pasts as well as the kismet that their families will always be enemies.

Once a year, they two always show up and make things done. However, one day, Livvy couldn’t make it and Nicholas got distracted by another woman he never wanted.

For the record, Livvy doesn’t want him but couldn’t help to think about him all the time. The feelings may not fix the ties between their families, but she doesn’t think being apart is possible; at least not for her.

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9. The Ex Talk

Shay Goldstein is a radio announcer and just found out that her radio station will collapse. She needs a fast plan to save this gem. Dominic is Shay’s ex, who might help to save the radio station.

the ex talk top best love novels of all time

They two have to host a show together. However, the ex-thing was just a fake; they never dated each other. But the romance starts there, folks. Grab your copy of The Ex Talk and enjoy the ride with Shay and Dominic.

10. Gone with the Wind

Scarlett O’Hara is a headstrong spoiled daughter. She finds herself confused and scattered knowing her family’s money is in tatters. Scarlett will try anything she can to keep her family away from the poverty line.

Later, Rhett Butler offers a way out for her. She may lose her heart in the process, or may not she? Gone with the Wind is part of the best love story novels in English.

The titles above come from various years. Some of them are even the best romance novels 2019. You can find them online but you better buy the hard file for the other titles too.

Collectors love to own the hard copy of each collection. So, you may want to do a hunt in several local bookstores. And you have reached the end line of the best love novels of all time. Have you read one of them? Which one is your favorite?

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