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The Recommendation of Best Carlos Castaneda Books The Recommendation of Best Carlos Castaneda Books
Carlos Castaneda was an American writer who wrote a lot of book series. Meanwhile, He was born on December 25th, 1925, and passed away... The Recommendation of Best Carlos Castaneda Books

Carlos Castaneda was an American writer who wrote a lot of book series. Meanwhile, He was born on December 25th, 1925, and passed away on April 27th, 1998. His first three books are “A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, A Separate Reality”, “The Teachings of Don Juan”, and “Journey to Ixtlan”. Then, what are the best Carlos Castaneda books?

Biography of Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda was a popular writer and anthropology from Peru. Indeed, his books have mystic characters and have been translated into 17 languages.

He wrote about the movement in the New Era and caused controversy. However, he was an iconic writer to the whole generation, and his creation is a symbol of the hippie era.

Even though he was popular, he was very close and private, and not many people knew about his life. He was born in Peru; then, in 1951, he went to the United States of America. Then, Castaneda studied literature, creative writing, and philosophy. Besides, he was also called the “godfather of the New Age movement”.

While he studied at UCLA and took anthropology, he did an apprenticeship with Don Juan Matus, a Yaqui Sorcerer. Then, it was the basis of his classic book titled “The Teachings of Don Juan”.

Unfortunately, his claims about the background were doubtful. Even so, he didn’t want many journalists to take his photos or interview him.

He severed to his son and wife and even used many alias names. As a result, Castaneda constantly changed his stories to followers. Then, with the three women who know as “witches”, he bought a camp in Westwood. He charged around $1200 to get a class at his camp.

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In 1998, he died once he was 72 years old, and only some people knew that he was dead. Even the media didn’t notice his death.

Best Book of Carlos Castaneda

Several books became his work and became popular until this time. In this article, below are the best book:

1. The Teachings of Don Juan

This was the first series book by Castaneda that he wrote based on the experience of once meeting a man named Don Juan who over several years. In conclusion, ‘The teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui Way of Knowledge’ is an exciting exploration of altered states of consciousness.

Carlos Castaneda wrote this book as the “field notes” he took while conversing with Don Juan. Most importantly, this book is broken up into two sections. Firstly, based on his experiences and long conversations with Don Joun. Secondly, take the structural approach for what he learned.

the teachings of don juan the recommendation of best carlos castaneda books

Castaneda wrote in clinical style and somewhat detached. Overall, this first part is more attractive to the general reader. Some people thought of this book published in 1968 in the University of California Press as a work of anthropology. But, some critics contend that it is a fiction book.

Carlos Castaneda wrote it as his Master’s thesis in his school of Anthropology. The purpose was to document what was happening during an apprenticeship with Yaqui Indian Sorcerer Don Juan Matus between 1960 – 1965. As a result, the reader will get a new experience while reading this book.

2. A Separate Reality

It is suggested to read ‘The Teachings of Don Juan’ first before you read this book ‘A Separate Reality’. Compared to his first book, this one is more in-depth and talks about various theories and concepts as foundations for those spiritual beliefs because he put less emphasis on awesomeness and more on attempting to understand the meaning.

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Carlos brought as deeply as memory and language of his otherworldly experiences to this book. Overall, He did a great job conveying the various perceptions he had but still made sense to the reader. Because after all, it is challenging to explain fantastical things simply in terms of what is already known.

a separate reality the recommendation of best carlos castaneda books

This title took some concepts presented in the first book of Castaneda, and he developed it much further and added someones. For example, Don Juan went into more detail about what it means to live the life of a warrior and what a sorcerer does in this world by using their powers. In this book, He brought a new idea of “seeing” the world objectively.

This is a kind of book that needs to be read multiple times to get all the ideas in. Especially some numerous parts that contain a wealth of knowledge. Even though this book touches on many heavy topics, you will not lack in getting entertainment.

Some moments call for concentration and seriousness, but the interactions between Don Juan and Carlos sound like something of a comedy and fun thing. Then, this book is most certainly a worthy list of continuations to the first book and can give you a gold mine of knowledge and philosophy.

3. Journey to Ixtlan

In this series, “Journey to Ixtlan”, Carlos Castaneda wrote deeper than anyone else of ancient Mexican spirituality. The things in this third book are a bit different from what he made before. Here, Castaneda focused on the many experiences he had with the teacher Don Juan on his first two works of literature.

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The focus of this book shifts further away from his original subject as an anthropologist and more about Don Juan’s spiritual world. In conclusion, “Journey to Ixtlan” is a review of the many Castaneda’s notes in another to the concept of “stopping the world.

journey to ixtlan the recommendation of best carlos castaneda books

You will not find too much detail as it refers to a technique Don Juan teaches Carlos Castaneda. In this story, the teacher gave a technique to see the world in other perceptions and terms. Although without reading the previous two books series, you still can get a lot out of this title.

Castaneda expected the reader to know the world that he was presenting as the true meaning behind the terms he used. Then, You might have misinterpreted ideas at some particular points.

Even though this book was written to inform the reader, Castaneda’s knack helps to make the reader feel like a story instead of his recollection. He put on his feelings and thoughts at certain times and was honest about his weakness. Moreover, The language is very simple but still manipulated to convey more complex ideas.

In conclusion, Castaneda is one of the legends in literature. Those best Carlos Castaneda books will bring you new experience and knowledge.

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