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The Best James Patterson’s Books of All Time The Best James Patterson’s Books of All Time
With more than 800 books released, James Patterson is one of the American authors that has sold more than 300 million copies of his... The Best James Patterson’s Books of All Time

With more than 800 books released, James Patterson is one of the American authors that has sold more than 300 million copies of his work. James Patterson’s books are mostly themed around crime and mystery. But, he has also published some non-fiction books and romance novels.

In this list, we will recommend some of James Patterson’s series, which are most of his type of books. But, we also provide some of his standalone books to add to your list.

1. Alex Cross Series

The most popular and anticipated of its newest release series is by James Patterson. With 28 books already published and one coming late in 2021, this book has been very entertaining for mystery-thriller addicts and readers in general.

The story follows Dr. Alex Cross, a specialist in forensic psychology, who is now working with the FBI to solve some of the most infamous cases.

alex cross the best james patterson books of all time

Each of the books in this series could be a stand-alone book with some references and even cameos from previous books. So, the reader could read them separately or read them one after another to get more immersed in his Alex Cross universe.

Here is the title list of the Alex Cross series in order of publication:

  • Along Came a Spider
  • Kiss the Girls
  • Jack & Jill
  • Cat and Mouse
  • Pop Goes the Weasel
  • Roses are Red
  • Violets Are Blue
  • Four Blind Mice
  • The Big Bad Wolf
  • London Bridges
  • Mary, Mary
  • Cross
  • Double Cross
  • Cross Country
  • Alex Cross’s Trial
  • I, Alex Cross
  • Crossfire
  • Kill Alex Cross
  • Merry Christmas, Alex Cross
  • Alex Cross, Run
  • Cross My Heart
  • Hope to Die
  • Cross Justice
  • Cross the Line
  • The People vs. Alex Cross
  • Target: Alex Cross
  • Criss Cross
  • Deadly Cross
  • Fear No Evil

Alex Cross is the most famous character, and every book that has his appearance has become James Patterson’s best book ever released. Fear No Evil is expected to be published in late 2021.

Besides the main story about Alex, James Patterson also writes a story about Alex’s son, Ali, who is eager to be a detective like his father. Ali’s novels have been published in two books so far. Ali Cross was published in 2019, and its sequel, Like Father, Like Son, was already published in early 2021.

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2. Invisible Series

With two books in total, Invisible Series is a series adventure of Emmy Dockery, an ex-FBI agent, who is always confident that every case she investigates is connected somehow.

The first book, Invisible (2014), begins with Emmy’s suspicion of the series of kidnappings, rapes, and murders. She believes that all those cases, which are hundreds, are connected. But, not all of her colleagues believe—none of them, including Harrison Bookman, her ex-boyfriend, and FBI field agent.

But everything changes when she finds evidence that makes her sure. Something, or rather someone, is behind all the tragic cases.

Unsolved (2019) follows the story after the event of the first book. But this time, Emmy has support after her series of arrests in the first book. A new case has emerged, and the killer is challenging Emmy by always one step ahead of her.

3. Rory Yates Series

Rory Yates is a Texas Ranger. A just, straight, and courageous one. He is a man who always abides by his rules and state law. Told in two books, the Rory Yates series is one of James Patterson’s best books.

In Texas Ranger (2018), Rory, who lost his chance of promotion, decides to rest in his hometown. There he found something terrifying happening. A murder case of a devoted teacher, who is also his ex-wife, happened. And he is the most suspected man in town.

But when another case with the same operation emerges, he risks everything he has to solve it. And it’s up to him to solve it, or he will lose everything.

After the event in the first book, Rory, who becomes a hero, feels a little uncomfortable with his name. Then he transferred, which he needed, to escape his awkward fame. But, the ranger always seems to be in trouble, even in his second book, Texas Outlaw (2020)

In Rio Lobo, there is a death by accident of a councilwoman. But, Detective Ariana believes that the end was not accidental at all. Rory, who transferred there, is forced to uncover the terrible truth. But this time, maybe he is not the hero but rather an outlaw.

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4. The Chef (2019)

Detective Caleb Rooney and Chef of Killer Chef food truck are being investigated in a murder case. Not as a detective in charge or as a witness, but as a suspect. In his despair and escapes, he made terrifying discoveries.

the chef the best james patterson books of all time.png

Now, he needs to prove his innocence and, at the same time, find the real culprit. And, he needs to stop an attack directed at his town, not by an international terrorist, but by the residents.

Before the whole book was released in 2016, Caleb Rooney’s story was told in a much shorter book called Killer Chef. With a much fast-paced storyline and slightly different plot development, Rooney’s character is still the same. So it’s not considered a series, instead of a remake.

5. Sam’s Letter To Jennifer (2006)

A slightly different from other James Patterson’s books, Sam’s Letter To Jennifer is a heartwarming and bittersweet story. After being grief-stricken by tragedy, Jennifer comes back to her hometown to help her grandma, Sam.

In her state of commas, Sam leaves a bundle of letters that she wrote for Jen. Jen, who always has a deep connection with her grandmother, discovers a new side of Sam. Even some secret that Sam told no one.

A quick read that is predictable but still churns your heart. Patterson, who is experienced in mystery stories, still has its ambiance in the slice-of-life exploration. A good side-read from his action-packed thriller books.

6. The Murder House (2015)

Detective Jenna Murphy considers herself as a local of Hampton. But, she hasn’t been back to her hometown since she was a little girl. She decides to take a rest from a hectic yet not too rewarding job as a detective. But her vacation turned into a disaster when two dead people were found in an estate No. 7 Ocean Drive.

Go by the name Murder House; the said estate seems to have many dark pasts and secrets. Murphy now faced a more gruesome crime scene that even her job at Manhattan couldn’t rival. And when she is also risking her life, she needs to uncover the truth before the killer retakes action.

A thrilling and chilling story with so many twists. One of the best of James Patterson’s books brings us a terrifying plot. It Is quick to read and yet still entertaining.

7. Cradle and All (1980)

An impossible, almost miraculous, event happened to two women simultaneously in two different parts of the world. They both got pregnant despite being a virgin. But at the same time, the world is also in a disastrous state because of famine and other natural disasters.

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Now a private investigator, a former nun embarks on a journey to protect those two young women. Anne Fitzgerald realized something more powerful is on the move. She needs to decide which power she needs to save the young woman, herself, and probably the whole world.

cradle and all the best james patterson books of all time

This story is much of a mystery-horror type. With a controversial theme, the protagonist and the church need to find which one of the girls is pregnant with the baby of Christ. And at the same time, she questions if it’s necessary to sacrifice the other girl just because she is pregnant with Satan’s child.

In its first release, this book was titled Virgin and one of James Patterson’s books that turned into a movie. The title changed when it was re-published in 2000.

8. 2 Sisters Detective Agency (2021)

The newest James Patterson’s book he published in collaboration with author Candice Fox. In a small town, a group of wealthy young adults has fun by breaking the laws. They come from a well-respected and well-connected family.

But, they now need to halt their crime for a while because someone is determined to take revenge on them. Rhonda Bird returns to her hometown to find her dead father has established a private detective agency. And with that news, another came. She discovered that she had a sister. A young girl named Baby has been helping her dad in his case.

Now, after a man shows up and claims that he’s been abducted, the two sisters need to investigate the case that brings them to a much bigger problem they anticipated.

Even though James Patterson has so many words in a year, almost three to four books, his storytelling never disappoints book lovers. Sure, not all his books are well-accepted and highly criticized for controversial reasons.

But, James Patterson’s books list always seems to be on the top of the most popular books. After so many years in his writing career, he knows what the reader needs and devotes his writing in such a rigorous manner. That is why James Patterson’s books will always have their place in the heart of so many readers.

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