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Percy Jackson Books for Your Mythological Fiction Addict Percy Jackson Books for Your Mythological Fiction Addict
Some people may know the Percy Jackson character from the not-too-acceptable Lightning Thief movie. On the contrary, the books that told us the story... Percy Jackson Books for Your Mythological Fiction Addict

Some people may know the Percy Jackson character from the not-too-acceptable Lightning Thief movie. On the contrary, the books that told us the story about Poseidon’s demigod were very highly praised. That’s why we will give you the list of Percy Jackson books to add to your reading list.

How many Percy Jackson books are there?

If you count the books in which Percy appeared as a character (not just mentioned), there are more than ten books. Why so many? Because Percy Jackson’s book is one of the many series in the Rick Riordan Fictional Universes.

But here, we will cover the main storyline of Percy Jackson’s books in order of the first five titles of the Riordanverse.

Percy Jackson and The Olympians

The first part of the two main Percy’s adventures. Told the story of how he accepted his new world surrounded by mythology in the modern era. This first part is divided into five books. Here we give you the list.

1. The Lighting Thief

The Lightning Thief is the first book in the first part of Percy Jackson’s adventures and opens all Percy Jackson books.

Percy’s life as a sixth-grader took a weird turn after his math teacher, Mrs. Dodds, morphed from a grumpy old woman into a grumpy old woman with bat wings. Even after Mr. Brunner, his history teacher had saved his life, people around him don’t remember having Mrs. Dodds as their teacher.

the lighting thief percy jackson books for your mythological fiction addict

It gets weirder when Percy and his mom go to Montauk for vacation. Grover, Percy’s awkward and weak-hearted friend, showed up. He warned them that something dangerous was coming. A monster from the myth that even he doesn’t want to say the beast.

After fighting with the monster, he won, but he lost his mom and consciousness. And when he woke up, he found himself in the camp where he found out about his heritage. A heritage that gave him so much trouble and a chain quest to find the thief of the most potent weapon in the universe, Zeus’s lightning rod.

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How did he finish his first quest? Can he find the thief and also save his mother, who’s not dead? And is he the child in the prophecy that either saves their world or destroys it?

2. The Sea Of Monster

In the second book of Percy Jackson’s book set, Percy finished his first quest with Grover and Annabeth, daughter of Athena; his life seems pretty much standard for a demigod. Indulging himself in training and not-so-much studying about his power, he seems settled up in Camp Half-Blood.

After his new brother arrived at camp, Tyson the cyclops, the camp, was attacked by a bull automaton. Although they win the fight, Thalia Pine Tree, a border and magical source for the camp barrier that protects the camp, gets poisoned. The camp decides to send their heroes to find the cure—the Golden Fleece.

On the other hand, the location of the golden fleece that Polyphemus, a giant cyclops, guards, was also the location Grover had been kidnaped. Percy snuck out with Annabeth and Tyson to save Grover and snatch the golden fleece on their way.

The adventures also reveal that Luke, their friend-turned-into-enemies, is building an army of demigods and monsters to destroy Olympus in the name of Titan’s lord, Kronos. Thus begins the story of how Luke starts a war between Camp Half-Blood and his army of monsters.

Even after they got the fleece to heal Thalia’s pine tree and restore the camp’s border, something big happened. Something that adds a variable to the fate of the world.

3. The Titan’s Curse

On their way to escort Di Angelo’s siblings to the camp, Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover are attacked by a Manticore and saved by The Hunter of Artemis. Unfortunately, Annabeth sacrificed herself and lost in the ocean in the middle of the fight to bring down the Manticore.

On the next mission to save Annabeth and Artemis, who got caught by Luke when she hunted Ophiotaurus. This quest is given to Zoe Nightshade, Hunter’s lieutenant as a leader, Bianca di Angelo, Thalia, and Grover. Percy follows them secretly on behalf of Nico di Angelo, promising him to protect Nico’s older sister.

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the titans curse percy jackson books for your mythological fiction addict

Eventually, Percy joins them, and his promise to Nico is broken. Bianca died when trying to save them from Talos, a giant automaton that attacked them. And after that, their mission got more challenging when they found out that Artemis and Annabeth are captive to hold a curse of a particular titan.

Can they save Annabeth and Artemis? Will the curse of the titan hold them back? Or can they prevent Ophiotaurus from bringing disaster to the world?

4. The Battle of The Labyrinth

As the war between titan and gods begins to heat up, Mr. D leaves camp to convince other minor gods to side with Olympus. Quintus, a master swordsman that replaced him, sent Percy, Annabeth, and Grover on a quest to acquire Ariadne’s String.

In the labyrinth, they found out secrets about Quintus and the sacrifices he made. Percy and his friends go back to the camp to fight Luke’s army. After so many fallen comrades and the battles finished, they realized that Kronos had been revived and resided in Luke’s body.

The Camp starts preparing a full-scale war to fight Kronos in Manhattan. A final battle that will fulfill the prophecy about the fate of the world.

5. The Last Olympian

Poseidon said that this was the time for Percy to understand the promised prophecy. Nico, son of Hades, told Percy how to make his body strong enough to fight the titan lord.

In the journey, Percy learned about Luke’s past and why he resented the Olympians so much. That also makes him angry at the Olympians, and he meets Hestia, the last Olympians that stay in the throne room when other gods go into the war.

the last olympian percy jackson books for your mythological fiction addict

He also learned that sacrifices must be made. That the hero is not always the child of major gods. That the world’s fate is as important as the fate of a hero, hero of Olympus.

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Supplementary Books

There are also four books in the Percy Jackson books to add some facts to the series. These four books are either told by Percy as a narrator, a compilation story, and the story of Luke Castellan’s early days.

One of them is an unofficial book written by many young adult writers that discusses world-building and some facts in the series. This book also contains a glossary, character information, and some places that might not be well known.

Next Book

A sequel to this series told us the story about all demigods, Greeks, and Romans. The sequel’s main title is The Heroes of Olympus, which is divided into five books. We will not go into the book’s details because the sequel is not Percy’s adventure as the main character.

On the contrary, this sequel told the story of the seven heroes (including Percy) to save the world from the earth’s mother itself, Gaea. But, we will provide the title for your preferences. The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades, and the last part title is The Blood of Olympus.

Final Words

Rick Riordan began to develop the Percy Jackson story as a story before sleep for his child. When his child suggests Rick write the story as a novel, he’s not very sure about it because he writes books for adults.

But, now Percy Jackson is one of the most famous book characters in the fiction world. He even got a movie adaptation (even though not critically accepted) and some merch.

The Riordanverse now expanded the story not just in Greek and Roman mythology. There are Kane’s Chronicles that cover Egyptian mythology, Magnus Chase’s adventures with Norse mythology, and the adventures of Apollo. All those books will fulfill your curiosity about what to read if you like Percy Jackson books.

So, that was a list of Percy Jackson books for your reading list. Start now to indulge yourself in the world of mythical beings and powerful gods.

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