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Dive Into 9 Best Graham Hancock Book in Order Dive Into 9 Best Graham Hancock Book in Order
Graham Bruce Hancock is a renowned British author who has written novels, nonfiction and history books. Magicians of the Gods, Fingerprints of Gods, Lords... Dive Into 9 Best Graham Hancock Book in Order

Graham Bruce Hancock is a renowned British author who has written novels, nonfiction and history books. Magicians of the Gods, Fingerprints of Gods, Lords of Poverty and The Mars Mystery are among the Best Graham Hancock Book you have to read.

Many of his books highlighted ancient cultures, megaliths, ancient myths along with astrological and astronomical statistics from the past. There are more than 8,000,000 copies of his book throughout the world, translated into 29 languages. Dive into his incredible books with the following list of his books in array.

Best Graham Hancock Book in Sequence

The following list of three option of Graham Hancock books will definitely a great help for you given that it can lessen your hassle in determining the best one to read in order:

1. War God Books

When reading War God Books it is recommended for you to do it by the publication order as follows:

Night of the Witch (2013)

This incredible novel was published in 2013 of which the story is about the colliding of two humongous numbers of armies, two strong empires and two gods of wars. Tozi is a young girl who is waiting to be sacrificed on top of the pyramid.

night of the witch best graham hancock book in order

Pepillo who is serving a vicious Dominican hermit, is a Spanish orphan. He is on a Spanish fleet sailing to Mexico. Our two main protagonists and a sex slave called Malinal along with 500 of men are about to face a devastating war of the ancient America’s brutal and strong armies with the Spanish inquisition.

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Moctezuma, as the Aztec ruler demands for more human sacrifices to please Huitzilopochtli, their war god. This is due to Cortes’s arrival which is marked as the fulfilling prophecy of the Quetzalcoatl homecoming.

Return of the Plumed Serpent (2014)

Herman Cortes would love to conquer the Aztecs golden city, Tenochtitlan. Unfortunately, in order to achieve his quest of getting the Aztecs gold, he has to fight Moctezuma, the eminent Aztec ruler. Moctezuma along with his thousands of strong and brutal armies are ready to defend his gems. While Cortes only has 500 men to fight the deadly battle.

Expected to get an aid from the Aztec hereditary enemies, Tlaxcalans, Cortes was set in the middle of a dreadful clash. He plays his trick by mind-gaming the Aztec ruler, Moctezuma with the main objective to defeat him psychologically before facing him in battle.

A gorgeous Mayan princess named Malinal, who is also Cortes’s lover, helps him with the plan. Malinal is the one who tells Cortes about the Quetzalcoatl myth. She tells Cortes how to exploit the prophecy of the conquistador’s return that makes Moctezuma’s determination weaker.

Night of Sorrows (2017)

This book is the ultimate final of the previous two books. You will never stop reading until the last page due to the exciting story. This book is among Graham Hancock book recommendations along the two previous series to complete your collection.

2. Standalone Novels

List of books by Graham Hancock on standalone novel will only include the following:

Entangled (2010)

This is an exciting book to delve in where you will be brought to three different places and time i.e. California in our current day, prehistoric Brazil and Spain, Our main characters are two teenagers named who have to deal with an evil magician master who wants to destroy the human race named Sulpa.

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entangled best graham hancock book in order

Leoni, a troubled teen who lives in Los Angeles and Ria, a young girl from Stone Age Spain met in a parallel dimension outside the flow of time to prevent Sulpa from destroying humankind.

This appealing gem is a must-read book, especially for readers who love to learn about quantum physics, time travel, parallel realms and nature consciousness.

3. Non-Fiction Books

The publication order of Graham Hancock non fiction books span from 1979 to 2019 that consist of more than 20 books. Here, we are going to learn only 6 of them as follows:

Lords of Poverty (1989)

This book is sort of Hancock’s report on the facts that only a small number of the humongous amount of international aid made to help foreign countries are translated into the targeted assistance. Its thorough report has made readers question the government’s motive in doing so and whether or not the beneficiary countries do need the aid.

The Sign and the Seal (1992)

One of the great historical mysteries in the world is the loss of the Ark of the Covenant where it holds the Ten Commandments stone tablets. There are many references in the Bible that the power of the Ark is able to destroy enemies, flatten the mountains or lay waste to cities.

However, prior to the Solomon Temple’s building, the Ark disappeared from documented history. Hancock did his research for about 10 years from the archives of the middle East and Europe up to facing the dangers of local civil wars in Ethiopia for the answer. He is able to track the true story down to find the location of the Ark today.

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Fingerprints of the Gods (1995)

This book is one of Graham Hancock’s best selling books. It has sold up to 9 million copies worldwide. Hancock rewrite the history in a radical way that causes readers to alter their presumption about the background story of our modern society.

Reading this fascinating book may cause you to pop curious questions about conventional history we used to know and learn. Thus, it triggers the emergence of new evidence that historians failed to clarify.

The Mars Mystery (1997)

This book will make us question whether Mars used to be like earth with rivers, oceans and lakes and sustained civilizations or not? You will also wonder whether our beloved earth will share the same fate or we, as humankind, can help protect our planet and race from extermination.

American Before (2019)

Graham Hancock latest book talks about the DNA proof and the newest archaeological evidence on the potential ancient advanced civilization in the landmasses of America. Hancock also offers readers reflective suggestions on leading our current best life.

american before best graham hancock book in order

Final Thoughts

Having done the quest, searches, investigations, studies and more, Hancock books are always full of surprising facts, yet amusing and exciting to delve into.

The aforementioned best Graham Hancock books are only a few to name of his magnificent works. However, hopefully, you can learn from the books in the best way and start reading more on other Hancock’s books for your best benefits.

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