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8 Best Stephen Hawking Books of All Time
Stephen Hawking was a renowned physicist, cosmologist, mathematician, and author. As one of the most popular scientists in modern times, Stephen Hawking’s books received many positive feedback. Here are some of Stephen Hawking’s books in chronological order to start your voyage to our amazing universe. Best Stephen Hawking Books... Read more
Percy Jackson Books for Your Mythological Fiction Addict
Some people may know the Percy Jackson character from the not-too-acceptable Lightning Thief movie. On the contrary, the books that told us the story about Poseidon’s demigod were very highly praised. That’s why we will give you the list of Percy Jackson books to add to your reading list.... Read more
8 New York Times Famous Seller Books to Add to Your Reading List
Ever since 1931, the New York Times has been consistently arranging a list of best seller books every week. It is well known that the books listed on New York Times famous seller books are the crème de la crème of the industry. Here are some recommendations to add... Read more
Recommendation of 14 Most Important Books of All Time to Read
Books are an important part of life given that through this small squared thing, we can explore the world and knowledge we know nothing about before. A book could bring enlightenment, wisdom, knowledge, and even healing to the wounded. The following 14 most important books of all time should... Read more
8 Jordan Peterson’s Recommended Books Worth a Try
Jordan B. Peterson is a clinical psychologist, psychology professor, and entrepreneur who has written a couple of books you can find on the bookstore and the internet. However, you must read Jordan Peterson’s recommended books below and find out how influential these books are. Jordan Peterson’s Recommended Books Even... Read more
The Best James Patterson’s Books of All Time
With more than 800 books released, James Patterson is one of the American authors that has sold more than 300 million copies of his work. James Patterson’s books are mostly themed around crime and mystery. But, he has also published some non-fiction books and romance novels. In this list,... Read more
9 Good Books to Read for Adults to Suit Any Mood
Reading is more about habit instead of a hobby. Once you get used to reading books, you will always crave good books to read for adults later in life. While all books may give you values, insights, and new experiences, finding good ones is always crucial – some books... Read more
8 Good Books by Black Authors You Should Put On Your Reading List
When we are talking about good books by black authors it has nothing to do with racism. We are offering you incredibly brilliant works of these African American writers you should pay your highest respect to. The following black authors’ books vary from fiction, memoirs, and even autobiographies are... Read more
8 Good Books Series for Adults You Should Read
When it comes to books, it’s hard to know which is the best one to suit our taste or which one can be easily understood by us. So here is our list of 8 good book series for adults who want to try reading and following a book series!... Read more
Top 9 David William Books with Cute and Adorable Characters
David Williams is a children’s book writer who is very well known for his cute characters. He is one of the many novelists whose works are recognized worldwide. No wonder David William books have spread in many countries. We’ll take a look at some of Williams’ best books and... Read more