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8 Best Teenage Love Story Novels to Spice Up Your Reading List
Teenage romances will never cease to bring those lingering butterflies-in-your-stomach feelings back. If you are longing to feel those kinds of feelings again, you should reminisce about them by reading teenage love story novels. If you are a hopeless romantic—or not—who is feeling bored and need to escape from... Read more
8 Best Stephen Hawking Books of All Time
Stephen Hawking was a renowned physicist, cosmologist, mathematician, and author. As one of the most popular scientists in modern times, Stephen Hawking’s books received many positive feedback. Here are some of Stephen Hawking’s books in chronological order to start your voyage to our amazing universe. Best Stephen Hawking Books... Read more
8 Steamy Historical Romance Novels to Start Your Journey on This Genre
People usually have their favorite genre when it comes to reading novels. Do you want to try this swoon-worthy historical romance genre? If that is the case, you can pick the following 8 steamy historical romance novels as your start. Watch out, these books are so hot that you... Read more
10 Best Secret Pregnancy Romance Novels for You to Read
If you are an avid reader of secret pregnancy romance novels, it is pretty sure that your craving for stories on love scandals and maternity dilemmas needs indulgence. Nonetheless, finding out the long list of such a trope on – let’s say – Goodreads is tiring and yet of... Read more
10 Romantic Novels for Teens To Read
Love never waits for someone to grown-up for it to blossom. No matter how young you are, love always finds its way. That is why romantic novels for teens are a genre on their own. This time, we will provide you with a list of teenage romance books that... Read more
10 Popular Female Authors Today You Must Know
As women’s power in literature has been consistently stepping up their writing game, the amount of spotlight that is given to the authors should be more enhanced. They sure have come a long way, and one of the ways to acknowledge them is to know the list of popular... Read more
11 Plus Size Romance Novels You Should Read
Love is universal. Doesn’t matter what your age, race, or even your body size is, love always finds its way. So when romance novels are invented, plus size romance novels also find their way to the heart of the readers. Here, we will give you a list of books... Read more
Percy Jackson Books for Your Mythological Fiction Addict
Some people may know the Percy Jackson character from the not-too-acceptable Lightning Thief movie. On the contrary, the books that told us the story about Poseidon’s demigod were very highly praised. That’s why we will give you the list of Percy Jackson books to add to your reading list.... Read more
Best of Nora Roberts Romance Novels For You
Named as one of the best romance authors in the world of printing, Nora Roberts released more than 225 books throughout her career. With pseudonyms like J.D. Robb, Jill March, and Sarah Hardesty, she expanded her wings to England’s publisher, Nora Roberts romance novels are the most sought-after heartwarming... Read more
8 New York Times Famous Seller Books to Add to Your Reading List
Ever since 1931, the New York Times has been consistently arranging a list of best seller books every week. It is well known that the books listed on New York Times famous seller books are the crème de la crème of the industry. Here are some recommendations to add... Read more