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Bestseller Books to Read Once In Your Lifetime Bestseller Books to Read Once In Your Lifetime
Being uncertain about what to read next is a pretty common problem for some readers. A simple solution to that is just to search... Bestseller Books to Read Once In Your Lifetime

Being uncertain about what to read next is a pretty common problem for some readers. A simple solution to that is just to search for bestseller books to read. Why? Because one of the reasons a book became a bestseller is the content is excellent or relatable.

Either it’s fiction or nonfiction, here we provide some of the New York Times bestseller books and best-selling books of all time you must read once in your life.

1. To Kill a Mockingbird (1960)

If you haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird, then you must read it right now. Considered the most loved book everywhere in the world, this book has won many awards.

Set in the mid-’30s, a six-year-old Scout Finch narrated the story. She lived with her father, mid-’30s Atticus, a lawyer, and her older brother Jem. She lives her life to the fullest, trying to make as many as possible. But, when her father became a lawyer for Tom, the whole town suddenly hated the Finch family.

to kill a mockingbird bestseller books to read once in your lifetime

Tom is an upstanding and righteous “colored” man. Atticus Finch knows that fact. So when Tom is being accused of raping a white woman, Atticus stands with him. A story that brings us to the core of human habit.

Even though Harper Lee herself always said that this was a simple love story, it’s proven itself as the masterpiece of all times. A touching story with an actual conflict that, even to this day, still happens.

This novel uncovered the most endless war in humanity. That is why To Kill a Mockingjay has been an international bestseller book since its first publication.

2. The Lincoln Highway (2021)

Emmett Watson was just freed from a year serving for involuntary manslaughter in 1954. He is being driven to Nebraska, his hometown, where he tries to pick up his little brother and start a new life. But, his plan suddenly changed when his two friends from the working farm escaped by hiding in the warden’s truck.

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With his unexpected companion, Watson makes changes to his plan. In just ten days, their story became the most exciting journey ever.

As a best-selling books author, Amor Towles came back with a touching-guaranteed book. How family is not just the one you related by blood, but also the one you made along the way.

3. Where The Crawdads Sing (2018)

When Chase Andrew, a popular and handsome man, is found dead, Barkley Cove’s locals suspect Kya Clark. She is a naturalist who lived by the blessing of the wild. I lived in solitude and never caught up with society.

But, a human couldn’t live alone forever. She starts to miss being touched and loved. When two young men come into her life, she starts to open up. But, she faced an unexpected tragedy.

Delia Owen writes the Crawdads Sing as her debut novel; this book is one heck of a journey. He has foretold about how every human is just a minor part of a specific community. No one has not belonged anywhere.

4. The Da Vinci Code (2003)

Even though this bestseller books to read is the second adventure of Robert Langdon, Da Vinci Code can be read as a standalone novel. It is also one of the bestseller fiction books of all time.

In the middle of the night, symbologist Robert Langdon received a phone call. Not from his editor nor his event manager. It’s from the French police about a found-dead curator that he was supposed to meet.

the da vinci code bestseller books to read once in your lifetime

While being chased by both police and a faceless assassin, Langdon must face a more shocking truth. The truth about the historical secret that the dead curator has been keeping. With the help of cryptologist Sophie Neveu, he needs to solve the riddle to find the unknown, or it will be lost forever, along with their lives.

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5. Anne of Green Gables (1908)

Anne Shirley is an orphan and waiting for a long time for this time. The time when she was finally being adopted. But, when she realized that Mathew and her sister Marilla wanted to adopt a boy, she needed to work hard to be accepted.

Her efforts seem to work. The Cuthberts started to like her, and she won their heart. A heartwarming story about a little girl who wanted a home, a place to come back to. From this book, author L.M. Montgomery teaches us that love is timeless how the dream of a child could be dangerous yet the most beautiful and purest thing in the world.

We need to feel it again because deep down, we need our child-self to make the dreams come true. Even though this book is relatively new, it became one of the top bestseller books, according to the New York Times.

6. Think and Grow Rich (1937)

Named as the father of all self-development books, Think and Grow Rich is a book about how to convince yourself to become wealthy. Even though being released in the 1937 Great Depression, the content is still relevant to this day and the future.

A piece of timeless information in the world that changes day by day. A perfect best-selling nonfiction book for you who wants to be a rich person.

7. Cloud Cuckoo Land (2021)

Inside the thick wall of Constantinople, Anna lived in such a closed world and lived in constant fear. But, despite constantly worrying about her life, she is a curious and adventurous thirteen-year-old girl. One day, she found an interesting book—the story of Aethon, who wants to be a bird to fly to paradise in the sky.

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Outside of the wall, Omeir is a young boy with too much responsibility. His path with Anna will eventually cross each other. Five hundred years later, five children rehearsed a play of the Aethon story. Led by Zeno, an octogenarian, this play is a way for them to preserve history.

At another time in the future, Konstance is living by herself in a spaceship. She scraped around to find pieces by pieces, a story that her father told her a long time ago. A tale about Aethon: but she doesn’t want to fly to the sky, she wants to come down.

8. Apples Never Fall (2021)

The Delaneys are the epitome of a happy family with bright personalities. Stan and Joy as the father and mother, are on the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage. They decide to start anew in their old days and enjoy their pension from hard work.

apples never fall bestseller books to read once in your lifetime

But, one night, an almost beat-to-death Savannah seeks shelter in their house. A kind-hearted Joy would never abandon a person in need. So she took her in and took care of her.

Almost as abrupt as her appearance, Savannah suddenly went missing. But Joy is also nowhere to be found. The police then suspect Stan, and his secretiveness and dodging questions don’t help with the suspicion.

The four Delaney siblings broke into two sides. One side is sure that their father has nothing to do with the disappearance, and the other feels amiss.

Another great story from best-selling author Liane Moriarty. A strong story about family and how they are the source of happiness. But also could be the most hurtful source of pain.

That was the list of bestseller books to read after you finished reading your newest collections. I hope those books can be your new source of entertainment and inspiration.

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