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Best Patricia Cornwell Books: 10 Books of Kay Scarpetta series in Order Best Patricia Cornwell Books: 10 Books of Kay Scarpetta series in Order
Patricia Cornwell is a renowned crime writer best known for the character she created in her novels: Kay Scarpetta who is a Leading Forensic... Best Patricia Cornwell Books: 10 Books of Kay Scarpetta series in Order

Patricia Cornwell is a renowned crime writer best known for the character she created in her novels: Kay Scarpetta who is a Leading Forensic Examiner in Richmond, Virginia. The majority of the best Patricia Cornwell books i.e., crime stories talk about forensic science that left the readers with an intense and inquisitive thrill.

She has written dozens of novel series, standalone novels as well as nonfiction books. Her works became an inspiration for other authors and the film industry to create some Patricia Cornwell movies of Kay Scarpetta, starring the famous Angelina Jolie.

Are you eager to start reading some crime novels but are unsure where to start? We offer you our recommendations on Patricia Cornwell book series in order as your starter point. Check them out!

Recommendations on Patricia Cornwell Book in Order

Get ready to plunge into the following crime novels that provide you with realistic forensic evidence and ultimate thrill on each mystery depicted in the book.

1. Postmortem (1990)

Put this book on your Patricia Cornwell book list to read given that this is your first introduction to her novel and the central protagonist she wrote on the series. It tells about a murdered that happens in the night.

postmortem best patricia cornwell books of kay scarpetta series in order

The city of Richmond becomes paralyzed given that there is a murderer monster striking who strangles his victims at night. Kay Scarpetta who is a medical examiner at the city suspects that a skillful serial killer is attempting to deliberately operate his acts. His signature only provides Kay with a few valuable pieces of evidence.

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2. Body of Evidence (1991)

On her second adventure, Kay has to deal with a complicated case. A secluded author named Beryl Madison has been tormented by menacing calls that endangers her life. This also makes her feel as if she is being stalked before she flies to Key West.

The night she arrived at Richmond she was found nearly killed by someone she let come into her house. Kay tries to put all the complicated evidence together to unravel the mystery.

3. All That Remains (1992)

Put this book as your third Patricia Cornwell book in order for your next reading. Immerse into the depth of its intense story that will cause you to want more and more clues to read and learn.

all that remains best patricia cornwell books of kay scarpetta series in order

Young couples are found dying in Richmond and another four lovers are missing by the time Kay is appointed to investigate the case. The case becomes intense when the daughter of a distinguished politician and her boyfriend are missing. Kay has to race against the time trying to bring about the problem as well as locating the couples alive.

4. Cruel and Unusual (1993)

This time Kay has to deal with a puzzling case. A sent down murderer called Ronnie Waddell was sentenced to death and Kay was the very person who performed the autopsy. However, a couple of days later, the remains of a young boy was found with Waddell’s fingerprints on every inch of the crime scene. Getting help from the FBI agents along with her teenage niece, Lucy, Kay does her best to solve the case.

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5. The Body Farm (1994)

An 11-year-old girl was found dead in a small town called Black Mountain that terribly shocked the community. Kay’s expertise in forensic led the case investigation to a research institute known as the Body Farm. This institution is studying the decomposition of the human dead body. Kay learns that the case is beyond what it seems. Make sure that you put this book on the reading list of books by Patricia Cornwell due to its fascinating and thrilling plot.

6. From Potter’s Field (1995)

Holiday season is always a hard time for Kay due to the spiking numbers of crime. In this situation, a woman was found dead in Central Park’s blockaded. Soon, Kay identifies the pattern of the murderer i.e., done by her old advisory: Temple Brook Gault. The ultimate goal he wants to achieve is to kill Kay.

7. Cause of Death (1996)

This time, Kay has to dive into the depth of the Elizabeth River to search for the cadavers of an investigative journalist named Ted Eddings. The search is done on a ship burial ground in a freezing condition. This time, her niece, Lucy and Captain Pete Marino help her in the investigation that leads to a mysterious conspiracy.

cause of death best patricia cornwell books of kay scarpetta series in order

The case pushes her to maximize her proficiency so that she can solve the thriller. This may not be the best seller novel on the series of Kay Scarpetta adventure; yet this book offers an intense story that will definitely make you want to dig more to learn the ending.

8. Unnatural Exposure (1997)

This book offers the latest Patricia Cornwell innovative technology in solving crime. Here, Kay has to unravel the connections between two murders from two different parts of the world. The first murder happens in Ireland, while the second one is in Virginia. On both crime scenes the corpses are damaged and headless. The trail led to a more complex serial killer to unravel.

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9. Point of Origin (1998)

This time, Kay Scarpetta has to confront an impudent killer who tried to cover her evidence with a devastating fire. A horse farm was burnt down and in her process of collecting the proof of what caused the accident, Kay found human remains. On the other she comes across that her old foe, Carrie Grethen has escaped from a criminal hospital.

Kay later learnt that Grethen is somehow involved in the aforesaid accident and tried to kill her. Kay has to race against the time to unravel the case as well as to save her life.

10. Black Notice (1999)

In this best Patricia Cornwell books, our protagonist has a dilemma of finishing her investigation in trying to discover the reality or securing her career. It started when she investigated a fugitive’s corpse that led her to the headquarters of Interpol in Lyon, France. Delve into her intense adventure in this novel.

Final Thoughts

Patricia Cornwell’s medical thriller novels always grant us with heart-pounding plots that make us even more curious to dive deeper into the stories. There are more than two dozen of Kay Scarpetta series she wrote available on the market for you to explore. Yet, it is better for you to read the aforesaid best Patricia Cornwell books in sequence for your best experience. Happy reading!

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