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Best of Nora Roberts Romance Novels For You Best of Nora Roberts Romance Novels For You
Named as one of the best romance authors in the world of printing, Nora Roberts released more than 225 books throughout her career. With... Best of Nora Roberts Romance Novels For You

Named as one of the best romance authors in the world of printing, Nora Roberts released more than 225 books throughout her career. With pseudonyms like J.D. Robb, Jill March, and Sarah Hardesty, she expanded her wings to England’s publisher, Nora Roberts romance novels are the most sought-after heartwarming books.

Here we give you a list of eleven Nora Robert books. In which it is divided into two quartets and one trilogy. So, prepare your heart to be tingled and get a fuzzy-warm sensation in your chest.

Brides Quartet Series

Bride Quartet is the most popular series by Nora Roberts to this date. Consist of four titles, Brides Quartet told us about a friendship of four people and their journey that finally brought them to make a wedding planner company, VOWS.

1. Vision In White (2009)

Mackensie “Mac” Elliot enjoyed her life behind the camera. She was capturing other happy moments at their weddings. The happiness that she had never felt since her young age. Growing up with divorced parents, each of her parents went their ways with their second family.

vision in white best of nora roberts romance novels for you

She never wants a serious relationship with any other man. But, Carter Maguire, an English teacher with a simple and stable life, showed up in his life. Something that begins as a not-too-serious relationship turns into something more important than anything in her life.

This book is a solid beginning for a new romance journey and one of the best Nora Roberts books. Mac, as the protagonist, has so many problems to solve, yet she still finds happiness from her work and friendship.

2. Bed of Roses (2009)

As a wedding florist, Emmaline Grant always finds love, and romance was part of her life. Even so, she still couldn’t find the love of her life. As she works with her best friends in the business, she is still trying to find her half.

In this second book, Roberts gives us a story that is pretty much different from the first title in the series that it could be a standalone book. A lovely, warm, and breathtaking romance story.

3. Savor The Moment (2010)

Even as a baker for a wedding cake in VOWS, Laurel McBane never really feels her client’s happiness. She doesn’t empathize with her client’s emotions at the wedding. But, in secret, she had a crush on Parker’s brother, Delaney.

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In an unexpected situation, things got out of control. When Laurel’s emotion loosened, she kissed Del. How this kiss will change her life, for the better or worse.

The third part of the Bride Quartet told us about the third character from the four friends. The story is not too complex from previous books, with a more straightforward plot but a twist.

4. Happy Ever After (2010)

Three VOWS members finally settle down and are happy with their other half: Parker Twist, the last but devoted member of the wedding planner, still single by choice.

But, when the energies she spent on her business made her focus, she still felt lonely day after day. That, until a certain someone unexpectedly comes into her life.

An excellent conclusion to the journey of four friends. A trip about finding love, friendship, and how they provide happiness to others without sacrificing theirs.

Chesapeake Bay Saga

Consisting of four books, Chesapeake Bay Saga is a story about the lives of four brothers and how their lives are intertwined together.

1. Sea Swept (1998)

Cameroon Quinn, a racer who lives his life with women and drinks. He was a once-troubled young man whose life changed after being saved by Ray and Stella Quinn, his foster parents.

sea swept best of nora roberts romance novels for you

In the middle of his flamboyant shenanigans, his dying father told him to go home to take care of his youngest sibling, Seth. And his life changes forever. And when a beautiful social worker is the one who decides the fate of Seth in Quinn’s house, they try to put their differences aside for Seth’s sake.

An ordinary life yet with so many twists and stories. Sea Swept begins the tale of the Quinn brothers with a slow-paced story. They are focusing on their relationship in brotherhood and rivalry developing their lives.

2. Rising Tides (1998)

A passionate boat-builder Ethan Quinn determined to build his father’s business and succeeded. But, between looking out for his younger brother Seth and his dark secret, Ethan faced a crisis in his life.

Ethan, who seems like a gentle and kind man, hides his dark past. And when he doubts himself, his long love interest tries to help him accept his life as it is. Grace, with all her power, tries to make him more confident and welcoming.

This is yet another delightful book by Nora Roberts. Nora seems to know how to make her readers pull in the life of the character. Ethan, as a character, attracts sympathy (and love) from us. A good continuity from the first book.

3. Inner Harbor (1999)

With one look at the youngest troubled Quinn brothers, Phillip Quinn was reminded of his younger self. Even though now his life seems perfect with condo and luxury, he feels obligated to fulfill his dad’s dying wish to raise Seth as his own.

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As time passed, his duty for Seth grew into a loving brother. The Quinn brother’s relationship grows stronger. But, when a stranger comes into town, he knows that this woman holds a secret. A secret that could tear them apart.

Despite being the third installment in the series, this book still has so many things that we don’t know from the previous book. Phillip as a loving brother seems perfect and caring to all of his brothers, even Cam, who has anger problems.

The story is warmer and bright than before; the romance seems like an underlying theme, but still a great plot-main.

4. Chesapeake Blue (2002)

After a very long journey, Seth Quinn came back home as a successful painter from Europe. Once again, he lived with his beloved brothers and their own family in a house full of his childhood memories.

Dru Whitcombs Bank, a young woman full of ambition, opened a new florist shop in the town. She is curious about a handsome boy who just came back from his cruise. And thus, their love story is full of distrust, and blackmailing starts.

In conclusion to The Quinn’s long story, as the youngest, Seth told the story from his point of view. Always looking up to his brother, he knows he needs to be more successful than them. To make the family happier.

His romance itself is exciting. In the aftermath of his not-too-goody past, his affair with Dru troubled with trust issues and crime. But, the conclusion of the story is very satisfying and fulfilling.

Inns BoonsBoro Trilogy

Who knows that a real place inspired this Nora Roberts trilogy? Yes. The inn inspires the trilogy about the life of people in BoonsBoro Inn that Roberts owned.

Follow the story about the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother who renovated an old hotel in Boonsboro. It consists of three books that revolve around life in the hotel business.

1. The Next Always (2011)

A story of Beckett Montgomery, the architect and merry-go-round man of Montgomery house. His life seems so simple and not too much of a burden. But, deep down, he is still waiting for a chance to be together with his longtime crush.

the next always best of nora roberts romance novels for you

As a mother of three, Clare Brewster came back to his hometown. Intrigued by an inn across his house, she had a chance to tour before the opening. The architect himself gave him the tour. And so the love story began.

Some reviews said this Nora Roberts romance novels was “a bland yet still entertaining” book. The story itself does not have too much romance, but more into their life in their new home—an excellent start to a new journey.

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2. The Last Boyfriend (2012)

Owen Montgomery is a strict and heart-stoned man. Running a family’s construction company makes him more calculative and challenging. He was determined to open Inns BoonsBoro right on schedule. But something, or rather someone, distracts him.

As an owner of a pizza place, Avery meets so many people. Including some men that are attracted by her beauty. But, even after a long time, her first boyfriend Owen still lingers in her mind. And when they met again, Avery’s attraction to Owen developed to the next level.

This Nora Roberts romance novels showcased a fun, warm, and fluff side of Nora’s storytelling. She writes this part with so much happiness that it will make the readers smile ear-to-ear.

Even though some find this book flatter than the previous, this book is meant to be a warmer side story for Montgomery’s life.

3. The Perfect Hope (2012)

Ryder Montgomery is a reclusive man with a stern face and heart. He is not the kind of person who was running around making friends nor a huggable family. But, girls will swoon after him when he uses her tool belt and tinkering.

On the other hand, Hope is hired as an Innkeeper and manager for Inns BoonsBoro. She is an intelligent woman with excellent experiences in D.C. Despite always conflicting with Ryder, they give the vibes of an old couple fighting with each other. Whether they admit it or not.

For the most part, Ryder is an unlikeable character, a jerk, and a douchebag. But, when Hope is faced with hardships, Ryder seems to soften and realizes the real reason why he is constantly bugging her.

An excellent wrap-up story to the Montgomery saga and their unique life. In this last book, their eccentric mother has a lot of impact on the life of the brothers. Even though the rating is not higher than previous books, it is still one of the best Nora Roberts Romance novels.

Final Words

Romance is not always about two human beings who fall in love with each other. It is a story about how love affects your life and your family. And romance is about how people change their qualities to a better person for their loved ones.

Nora Roberts seems to understand them and bring them into the list of Nora Roberts romance books we know today. A lovable character with a dark past, a jerk man yet full of sympathy, a strong feeling with a soft spot, that’s just how she manages to make the same formula into a different plot.

That listed some of the best Nora Roberts romance novels. I hope this list will give you an excellent recommendation to add your heart-warming story to your collections.

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