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9 Good Books to Read for Adults to Suit Any Mood 9 Good Books to Read for Adults to Suit Any Mood
Reading is more about habit instead of a hobby. Once you get used to reading books, you will always crave good books to read... 9 Good Books to Read for Adults to Suit Any Mood

Reading is more about habit instead of a hobby. Once you get used to reading books, you will always crave good books to read for adults later in life.

While all books may give you values, insights, and new experiences, finding good ones is always crucial – some books just don’t suit you in a way. Thus, be sure to check the list of easy books to read for adults and other types of books below.

Good Books to Read for Adults

Even though you are an adult now, you don’t need to read non-fiction all the time. Some fiction works are interesting enough to dig while providing lots of new insights. Some books below may suit your reading preference.

1. Nightbitch – Rachel Yoder

Instead of being part of the good humor books to read for adults, Nightbitch is more about fabulist satirical fiction. It brings out issues like womanhood, art, and power in another striking way.

nightbitch good books to read for adults to suit any mood

You will find an artist to step aside from her career to be a mom to her newborn son. However, motherhood is far from what she always thought. This thing slowly makes her believe that she is now a dog.

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When she sought a cure, she found a book called A Field Guide to Magical Women: A Mythical Ethnography. Later, she joined the group and became involved in a multi-level marketing scam.

2. Crying in H Mart – Michelle Zauner

Crying in H Mart is initially an essay Michelle Zauner wrote for The New Yorker. She made her memoir with the same name that later turned into various stories and ideas.

Zauner kept asking herself after her mother passed away. Long story short, this book is a way of grieving, acknowledging to be Korean American, and a lot more. Thus, you have to put Crying in H Mart on your recommended books to read.

3. Seek You – Kristen Radtke

This one is a graphic novel. The story of Seek You revolves around cultural history, sociology, journalism, and history – blended strikingly into a beautiful book worth reading. Also, the subject matter becomes way more relevant after living in quarantine for almost two years now.

Radtke explores the inevitable effects of loneliness throughout the history of Americans. Also, you will find many topics in this book, from how sexist it could be when women are in romantic comedies to the mass shootings that have become an epidemic now.

4. Detransition, Baby – Torrey Peters

An openly trans woman writes this book. It later gets nominated for the Women’s Prize for Fiction – the first one is given to a trans woman. More than anything, this book is interesting to read. It tells the story of motherhood, womanhood, and how sometimes family is chosen. You better grab your collection now.

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5. Animal – Lisa Taddeo

If you are looking for something thrilling, you have to include Animal on the list of mystery books for adults to read. This book is suitable for your beach read later.

animal good books to read for adults to suit any mood

It tells the story of Joan, who has spent most of her time keeping silent about cruel acts of men. However, once she saw an act of violence, she just left the city and went to Los Angeles.

Later, she found Alice and then got out of her traumatic violence with her help. Finally, she got the strength to let go of the past while fighting back. The animal is not the easiest topic to read, but it is worth a shot in many ways.

6. The Ex Talk – Rachel Lynn Solomon

The Ex Talk is suitable for you who love rom-com materials – feel free to add it to your romance books for adults list. This book is Rachel Lynn Solomon’s debut in the adult fiction genre.

The story is about a woman who works as a public radio station producer. She needs a host for a new show about two exes giving relationship advice. However, her partner would be her work nemesis, who is not her ex.

It forces her and that man to lie harder from time to time, especially when the show gets skyrocketing. And, as you expected, they grow feelings too!

7. Finlay Donovan is Killing It – Elle Cosimano

This book might not be part of the good books to read for adults about life. However, it comes with mysteries and lots of fun. Finlay Donovan is Killing It will be a book series, and this is the first book.

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The story is about a struggling writer and mother whose life is similar to her writing books. Things get tangled up, and misunderstanding about murder spices up the story.

8. How The One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House – Cherie Jones

When it comes to good fiction books, this one is worth a shot. The story is set in a small town near the beach in Barbados. It revolves around Lala, a young woman, but told from various viewpoints.

One day, there was a thwarted burglary that ended up with a violent act. Later, the disaster also has ripple effects on how wealthy tourists and struggling locals try to survive in this town. It is a heavy read, but it won’t disappoint you.

9. Appleseed – Matt Bell

This book is a fiction work about climate fiction with a bit of fairytale and tech thriller. Compared to some pieces of Neal Stephenson and Jeff VanderMeer, Appleseed awes the readers how the 18th century and the future go back and forth.

Also, you will find several myths and legends that spark the story well, without ditching the climate change topic at all.

Bottom Line

More than anything, putting the “good” label in front of the book is such a personal judgment. Lots of factors will determine why some books are better, and others are not for you.

However, the list of good books to read for adults above has shown several interesting books you must give a try, especially if you are looking for books to read this summer. Enjoy!

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