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9 Best Books on Codependency as Your Daily Life Guides 9 Best Books on Codependency as Your Daily Life Guides
Codependency is a person’s behavior influenced by psychological conditions. This mental disorder makes a person like to get out of control. The best books... 9 Best Books on Codependency as Your Daily Life Guides

Codependency is a person’s behavior influenced by psychological conditions. This mental disorder makes a person like to get out of control. The best books on codependency offer a solution to that problem. We offer nine titles that discuss codependency from different perspectives. You need to have one of them as an essential everyday reference. Let’s discuss them.

Best Books on Codependency

If you’re having trouble with codependency, you need to have a book that talks about it. Here are some recommended codependency books:

1. Codependent No More – Melody Beattie

This book is important to have if you are facing problems with codependency. Discussing what codependency is and how to overcome it, the author warns in a bestseller book on codependency about the dangers of codependency if not addressed immediately.

codependent no more best books on codependency as your daily life guides

The book also tells about the experiences of many people who are experiencing codependency. It is not impossible. After reading this book, you are experiencing codependency. The signs are dependence and a sense of wanting to control others. This book is suitable for you to have if you want to help others without controlling them.

2. Boundaries – Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Boundaries turned out to be a differentiator, differentiating me and not me. People who are facing codependency problems generally also experience limits. One of the characteristics of codependency is that they always feel that the problems faced by other people are also part of their responsibility.

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The bestselling book on codependency teaches you about the boundaries of responsibility to yourself and others. You need this book, especially if you are trying to cover up problems to others for what you are experiencing now.

3. Co-Dependents Anonymous – CoDA

CoDA claims to have succeeded in helping overcome the problems faced by codependents around the world. By using the CoDA program, many codependents can recover from dependency problems. Recovering from addiction, they can forge better relationships, in line with CoDA’s shared goals, as a place for men and women together.

One of the signs of someone experiencing codependency is that he can’t have a good relationship. What is in his mind is how to influence or change other people. With this good book on codependency, you can reflect on the mistakes that have happened to you so far. Have this book as a reference for you as guidance on recovering from codependency.

4. Codependency For Dummies – Darlene Lancer

It is not easy to tell if someone has codependency disorder or is okay. You need knowledge to learn that. One of them is by reading this best book about codependency. Overcoming the codependency must be adjusted to the level of the disease.

codependency for dummies best books on codependency as your daily life guides

You have to go through stages, from diagnosing the symptoms and the healing period to releasing all the problems you are facing. Mutual dependence is a common problem that often occurs in friendly relationships. This book can be a reference to get rid of that bad habit.

5. Women Who Love Too Much – Robin Norwood

There is a reasonably famous saying: “too much love will kill you“. Many people are hurt because they love too much. If you’re having a disorganized relationship with a guy, you need to read this book. This book was written specifically for a woman who is struggling with codependency.

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The woman feels her sacrifice is in vain; her love for a man is not reciprocated, even though she hopes too much. This book will help you find a solution to why your love is unrequited.

The best-selling book on codependency also reminds you of the importance of a genuine love relationship, mutual love, and one of them does not feel sacrificed. Read this book if you want to get rid of the codependency problem.

6. Facing Codependence – Pia Mellody, Andrea Miller, and J. Keith Miller

This good selling book on codependency sheds light on the dysfunctional behaviors that may be happening to you. Delusions will always haunt you. This includes an attitude of mutual dependence that will continue to control you.

facing codependence best books on codependency as your daily life guides

Your dysfunctional behavior can also affect your child. As they grow up, your child has the potential to become codependent. This book reveals at least five symptoms of codependency in children that cause children to experience codependency. Written based on personal experience, the author tries to offer a solution to codependency.

7. The Road Back to Me – Lisa A. Romano

This book reveals the true story of the author’s life journey that experienced codependency and how the author overcomes it. Other people’s experience is often an excellent inspiration to heal a disease. Including those of you experiencing codependency, this actual book about codependency is suitable for you to have as a powerful healing drug.

In the book, the author talks about his experience living in a harmonious family. But he became codependent because of the association with friends outside the home. The author admits to being a drug addict, etc. Reading this book will open your mind to get out of the codependency trap. If you have felt unappreciated, this book reveals the positive side.

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8. Conquering Shame and Codependency – Darlene Lancer

There is pretense, and something is hidden here. If someone is trying to please another person hoping that that person will love us back, he is having a codependency problem. Shame on yourself has caused you to pretend to be nice to others. Shame has also caused you to become codependent.

conquering shame and codependency best books on codependency as your daily life guides

This book offers a solution to codependency by overcoming shame on you. Remember, shame is the cause of codependency problems. The best-seller book on codependence is the best solution for overcoming shyness and inferiority.

9. The Language of Letting Go – Melody Beattie

Mastering theory is not enough. You have to put the idea into practice in your life. An important book on codependency is not just family reading but can also be a guide to meditation.

This reminds you of the importance of choosing healthy boundaries and how to take care of yourself. You will become familiar with codependency issues and deal with them well.

Codependence is the biggest problem you are facing right now. There is a great power that controls you to find it challenging to break free from codependency.

This book offers a solution to the problem of codependency. Make this book a companion as well as a panacea to overcome the problem of codependence. The nine best books on codependency can be your reference when you, your family, or friends face codependency problems. Just own one of the nine best books.

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