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8 Steamy Historical Romance Novels to Start Your Journey on This Genre 8 Steamy Historical Romance Novels to Start Your Journey on This Genre
People usually have their favorite genre when it comes to reading novels. Do you want to try this swoon-worthy historical romance genre? If that... 8 Steamy Historical Romance Novels to Start Your Journey on This Genre

People usually have their favorite genre when it comes to reading novels. Do you want to try this swoon-worthy historical romance genre? If that is the case, you can pick the following 8 steamy historical romance novels as your start.

Watch out, these books are so hot that you might need a cold-water splash to keep you cool. So, set your private nook up, enjoy and get ready to get swept away.

Recommendations on Steamy Historical Romance Novels to Read

1. The Bride by Julie Garwood

These award-winning historical romance novels have to be on your reading list. Julie Garwood’s The Bride won RITA Awards in Single Title Historical Romance. It is a remarkably romantic novel you will not stop reading until the last page.

Meet the Scottish lairds, Alec Kincaid who has to take an English bride for his spouse. He chose Baron Jamison’s beautiful youngest daughter named Jaime. Alec had a strong desire to possess her, touch her and make her his everything for eternity.

However, Jaime had her oath to not surrender herself to such a barbarian Highlander. Alec’s seductive embraces and kisses set her blood on fire, yet she remains determined to resist all his charms. Until one ecstatic moment that subdues their different wills that will change her senses.

2. One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean

Sarah MacLean is a famous author of steamy romance novels whose expertise needs no questions. Readers will find it hard to put down every one of her books in the middle of their reading. This time, this Regency romance novel introduces two protagonists named Lady Philippa Marbury and a gambling co-owner named Cross.

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steamy historical romance novels one good earl deserve a lover

Pippa, the daughter of the daughter of Marquess of Needham and Dolby loves books and science more than other things that a lady commonly looks for. She is soon getting married and wants to live quietly while doing her best interests in the laboratory.

However, 14 days before her wedding to Lord Castleton, she wants to scientifically explore what the marriage in bed mechanism is without any emotion involved. She chose Cross, a co-owner of gaming hell, the Fallen angel to help her with the quest. Cross’s wicked reputation fits the best to fulfill what Pippa needs.

Strangely, despite his bad reputation, Pippa’s proposition to Cross only makes him strain all his might to follow his instinct. This book will make you scream to Cross to just touch Pippa.

3. A Midnight Dance by Lila DiPasqua

This book is inspired by the Cinderella story. Meet Sabine Laurent as our protagonist. She and her twin sisters are the daughters of a wealthy and prestigious theater owner. Sabine longs for a prince charming for her future husband, the good-looking Jules de Moutier.

Unfortunately, her family has to undergo a disaster of which according to Sabine was the Moutier family’s fault. With her father’s death, Sabine is responsible for a huge amount of debt and has to take care of her two spoiled and wastrel step-sisters and their mother.

She makes a plan to seduce her dream prince charming and earn his fortune. The problem would be is it her vengeance or her desire that is greater when it comes to Jules de Moutier.

4. A Night to Surrender by Tessa Dare

Tessa Dare is among the famous Historical romance authors whose books are worth dying for. In this novel, Tessa creates a fictional coastal town named Spindle Cove which is completely governed by women. Meet Susanna Finch as our main character in this book who is also the director of the community in Spindle Cove.

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She is responsible for teaching all the girls in the community all the conventional skills as well as practical skills, including how to defend themselves with weapons. An injured Lieutenant named Victor Bramwell visited the town intending to pledge Susanna’s father to help him fight again.

However, due to the French invasion, Bram had to stay there longer while gathering local militia for the defense. This is where he and Susanna spent a lot of their time together of which written erotic scenes will make you swoon.

5. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon has succeeded in blending time-traveling adventure with steamy historical romance, making this a Unique historical romance novel. It was Claire Randall, a former World War II nurse who met her husband for their second honeymoon. Sadly, their happy reunion is interrupted by Claire’s absence.

steamy historical romance novels outlander

Upon touching an ancient stone, she is brought to Scotland in the 1740s where she becomes an outlander (a Sassenach) there. She met the heroic Jamie Frazer and has been linked with the MacKenzie Clan ever since. Jamie grants her the ultimate love that makes her torn apart between two men in two clashing times.

6. Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake by Sarah Maclean

This book talks about Lady Calpurnia Hartwell who is still single given that she always follows the rules. Callie, we can nickname her, left unpleasant with her current condition. Thus, she decided to break the rules to pursue all the pleasures she has been avoiding.

However, she needs the perfect partner to help her achieve her vow. It was Marquess of Ralston, Gabriel St. John, a handsome and charming man whose bad reputation matches Callie’s wish. What will happen to Callie and Gabriel?

7. The Chief by Monica McCarty

Beware that this is a super-steamy historical romance novel that will require you to make sure that no one is around when you are reading the book. Meet Tor MacLeod, a Highland Warlord, and his wife Christina Fraser as our protagonists. Settling in Scotland in the 1300s, Christina may have won Tor by a thoughtless bid, she would never win his heart.

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However, she knows that beneath her fierce reluctant husband, he has his soft side somewhere. She discovers that part each time they are both together in bed, even though it does not last until dawn. Then, due to the danger of war, Tor has to make a difficult decision i.e. to save his wife and to start loving her before it is too late.

8. Ravished by Amanda Quick

Consider this spellbinding book as one of the best-selling steamy historical romance novels you should put on your reading list. Written by Amanda Quick, the story is set in London, England. Miss Harriet Pomeroy needs a powerful and clever man to help her evade the evil thieves who use her caves to keep their plunders.

steamy historical romance novels ravished

That is when she calls upon the Viscount St. Justin, Gideon Westbrook as her aid. Gideon with his damaged face and lascivious past is not only strong but threatening as well. However, Harriet never fears him, instead, she feels the urge to soothe all his pain and a passion to quench.

Final Thoughts

Steamy historical romance novels come in many different settings such as dashing dukes, Scotsmen warriors, Regency romance, or even the Wild West cowboy. All of those stories will make you gasp in awe and be carried away by the erotic scenes and romance through each word written by the expert authors.

The aforementioned steamy historical romance novels are only your early start of exploring the genre. Find your own favorite particular story and dive deeper into its stimulating romance that will make you swoon. Happy hunting!

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