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8 Recommendation on Forced Marriage Romance Novels 8 Recommendation on Forced Marriage Romance Novels
From the age of kings and knights to the reign of technology and science, forced marriage is an exciting concept on its own. That... 8 Recommendation on Forced Marriage Romance Novels

From the age of kings and knights to the reign of technology and science, forced marriage is an exciting concept on its own. That is why there are so many forced marriage romance novels going around.

This time we will give you a list of forced marriage novels to add to your reading list.

1. Kiss An Angel (1996)

Alex Markov believes that he is not capable of love. His father raised him with a literal whip. As mysterious as he is, he still hopes that someday he will find someone to love him—a man without a heart.

kiss an angel recommendation on forced marriage romance novels

People describe Daisy as a woman with a heart. She is an embodiment of love in the form of a human. She believes that she will find her true love. But, because of her father’s mistakes, she must accept marriage to a man without the capability to love.

When two of them are forced to live as a family, Alex treats her almost like a circus animal—trapped in a cage named marriage. But Daisy never gives up. Because she knows, even an animal circus can love.

2. Bound By Honour (2014)

The first book in the Born in Blood Mafia series is a start of a modern mafia fairytale. Aria Scuderi is a beautiful woman and a princess of a mafia empire. She is intelligent, witty, and elegant. She had everything a woman wanted except the freedom of choosing her husband.

Luca Vitello is a cruel man. He crushed his relatives for power and money. He is an actual mafia among mafias—a fitting image for a successor of a powerful Famiglia.

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Aria’s family forced her to marry a man without a heart. Her marriage intended to bring peace between her family and Luca’s. She doesn’t have any choice besides trying to live with the monster he is. But she will try everything to have a happy family even though it means to enter a beast mind.

3. Radiance (2014)

Even though she is the king’s niece, Ildiko always knows she never has any power to choose her path. She is almost ready to gladly accept when her family decides to marry her to another kingdom’s prince. Almost.

Brishem Khaskem is a prince in the Kai Kingdom who was never considered as the next crown wielder. As people call it, he is a jewel in the palace if the jewel has a dark nature. So when he is forced into a marriage, he accepts it as a dutiful prince and son.

They never know each other. Their impression was never good toward each other. They thought that their partners were ugly as their eyes saw. But who knows, love is not always what we see.

4. Sweet Temptation (2020)

A contemporary romance with mafia’s upbringings. A story between two people with different traits and a significant age gap. Cassio just lost his wife. Now he needs to raise his two kids as well as take care of his business. After so many thoughts, he decides to pick a new wife—both a mother to his kids and a pleasure for his life.

Giulia knows her father has decided her fate since her birth. She will marry a man, not by her choices. As bound to the forced marriage, she will try everything to make the happy family she wants, even if it means making an intolerable effort.

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5. Written In The Stars (2015)

Naila always wonders if one’s fate is already written or she can decide on her own. She always chose what she wanted. Her school, her clothes, even her friends. But something she never has a choice about is her love.

When she fell in love with Saif, her conservative parents got mad. They thought that Naila had forgotten her place. Then they decided to go back to their hometown, but Naila found out that their trip wasn’t just for a vacation, but to visit her groom-to-be, chosen by her parents.

She knows her only chance to escape her arranged marriage is Saif. But she also knows that against her parents. Will she live with regrets for leaving her loved one? Or she accepts the fate given by her parents. Aisha Saeed writes the conclusion in this forced relationship novel.

6. Cruel Beauty (2014)

When her father made a reckless agreement with evil, Nyx’s fate was sealed. She will marry Ignifex, an immortal being. So her training to kill Ignifex began in her childhood. That makes her hate her family and the world around her.

cruel beauty recommendation on forced marriage romance novels

When she reaches seventeen, her marriage happens. But after living on the same roof as Ignifex, she found secrets she didn’t understand. Secrets that made her ponder about her decision. To leave or to love.

This book is a forced marriage novel that leaves you wondering about a choice to love because every choice we make about love will never be a rational one.

7. Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded (2009)

This forced marriage romance novels is a revenge story. An act of revenge that makes a loving brother into a cruel criminal. Abby Green writes that story into a forced romance novel with tears and emotion.

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Vincenzo Valentini will do everything to make a miserable life for people who caused his sister’s pain. So when he found Cara Bornsnan, who caused that, he made a bold move. He makes her love him and then leaves her.

Cara, who has nothing to do with Vincenzo’s sister, feels sad and broken. The man she loved turned just to seek revenge. But now, he is back, claiming her to be his wife.

8. Secrets of Henna Girl (2012)

With a dream as big as the universe, Zeba faces her exam with confidence. She knows that she aced it. Zeba is her parents’ pride and joy. She thought no one or things would shatter her dream, including a plan to find her loved one.

But, life always finds a fault in our story. Suddenly she got engaged with someone she had never met before. This forced marriage is not just about tradition. It is also something that might be the savior of her father’s honor.

Will she give up on finding her true love and accept the marriage? Or she strides ahead to find her passion and abandon her family?

Forced marriage is a classic conflict in every love story. Be it the fuse that makes a story interesting, or it’s the core of the plot. Even though it’s the most classic and cliche conflict, how it ended is the most important thing. The list above provides some forced marriage romance novels that might be to your liking. A heavy yet exciting story, as old as time ever told.

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