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8 Jordan Peterson’s Recommended Books Worth a Try 8 Jordan Peterson’s Recommended Books Worth a Try
Jordan B. Peterson is a clinical psychologist, psychology professor, and entrepreneur who has written a couple of books you can find on the bookstore... 8 Jordan Peterson’s Recommended Books Worth a Try

Jordan B. Peterson is a clinical psychologist, psychology professor, and entrepreneur who has written a couple of books you can find on the bookstore and the internet. However, you must read Jordan Peterson’s recommended books below and find out how influential these books are.

Jordan Peterson’s Recommended Books

Even though Peterson is primarily a person who deals with psychological things, his book recommendations are legit and will help you find the right motivation you are looking for. Below is a list of exciting books recommended by Peterson you must read.

1. 1984 – George Orwell

1984 is generally a dystopian story created by Geroge Orwell. While many readers consider the book got it wrong and too hyperbolic, this book has become part of the Jordan Peterson children’s book.

1984 jordan peterson recommended books worth a try

Many readers criticized how unrealistic Big Brother, who controls everything in the book – just like the mass media handles nowadays’ life but with a different approach. This book is an early warning for the human race.

2. Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

Jordan Peterson loves to recommend books that talk about the future even though today we are living in the future. So, which Jordan Peterson book should I read first?

If Geroge Orwell is your past, then Brave New World by Aldous Huxley should also be part of your reading list. This book tells the tale of a future society and the worrying part of it.

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The book narrates how feelings and individuality are controlled from a very young age. This novel is a combination of fiction and scientific results, which are scary and sound at the same time.

3. Ordinary Men – Cristopher Browning

For those who look for Jordan Peterson parenting book recommendations, you may not find it easy to get. However, lots of his book recommendations can be your strength to take care of the parenting matter, too, as long as you know how to execute it.

Ordinary Men by Cristopher Browning is generally a real-world story based on the history of the Order Police in Germany after the holocaust. Well, the introduction is horrible as it sounds. However, this book contains many insights you can prepare for yourself to face the life you are in right now.

4. Road to Wigan Pier – George Orwell

This is another George Orwell book you must read, according to Jordan Peterson’s book list. The story revolves around misconception, class-based prejudices, industrialization, and socialism, according to what Orwell has experienced.

road to wigan pier jordan peterson recommended books worth a try

It comes with many societal issues back then, which you may also find in today’s life. Orwell also examines several possible solutions for human problems, especially poverty. And according to this book. Embracing socialism helps destroy poverty and fascism in the first place.

5. Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief – Jordan B. Peterson

This title is one of the Jordan Peterson books he has written. One of the key takeaways of this book is that myths might come with lots of tremendous unseen value.

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According to Peterson, myths have become the foundation of strong civilization for thousands of years. Other than that, myths can be the wisdom that help the human race to tame the evil in the social world and overcome catastrophes in every soul’s personal life.

Peterson tries to unwrap how to find the meaning of your life by deconstructing the role of myths from way before the ancient era. It will be a good book for self-development through various angles.

6. Demons – Fyodor Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky’s Demons has also made it to Jordan Peterson’s recommended books to read. It was released in 1871 and 1872 through the writer’s journal. People consider this book one of Dostoevsky’s best works.

Demons tell the story set in a fictional town in Russia, which later revolves around the political revolutions. A man named Pytor Verkhovensky plans the process along with a secret society. They destroy several wealthiest people in town and take them down.

You would love to read lots of plot twists because many of the scenes resemble the human race right now – how ironic, right? Demons now are part of classic Russian literature.

7. The Rape of Nanking – Iris Chang

According to the best Jordan Peterson books Reddit, The Rape of Nanking should be part of your reading list too. This book is historical non-fiction that features violence and harassment during the holocaust era.

The story is also tracing the Nanking Massacre, which took place during the Imperial Japanese Army. And, of course, the story is way more complex than that.

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The Rape of Nanking is your piece of cake if you love historical settings in a non-fiction story. Even though it is a non-fiction piece, many of the events in the report are based on real-world moments.

8. Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor Frankl

This is another book about the holocaust in a mode detailed approach. Viktor Frankl is a survivor of the event that was set in Nazi concentration camps. According to the reader. The chance of people dying is way higher than the miracle of staying alive.

Frankl also encourages that being indifferent to death may give courage to people to survive in any condition. And to stay, you must be okay with dying any time. Other than that, there is no general meaning in life. You are in charge of looking for purpose, for yourself.

Man’s Search for Meaning is an exciting book everyone should read. Despite the dark constellations and implications, you will find lots of good values.

Bottom Line

As mentioned earlier, Jordan Peterson wrote two books that made it to the bookstore. While being a psychology practitioner and expert, he comes up with a list of books that you will love. Most of them are fiction, but those books got the moral story right.

Many of his book recommendations introduce the readers to “the future” when the book was being written. However, now you live in the future, and some of those books are not 100 percent right. Still, the motivations are what counts, right? And this is anything you need to know about Jordan Peterson’s recommended books you must give a shot.

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