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8 Good Books Series for Adults You Should Read 8 Good Books Series for Adults You Should Read
When it comes to books, it’s hard to know which is the best one to suit our taste or which one can be easily... 8 Good Books Series for Adults You Should Read

When it comes to books, it’s hard to know which is the best one to suit our taste or which one can be easily understood by us. So here is our list of 8 good book series for adults who want to try reading and following a book series!

1. The Lady Sherlock Series by Sherry Thomas

Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Sherry Thomas comes up with the idea of this gender-flipped serial. The story begins with Charlotte Holmes, the main character, trying to discover her family’s identity when her father and sister were accused of a crime.

the lady sherlock series good books series for adults you should read

Starting from it, she and her aide, Mrs. Watson, start the journey to investigate crimes in Victorian-era London. This mystery genre story series has 6 books so far, here is the list of each title in order:

  • A Study In Scarlet Women
  • A Conspiracy in Belgravia
  • The Hollow Fear
  • The Art of Theft
  • Murder on Cold Street
  • Miss Moriarty, I Presume?

2. The Perveen Mistry Series by Sujata Massey

The books told us about the journey of Perveen Mistry, the first female lawyer in Bombay, India, who has a unique way and mind to solve crimes, most crimes against women.

In the first arc, she was compelled to bring justice for a murdered female, which is a Parsi student, when Bombay’s streets are crowded with rioting to protest the British colonial rule.

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From there, she needs to help the murdered family but also save herself since there are dangers around her acts to seek justice for the girl. For now, this book series has 3 books:

  • The Widows of Malabar Hill
  • The Satapur Moonstone
  • The Bombay Prince

3. The Loyal League Series by Alyssa Cole

There are presently three volumes available to read in this historical romance set during the American Civil War. It tells the narrative of a gang of African-American spies operating for the Union Army.

However, while the main character was on missions, these spies discover much more than only the knowledge they use to defeat the Confederate forces. But, in between those circumstances, they discover romance over each other.

As a result, they’re the ideal mix of romance, history, action, and mystery, with evocative writing and heart-wrenching tension. Here are the books in order:

  • An Extraordinary Union: An Epic Love Story of The Civil War Book
  • A Hope Divided Book
  • An Unconditional Freedom: An Epic Love Story of The Civil War Book

4. The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

The Crossfire Series follows Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross’s journey on their romantic adventure. Eva who’s relocated from San Diego to New York in search of a fresh start after a traumatic upbringing, slowly starting a new life.

She develops an instant connection with her employer, Gideon Cross. Then she realizes that Gideon, too, has a traumatic background, and finally the two of them begin to work together, to know each other, and to cure one another.

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the crossfire good books series for adults you should read

This book can be considered a great long book series for adults since it has so many chapters that talk about relationship stability and feeling developments. This romantic series has 5 books for now:

  • Bared to You
  • Reflected in You
  • Entwined to You
  • Captivated by You
  • One with You

5. The Wolf Hall Series by Hilary Mantel

Another one that you should add to your list of book series that you need to read is Wolf Hall. It tells us about the account of Henry VIII’s reign, which is one of the most intriguing periods in British history.

The stories, which released their third book in 2020, are portrayed through the eyes of Thomas Cromwell, known as one of Henry Tudor’s most trusted advisors.

Mantel follows Thomas Cromwell from his modest origins through his rise to prominence as a royal advisor, and eventually, he also began to follow him to his demise. To read this historical fiction trilogy, we can start from the order below:

  • Wolf Hall
  • The Mirror and The Light
  • Bring Up The Bodies

6. The War Of The Roses Series by Conn Iggulden

If you are a fan of historical fiction, other than The Wolf Hall Trilogy, you should add The War of The Roses Series in your bucket list.

There are other adult series about The War of the Roses available to read. But, Conn Iggulden’s version is by far the finest to enjoy, especially if you want intelligent and significant characterization.

The story tells us about how Stormbird, in the first novel, opens in 1437, following the death of King Edward III. Following a fairly calm regency, Henry VI ascends to the throne amid political upheaval and instability. The order to read the books is:

  • Stormbird
  • Trinity
  • Bloodline
  • Ravenspur: Rise of Tudors
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7. The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

The most intriguing for our list of best literary series is The Vampire Chronicles that was written by Anne Rice. Anne Rice’s vampire vision has practically impacted how we see vampires in contemporary fiction. No, it is not related to Twilight at all!

With 13 volumes now available in the series, you could spend your free time following the adventures of Lestat, a French aristocrat, and his fellow vampires who became a vampire in the 18th-century era.

Since it has a lot of books, you may need the right list to read the book in the right order. They also had a lot of sequels and prequels that complete the story.

8. The Newsflesh series by Mira Grant

In this universe, cancer was no longer a problem. The only issue that they need to take care of is a remedy to develop something new: an illness that spreads swiftly and takes over a person’s body and mind, effectively turning them into zombies.

This wonderful horror series begins twenty years after the infection’s spread. Georgia and Shaun, the protagonists, are trying to figure out what caused this sickness. With this plotline, pretty sure we can’t miss this one to be on your best series book list.

Those are our 8 good books series for adults to enjoy! Do you see your favorite on the list? Or maybe you take any interest in the series above? Do not worry, those books won’t disappoint you!

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