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8 Famous English Writers and Their Books 8 Famous English Writers and Their Books
Literature has been a part of human life ever since books weren’t invented yet. We can’t deny that literature is also a part of... 8 Famous English Writers and Their Books

Literature has been a part of human life ever since books weren’t invented yet. We can’t deny that literature is also a part of human history, which we realize always exists beside us. Of course, some people created those masterpieces. Here are 8 famous English writers and their books that we should know.

1. Jane Austen

Jane Austen is the author behind the famous classic literature Pride and Prejudice. Born in the Hampshire village of Steventon, she released her first novel Sense and Sensibility in 1811 after her brother helped her to negotiate with the publisher.

After her first book, she started to release more stories, which mostly talk about critique and comment on the end of the 18th-century era in Britain.

jane austen famous english writers and their books

She also focuses on telling stories about average people in their uninteresting daily life. It may sound boring but she can turn this into such art in her novels. Her language styles, accuracy, and humor with wise, amazing characters and their characterization, have made her novels continue to captivate readers.

2. Shakespeare

Who doesn’t know about Shakespeare? Almost everyone who takes interest in the literature field, or even average people knows Shakespeare, at least his name or his famous story Romeo and Juliet.

Until today, almost 400 years after he passed away, his name is still famous and his works are still on the list of best English novels to read.

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He is the man behind Hamlet, Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and many other books that are getting adapted into plays in theatre or big-screen adaptations. Other than novels, he also wrote awesome poems.

Known as the greatest dramatist of all time and the English national poet, his works mostly show us about life, love, revenge, death, grief, jealousy, murder, magic, even mystery.

3. J.K. Rowling

She may be surrounded by many controversial problems that almost give her many haters, or add more fans in her name. Yet, we can’t deny the fact that J.K. Rowling is one of the most famous English writers with her works being one of the best-selling novels almost all over the world.

Yes, she is the person behind the famous and amazing story, Harry Potter. She has encouraged many young people to consider reading to be appreciated. She has a huge following of international fans, Harry Potter movies adaptations are known everywhere with their wonderful plotline and magic.

Until today, she still wrote books that she published under her name or not under it, like what most famous authors do when they want their books to be appreciated by their quality, not by the writer’s name.

4. Kazuo Ishiguro

Although his name is Japanese. Kazuo Ishiguro considered himself as one of the famous english writer. When he was a child, he and his family moved to England and continued their life there. His most famous work that is known worldwide is Never Let Me Go, a contemporary novel that takes place in a dystopian world of late 1990s England.

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Until today, we can easily find his name in the list of “Times” most influential British writers in the world. With drama, historical fiction, and science fiction as the main genre of most of his works, Kazuo Ishiguro has fascinated many book lovers over the world.

5. Roald Dahl

Known for his works Matilda and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl is mostly recognized as a writer of children’s books which is not true. The famous english writer has many books that also can be considered as good teen-to-adult-age books. He also wrote several short stories that can be found in various collections.

Dahl’s books were darkly comedic in tone, with frequent depictions of terrible violence and death. Several of his antagonist characters were frequently wicked grownups who posed a threat to the precocious and heroic young heroes.

6. C.S. Lewis

Remember Narnia and the magic it has? Or maybe, you still get curious about how and why that exact cupboard can bring the children to the wonderful and full of the magic place called Narnia? Well, maybe you can get to know the author of the story to get the answer!

C.S. Lewis, the author of the famous fantasy story Narnia, started his first journey in the literary world when he released his scholarly book The Allegory of Love: A Study in Medieval Tradition which was released in 1936 and highly praised also has established his name in the British literary study. Other than writing stories, Lewis also takes fields in literary criticism and is active in it.

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7. J.R.R. Tolkien

If we are talking about C.S. Lewis and his works, we can’t miss the topic about his friend, J.R.R. Tolkien. He was known for his works The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings which are some of the most famous novels in English.

jrr tolkien famous english writers and their books

Well, it’s not easy to write such a proper and great fantasy story, but it seems like he nailed it and until now, he still owns the best fantasy literature that is already getting many big-screen adaptations.

But, far more than that, J.R.R. Tolkien is a professor at Oxford University. He is also a famous and great linguist that has done several translations of old English texts.

8. George Orwell

The last one of famous english writer, we have the author behind Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four. Yes, the list won’t be complete without George Orwell and his astonishing works. Eric Arthur Blair, or known as George Orwell as his pen name, was an English novelist, journalist, essayist, and critic.

His writing is distinguished by clear prose, scathing social critique, vehement resistance to tyranny, and unabashed support for democratic socialism. For example, he wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four right after the end of World War II as a form of warning to his readers.

That’s all for our list of famous English writers and their books. If you haven’t read their works yet or you have only seen the movie adaptation of the story, maybe you should give the books a try!

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