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8 Facts Behind Edgar Allan Poe’s Works as Autobiography 8 Facts Behind Edgar Allan Poe’s Works as Autobiography
Edgar Allan Poe is known as a talented and successful poet. However, there are still many who do not know Edgar Allan Poe’s work... 8 Facts Behind Edgar Allan Poe’s Works as Autobiography

Edgar Allan Poe is known as a talented and successful poet. However, there are still many who do not know Edgar Allan Poe’s work as an Autobiography. Likewise, often people use his beautiful poetry quotes. Apart from his great work, Poe’s life is exciting about Edgar Allan Poe’s biography. To find out the facts behind Edgar Allan Poe’s work, here are personal facts about his life.

1. Personal Life

Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 19, 1809. The journey of his life was arduous enough that he was able to produce great works.

Since childhood, he has loved the world of writing and has a desire to become a writer. It was tough to become a writer because of the many limitations in publishing works. Even so, he did many ways to make the dream of becoming a writer come true.

2. Live with Foster Parent

Poe is the middle child who has an older brother and younger sister. When he was young, and lost his parents forever, which left him an orphan. His younger sister also died in infancy.

Then Poe and his brother went to find a new family to accommodate him. He met Allan’s family, who later made him his middle name. Although the Allan family never officially adopted Edgar Allan Poe as a child, the Allan family loved him like a biological child.

Until Poe entered his teens and was required to go to university, John Allan, as his adoptive father, did not like something he did. John Allan disapproved of his career as a writer and decided to stop paying for his life. Edgar Allan Poe’s life before writing had a difficult time, and he was entangled in the world of gambling to continue living.

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3. Romance Life

Edgar Allan Poe married a 13-year-old woman named Virginia Clemm in 1836. Many thought that Poe loved Virginia. They have no children but still, love each other. In 1837, he lost his job, which made him move from place to place. On top of that, he’s an alcoholic, which makes it even more tragic.

romance life facts behind edgar allan poe works as autobiography

Then in 1847, Virginia died of tuberculosis. As a result of Virginia’s death, Poe became lost and depressed. Until in 1849, Poe was found semi-conscious. Then died four days later at the age of 40 years.

4. Beginning of Career Journey

Poe’s interest in writing finally paid off. He started by sending short stories to magazines in 1835. His short stories were successfully published by the magazine where he worked as an editor.

The success of publishing the short story made his poems also published successfully. Some of the published poems are “The Fall of the House Usher” and “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

One of the things that makes Poe’s writings look different is that Poe has a writing style that is quite emotional for his readers. In addition, Poe’s writing style also seems dark and gives a depressing impression to his work.

5. Best Poetry Must Read

The best Edgar Allan Poe poem is entitled “The Raven“ for novice readers who have never heard of Poe’s work. “The Raven” is the best on a national scale. This poem is about a mysterious talking crow who visits humans.

As we know that the crow can signify death, it also reminds us of death. “The Raven” is also famous for being mysterious and causing horror.

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The thing that makes this poem interesting is that he uses logic and method in writing “The Raven” poem. Besides that, Poe’s work is also excellent because it goes through a long period of contemplation. So, his work is not random.

Don’t expect pleasure in the work of Edgar Allan Poe. Instead, this leads to a deep analysis of a career that represents life. He deserves attention and appreciation because of the excellent quality of his work.

6. Involving Women in Work

While male writers rarely involve women in their work, Edgar Allan Poe is different. He deliberately included women in his work out of admiration. In addition, the women he loved always died at a young age, such as Rosalie (younger sister) and Virginia (wife). He describes the two women as the death of a beautiful woman.

Discussing death in the work, he also regrets the death of his mother when Poe’s very young. Her mother died of tuberculosis, the exact cause of Virginia’s.

In addition, he also expresses his admiration for the figure of a woman who is close to him. The woman is his cousin or wife, Virginia. The role of women in Poe’s life also influenced his work.

facts behind edgar allan poe works as autobiography you need to know

7. Works That Have an Impact on the World

Edgar Allan Poe is a writer who is critical of the literary world, especially in America. He criticized the style and structure of language writing for which there was no literary theory at the time. His criticism also influenced international literature because it was pretty new in the 19th century.

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The style of language used in his literary works also tends to be unusual in the 19th century. Of course, Poe’s work has received international attention.

Some say that the work of Edgar Allan Poe deserves to be included in the ranks of masterpieces that can be timeless. With the results of his thoughts, he got the title of an influential figure in the realm of literature. Even today, Edgar’s work is still a topic of discussion, which gives rise to many interpretations to enrich the literary analysis.

8. The Reason Works as Autobiography

After Poe’s death, his work remained immortal and became a subject of debate in the literary world. The work’s ideas are contradictory or implausible, thus verifying Poe’s statements as autobiography. Suspicion over Poe’s work is because there is a belief as his life history.

The autobiography in Poe’s work leads to emotions in stories that describe life’s difficulties, failures, sadness, or actual happiness. Although the author can change the name of the place and times behind a story, the atmosphere and events in the report that he writes seem real, leading to personal experience.

Poe’s works are also proof that he is not telling about the experiences of others in his work. He is speaking about himself, who has experienced an unusual life journey and even seems unique so that it deserves to be immortal.

Now you know Edgar Allan Poe, who is famous for his writings that can change the world. There are many lessons to be learned, such as not giving up on life and continuing to work even though some people don’t like it. You can read the other works to learn more about Edgar Allan Poe’s autobiography.

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