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8 Brandon Sanderson Books to Revive Your Inner Child 8 Brandon Sanderson Books to Revive Your Inner Child
A lot of people love fantasy stories, and so does Brandon Sanderson. Being an avid fantasy reader since a teenager, Sanderson started to write... 8 Brandon Sanderson Books to Revive Your Inner Child

A lot of people love fantasy stories, and so does Brandon Sanderson. Being an avid fantasy reader since a teenager, Sanderson started to write his own stories. His name started to soar after his first published novel hit the bookstores with stunning feedback in 2005. Sanderson’s universe has succeeded to catch many hearts, and now it’s your turn. Here are 8 Brandon Sanderson books by release date to revive the inner child within you.

1. Elantris (2005)

One day, Prince Raoden of Arelon country wakes up and finds himself forcefully taken by Shaod. It makes him have inhuman abilities, such as immortality and fast-healing. Ashamed, the king exiled him to Elantris, the city that has long been wiped out from the map.

elantris brandon sanderson books to revive your inner child

Meanwhile, Raoden’s bride-to-be, Princess Sarene, suddenly finds herself a widow. Unable to get out of the country, she’s trying to find out the truth behind her fiance’s disappearance, overthrow the cunning king’s governance, and prevent an ancient religion’s propaganda to turn the country into jeopardy.

Elantris marks the start of Brandon Sanderson books universe. If you are new to Sanderson’s work, Elantris would be a good start.

2. The Mistborn Saga (2006-2008)

The Mistborn Saga is a novel series that consists of three main books. Additionally, there’s also a short story and a novella titled The Eleventh Metal and Mistborn: Secret History that accompanies the main story.

The first book, Mistborn: The Final Empire tells a story about Vin, a stray girl who can use allowances, a skill to use metal however she wants. After living with her brother, she’s taken by a street gang whose purpose is to overthrow the tyrant leader that’s been ruling for so long.

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The second and third books, Mistborn: The Well of Ascension and Mistborn: The Hero of Ages, came out each a year after the previous series. After the coup d’etat, Vin and her gang are trying to stabilize the country. However, the opposing faction doesn’t intend to make their attempt go easily.

3. Warbreaker (2009)

The country of Idris has two princesses. The eldest, Vivianne, has been living her life solely to marry the God-King of Hallandren. The marriage should happen to ease political tension between Hallandren and Idris.

However, right at Vivianne’s 22nd birthday, the king of Idris decided to send the youngest princess, Siri, to marry the God-King instead. Feeling like her only purpose of living has been stolen, Vivianne charges to rescue Siri.

Warbreaker is a perfect choice if you’re not really into high fantasy and complex stories. Moreover, you can get this novel for free on Sanderson’s website.

4. The Stormlight Archive (2010-present)

While all of Sanderson’s work receives many positive responses, Stormlight is one of the most popular in Brandon Sanderson’s books list. It consists of ten books. By 2020, there are already four books published; The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer, and Rhythm of War.

There is Szeth, a Parshendi assassin who’s assigned to kill the king of Alethkar and ensues a big war. And there is Dalinar, the brother of the murdered king who lost the trust of his troop as he started questioning the purpose of the war.

the stormlight archive brandon sanderson books to revive your inner child

There is also Kaladin, a fallen hero who’s forced to fight with the Alethkar army. Lastly, there’s Shallan, the sister of the late king who possesses magical power.

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The series focuses on seemingly unrelated characters. But, later, the journey of life will unfold their destiny and let each other meet. To lull you deeper into the Stormlight universe, Sanderson makes sure you’ll understand the story from each character’s point of view.

5. Mistborn: Wax and Wayne Series (2011-present)

Following the success of The Mistborn Saga, Sanderson created another story that takes place 300 years after Vin’s story. The series tells a story about Waxillium Ladrian or Wax. After his uncle’s death, he’s assigned duty as the head of House Ladrian.

Upon coming back to his hometown, Elendel, he meets Wayne, his old friend, and partner. Together, they solve criminal cases as a pair of bounty hunters. One of the cases is the case of his uncle, who’s presumed dead, actually hid and turned into a vicious organization leader.

All related to Mistborn, the Wax, and Wayne series consists of four books: Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self, Bands of Mourning, and The Lost Metal. The latter is said to be done in 2022.

6. The Reckoners Series (2013-2021)

In the city of Newcago, an organization whose members have a magic skill, Steelheart, rules for years. The citizens of Newcago live a good life, with sufficient food and electricity. Unfortunately, David doesn’t think so. His father was killed by a Steelheart, and he demands revenge.

To accelerate his plan, he asks for help from The Reckoners. The Reckoner’s sole mission is to kill Epics, the moniker of Steelheart’s member. Together, they help each other to annihilate Steelheart.

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The series consists of four books; Steelheart, Firefight, Calamity, and Lux. Sanderson also created a novelette titled Mitosis to complete your reading experience.

7. The Rithmatist (2013)

If you have been following Sanderson’s work, here is one addition to the list of upcoming Brandon Sanderson books you should read. The story is about Joel Saxon, a young man who’s interested in the magic of Rithmatist, chalk-using magic. However, even though Joel wants to be a Rithmatist so badly, he cannot do it.

the rithmatist brandon sanderson books to revive your inner child

One day, Joel faces a case of a missing student, who happens to be the student of his employer, Professor Fitch. Upon realizing that the case is caused by a Rithmatist, Joel just can’t sit back and wait. The Rithmatist consists of two books; The Rithmatist and The Aztlanian. The latter is still on hold while Sanderson finishes his other project.

8. The Skyward Series (2018-2019)

If you’re looking for a strong-willed, almost rebel female main character, the Skyward series must be good for you. Consists of two books, Skyward and Starsight tells a story about a young girl named Spensa. Spensa has a big dream; to become a pilot.

However, the dream seems like wishful thinking, because nobody believes she can do it. That, until she finds a reminder of an old ship, and it seems like it can help Spensa make her dreams come true.

Whether it’s a world full of witchcraft wizardry, or one with ancient beasts and demigods, the magic of fantasy stories spoils not only the younger readers but also the inner child in adults. These Brandon Sanderson books will surely take you back to the adventure of young innocence.

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