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8 Best Steamy Historical Romance Novels for Adding up Your Novel Collections 8 Best Steamy Historical Romance Novels for Adding up Your Novel Collections
Historical romance novels offer the readers something different than the modern romance ones. There is something exciting and delicious about the old-style romance that... 8 Best Steamy Historical Romance Novels for Adding up Your Novel Collections

Historical romance novels offer the readers something different than the modern romance ones. There is something exciting and delicious about the old-style romance that will make every reader want to delve deeper into it. The following are 10 best steamy historical romance novels to quench your thirst for this novel genre.

Get ready to gasp in awe on every erotic sensation provided by the authors through their well-written stories. The stories varied from Regency romance, dashing duke and even the Wild west one. So, prepare your private nook and immerse yourself in each of these stimulating novels.

Best Steamy Historical Romance Novels for Your Book Shelves

1. Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase

This book is one of the award-winning historical romance novels you should add to your reading list. It won the RITA Award for Short Historical Romance in 1996. (link) Jessica Trent and Sebastian Ballister are the main protagonists in this novel. Jessica has to travel to Paris to help his brother, Bertie, from the hands of Ballister who is also called the Marques of Dain.

Both characters do not expect to fall for each other. Yet, as the attraction goes stronger their passion for each other grows irrepressibly. Consequently, it becomes a public scandal and turns into a marriage in an attempt to save Jessica Trent’s reputation. This page turner novel is something to die for.

2. Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare

This book should be on your steamy historical romance novels collection for what it’s worth. Tessa Dare provides her readers with a series of combusting sensations no reader could ever avoid.

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romancing the duke best steamy historical romance novels for adding up your novel collections

Isolde Ophelia Goodnight is our protagonist whose parents are renowned authors. She was filled with the tales of happily ever after courageous knights and pleasant young women along with romances alike. Unfortunately, as she grows older, she never encountered all those fairy tales she always heard from her childhood.

Being a 26-year-old woman who has never been kissed before, she has given up longing for love. Then, what will happen to her?

3. Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day

As a naïve young woman, Lady Jessica Sheffield was shocked yet oddly stimulated to witness a lustful scene of the scandalous gigolo Alistair Caulfield. It was seven years ago on her wedding eve. She kept silent about the event and processed her wedding as planned.

Unfortunately, the imagination of Caulfield that day continued to create unlawful dreams throughout her marriage. Caulfield fled the temptation by going to the West Indies and became a lucrative merchant.

Now that Lady Jessica Tarley is widowed, they unexpectedly meet aboard Caulfield’s ship. It is very difficult for both Jessica and Alistair to avoid each other; much less their quarters are next to each other. All the seven years of denied desires burst into a wave of burning romances that consume both of them.

4. Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas

You may find out that looking for steamy historical romance novel online is easy, thus you need to put this book on your top list. You will need a cold water splash to cool you down from the steamy scenes in the book.

Amanda Briars, a virgin writer, has made a vow to only give her precious gift in a special night shower with love on her 30th birthday. However, she did not notice that the man she hired to make her wish was a wealthy and powerful man in the publishing industry in London. Jack did not take her virginity that night, but he wanted to and will do within the near future.

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5. Sun God by Nan Ryan

This erotic novel is written by one of the best seller Historical romance authors, Nan Ryan. It follows the love of two perfectly matched teenagers, Amy Sullivan and Luiz ‘Tonatiuh’ Quintano in 1856. Both of their parents are powerful Texans where Amy’s father is a wealthy rancher, while Tonatiuh is an Aztec’s royalty descendant.

sun god by nan ryan best steamy historical romance novels for adding up your novel collections

Unfortunately, Tonatiuh has lost his love due to a violent betrayal that broke his heart for a decade. Now that he has become a tough military commander, Tonatiuh is eager to detain Amy. He does capture her and for an instant Amy recaptures his heart. Being a Tonatiuh prisoner is what Amy always longs for.

6. Unveiled by Courtney Milan

Please be aware that this book is among the super steamy historical romance novels that will cause you to feel like you were in a swift romance.

The story is set in England in the 1837 following Ash Turner and Lady Anna Margaret. Turner is a man who wants to even the score of the person who has ruined his family. While Lady Margaret is the family of the man who ruined Turner’s family.

Ash Turner demands revenge while Margaret has a strong will to simply survive. At the beginning they were enemies. However, soon you will learn how their relationship slowly and powerfully evolves into something much more intimate. You might get upset when someone interrupts you while delving into its hot ardor’s passages.

7. Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty

One of the best selling steamy historical romance novels that is different from the regal and Scotsmen settings would be Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty. Welcome to the Wild West with cowboys setting that will excite you more.

Meet Asa and Elizabeth as our main protagonists in this story of which setting is in the Wyoming area in its 1860s. They both worked together to salvage a ranch that belongs to Elizabeth. Within no time, they get married and the lovingness of their marriage grows more and more intimate.

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Make sure that you are ready with this super steamy book given that there are many passages that describe all the togetherness of the intimate lovers in detail. You may find yourself blushing on the scenarios written in the book.

8. The Madness of the Lord Ian MacKenzie by Jennifer Ashley

The McKenzie family was known to be powerful and rich, yet they are also peculiar and treacherous. MacKenzies are full of rumors, dreadful violence, dark appetites and scandals both in England as well as Scotland.

In 1881 no lady would want to appear with one of the members of MacKenzie’s family given that it would ruin their good name. But that does not apply to the widowed Beth Ackerly who falls for the youngest MacKenzie, Ian who is known as the Mad MacKenzie.

Tough and handsome Ian spent most of his life in an asylum and developed a fondness for Ming pottery as well as gorgeous women. Beth herself is sick of being raised by an alcoholic father and deals with a frail mother whom she had to take care of until her death.

Now that her late husband left her with fortune, she wants to find peace and bring all of her money. There she met Ian and they both fell for each other. Beware of this best bodice ripper historical romance novels passages that might cause you to erupt without warning.

Final Thoughts

Many authors have their own best words in unfolding all the intimate scenes along with plot twist stories in their novels. The readers will feel that they are in a giant roller coaster going up, combust and burst. Make sure that you read all the above mentioned best steamy historical romance novels in private. Don’t forget to keep the water at hand to help you cool down anytime. Happy reading!

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