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8 Best-Selling Contemporary Romance Authors and Their Work 8 Best-Selling Contemporary Romance Authors and Their Work
While historical drama makes many people want more with its charming background and so on, modern romance is another genre you should check out.... 8 Best-Selling Contemporary Romance Authors and Their Work

While historical drama makes many people want more with its charming background and so on, modern romance is another genre you should check out. If you love romance, these contemporary romance authors below would be part of your favorite too.

What is contemporary romance?

Contemporary romance is generally a subgenre of romance. The writing commonly sets the time in a contemporaneous manner. While the romance genre, in general, has a particular pattern, depending on who the writer is, contemporary romance dares to push the boundaries. On the other hand, romance is still in the air and there is nothing better than that.

The Best Contemporary Romance Authors

Romance is always exciting, sexy, and swoony. Most importantly, this genre makes the readers feel related to the story – even though the last part is debatable. Moreover, if you are looking for the best contemporary romance authors 2022, we have a list that you must check out. We also include the work of those writers so that you can give it a try too.

1. Carolyn Brown

The first name we have on the list of best contemporary romance authors is Carolyn Brown. She writes tons of novels with the romance genre, whether its historical or contemporary ones.

However, Brown comes with cowboy romance as her niche. One of Brown’s best works – which you must read – is Long, Hot Texas Summer.

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It is a story that sets in the southern United States that features a masculine rancher and a strong-minded heroine who needs no love – she focuses on her child. You better read her book and experience how witty and hot her writing is.

2. Helen Hoang

Helen Hoang is the next name on the list of the most popular romance authors nowadays. She has written several romance novels that will keep you wanting more.

helen hoang best selling contemporary romance authors and their work

Among other of her best works, you should check out her romance debut novel called The Kiss Quotient. She succeeds in capturing smart and sexy characters along with some witty yet swoon-worthy storylines.

The Kiss Quotient is about romance in nowadays’ world. It features lots of cute moments without leaving the hotness and sexiness away.

3. Danielle Steel

Meanwhile, Danielle Steel has written tons of hottest contemporary romance novels. She has been writing since the ’70s and her works are always part of the best-sellers.

Among her works, All That Glitters is one of her newest works. It also features the early writing style of the author, which features some unpredictable moments in life.

This book is more about how the characters navigate their life while dealing with romance too. For those who prefer a good storyline, you should give All That Glitters a try.

4. Nicholas Sparks

Nicholas Sparks deserves a spot when it comes to the best contemporary romance writers. As we all know, male authors rarely take romance as their forte but Sparks does the opposite.

The Notebook is one of the most popular yet best-selling books made by this human. Other than this book, some of his works also made it to the big screen. His ability to make tales talk to the readers is just amazing.

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Sparks has written lots of new books, and one of the most recent works is The Wish. You must take a look at his latest works and enjoy how heart-warming his words are.

5. Talia Hibbert

Talia Hibbert has also given us a contemporary romance example through her work. One of her best works is called The Brown Sisters series. It is like the combination of inspiring sisterhood and steamy romance.

She always captures marginalized characters in her work. While coming with some hot and heavy sex scenes, she makes all characters come with a strong storyline – not to mention her amazing writing.

6. E. L. James

Have you read the Fifty Shades of Grey series? Well, E. L. James made that happen and we all are so grateful for her works.

She makes the contemporary romance genre sound heavier and steamier than it already is. While some authors will deal with things people deal with in their daily life, James goes deeper by exploring each character’s desire.

Well, every book always has its fans, for sure. E. L. James is there for those who love something dark, steamy, hot, and kind of satisfying.

7. Sophie Kinsella

Sophie Kinsella also comes as one of the best selling romance authors in many bookstores around the world. Even though she also writes some children’s books, her romance novels are more than exciting to read.

sophie kinsella best selling contemporary romance authors and their work

Kinsella has stolen many hearts with her Shopaholics series. Other books you must check out are Can You Keep a Secret, Remember Me, and The Undomestic Goddess. Not only are those books funny, but the story also comes very relatably.

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8. Meg Cabot

It won’t be fair if we don’t put Meg Cabot on the list. Everybody seems to have read her books since her works are everywhere and easy to read.

Cabot can turn words into something funny, flattering, and sad at the same time. It is no wonder if you might be laughing and crying just by reading one sentence of Cabot’s works.

If you love Sophie Kinsella’s works, you would also enjoy reading Meg Cabot’s books. One of the most popular titles is Princess Diary, which has made its way to the big screen.

She also released a new book recently called No Words. You won’t be disappointed with her novels that feature lots of issues in nowadays’ romance.

Bottom Line

Romance is always a popular novel genre. Many readers are up for romance due to the rich drama, strong characters, and some relatable issues. Just like any other novel, romance is mostly about a fairy tale. However, the contemporary makes the fairy tale sound more doable.

There are tons of writers out there that put their best works in the contemporary romance genre. Some of them are listed above, which you have read along. And by that, you have reached the end section of our top picks of contemporary romance authors whose works are worth a shot.

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