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8 Best Modern Books of All Time Must Read 8 Best Modern Books of All Time Must Read
If you’re looking for an excellent book to read, this is the best modern book of all time. Reading books will provide both insight... 8 Best Modern Books of All Time Must Read

If you’re looking for an excellent book to read, this is the best modern book of all time. Reading books will provide both insight and entertainment. Fiction is more than simply a fantasy of the author’s life. It also serves as a mirror of many exciting lessons.

Modern times define the late nineteenth century to the twentieth century for those who are still unclear. Of course, several incidents have occurred for them to be immortalized in a story. Nonetheless, many of the events that transpired are still important in life today. So, don’t miss the eight best modern books of all time, replete with a brief review to serve as a reading guide.

1. 1984 – George Orwell

Talk about the critique of totalitarian rule that aspects of ordinary people’s lives who always lose by the presence of the ruler. Containing rich content, but still interesting with the writer’s criticality to dissect social problems.

George Orwell narrates this phenomenal story through a character named Winston Smith with a 1984 setting. This character is a member of a party who is very obedient but often questions the policies of the party and the rulers of his country.

1984 george orwell best modern books of all time must read

If you are reading this novel now, it seems that the conditions that occur in it are very relevant at this time. This novel is the author’s satire on totalitarianism. So, 1984 is mandatory as a collection of the best modern to read.

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2. Norwegian Wood – Haruki Mukarami

This 1987 book gives an interesting impression to the readers. It tells a character Toru with the surrounding environment. This novel is quite complex and full of irony. The plot is quite neat, and Haruki’s skill is very good at imagining the situation to look natural. Reading this novel seems to follow the development of Toru’s character in the influence of the environment.

To be sure, this novel is not just about boring clichéd love or easy-to-guess storylines. The content of this novel is heavy and quite vulgar. Therefore the reader must be 21+. The reason why you should read this is because it is the best selling modern books.

3. One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel García Márquez

First published in 1967, this novel is so spectacular, with the author’s imagination so extraordinary. It tells the story of a family of 7 generations who have different problems. The characters in this novel are also quite a lot, but according to their respective portions. With these many characters, it will make us study various human characters with different inherent traits.

one hundred years of solitude best modern books of all time must read

There is greed, self-wind, to sincerity. The selection of stories in this novel is indeed different. So not be surprised if this novel won The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982.

4. Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

Kazuo succeeds to amaze his readers with his story set in the 1990s. The story of a group of cloned students who were born to be organ donors in this novel. As a result, the cloned student’s lifestyle must be healthy for his organs to function correctly.

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Kazuo’s storytelling approach is unusual, although it isn’t ideal in the end. Indeed, it is unfair to know that a person’s life is for donating body parts to other humans. Humans have a heart that they can feel.

5. The Secret History – Donna Tartt

The novel The Secret History was published in 1992. One of the novels is unique because it tells of various sexualities. Here we will notify you about sensitive issues such as fatphobia, LGBTQ+, and sexual assault.

The relationship between the characters in this novel is also quite complex with this severe problem. It also talks about friendship, how we observe our surroundings and try to accept the people around us that they also have the same flaws. This novel also teaches us to be aware of sensitive issues and makes an open mind.

6. The Diary of Young Girl – Anne Frank

It tells the story of a girl who writes a diary during the war. The book raises pros and cons because the discussion is vulgar enough to be written by a teenage girl her age. This novel is still gripping because it can find out the figure of an ordinary girl who has bright thoughts like an adult.

Anne Frank’s experience in her diary is also critical in writing down her experiences during her time. This book is actually about the personal experience of Anne Frank, a German Jew who moved to the Netherlands with her family for refuge. Everyone knows that Germany during World War II was a scary place for the Jews. With typical teenage stories, Anne Frank describes her situation while living in the Netherlands Secret Pavilion.

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7. Mrs. Dalloway – Virginia Woolf

Reading this novel will impress the way each character delivers the story from Virginia Woolf’s surprise. Your consciousness will enter each character and become the subject when you first read it.

mrs dalloway virginia woolf best modern books of all time must read

The account of the destruction of figures named Clarissa Dollaway and Septimus is told in this book by the first wave of feminist militants. The two characters who eventually fall in love with one other have a striking similarity.
They love the same gender. Despite this, the two figures had distinct reactions to their existential prejudice.

Mrs. Dalloway is a must-read classic English novel since it is one of Virginia Woolf’s best works. You will learn more about the British feminist activist’s thought process.

8. The Metamorphosis – Franz Kafka

One of the famous existentialist figures, Franz Kafka, managed to create a spider that sleeps on a bed. Yes, you will be amazed and horrified when you imagine your body suddenly turning into that eight-legged insect when you wake up.

Gregor’s existence is at stake when his body is powerless to face a metamorphosis. You will feel a sense of silence as family, work leaders, and the environment condemn Gregor by marginalizing him from the existing system.

Those are the eight best modern books must-read. Although the books appeared between the 19-20 centuries, their contents are still very relevant today. These books can be an additional insight into the style of writing and classic stories that many people remember throughout time.

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