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8 Best Martina Cole Books for Your Collection 8 Best Martina Cole Books for Your Collection
As the best-selling author, Martina Cole released more than twenty books from 1992 until now. Most of her books are crime and gangster-themed. Some... 8 Best Martina Cole Books for Your Collection

As the best-selling author, Martina Cole released more than twenty books from 1992 until now. Most of her books are crime and gangster-themed. Some of the best Martina Cole books even got a television series in the UK. In fiction, her work is known for digging into how gangsters, most about how London’s underworld works. Here we will give you the nine best Martina Cole books to read in your spare time.

1. The Take (2005)

Voted as the best of Martina Cole books ever released, The Take got an adaptation on the UK’s tiny screen in 2009. The Take told a story about the life of an ex-convict who believes that the underworld is in his palm after his release from prison. Freddie Jackson makes a good connection with other important people. He and his cousin, Jimmy, try to dominate the crime world.

Jackie, his wife, just wants Freddie to be home for the families. But, she forgot that Freddie is a criminal down to his heart. In the world of The Jacksons, no one can be trusted—even your own family.

the take best martina cole books for your collection

The Take brings us to the world of an almost broken family. The betrayal and violence felt so real that maybe you wondered if all of this really happened—a dark and gritty yet readable book about gangster thrillers.

Even though this book got so many critics for sexism as much as the praise, most of the reviews for the book (and the drama series) give a positive response. Maybe in some parts, the reader finds a disturbing story, but it adds more to the complexity of the arc.

2. Dangerous Lady (1992)

Maura Ryan, a bright, beautiful yet tough and dangerous seventeen-year-old girl. She and his brother Michael are the bosses of organized crime. From clubs, prostitution, and pulling a million-dollar robbery, nothing stands in their way.

But, every power has its prices, especially that it comes from crime. The law enforcer was determined to put her down. And her family couldn’t agree more. To begin her journey to fight and face a new kind of pain, to lose her loved one.

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As the first Martina Cole book released, Dangerous Lady doesn’t hesitate to bring a new woman antihero and protagonist. A character that is definitely out of people’s viewpoint. A likable character with many layers of treats.

Most readers find the dialogue and prose a bit undeveloped. Maybe because it was the first book Cole released, her writing is not as good as now. But, the storytelling was so riveting that all of her drawbacks do not interfere with the reading experiences.

3. The Runaway (1997)

Cathy Connor and Eamonn Docherty are forced to live together with their prostitute mother and drunkard father. After some series of incidents, Emma lived in care and managed to run away. After living on the streets of Soho, she then became a successful woman in London’s underworld.

On the other hand, Eamonn’s journey to New York made him a name as a dreadful villain. It was just a matter of time until their path crossed—a tragic and sad cross path between two siblings.

the runaway best martina cole books for your collection

Not to be a spoiler, but the ending of this book made so many readers cry. A story that has many graphics and terrible scenes, yet at the same time has a touching and sad side.

Despite being released long before The Take, the TV series was released after The Take TV series in 2011. And both the book and the TV series have positive reviews. That is why this book deserves to be on the list of martina cole books for books addict.

4. The Ladykiller (1993)

A series of sexual crimes by George Markham to young ladies turn into a chase when one of her father’s victims wants revenge. For Patrick Kelly, his daughter was his whole world, and he would do anything to avenge her.

Kate Burrows, a DI in charge who also falls in love with Kelly, gets tangled in a series of crimes. Her involvement with Kelly makes everything more complicated. Either she lost her career or her life.

The first book in DI Kate Burrows’s series, this novel has a good characterization in each individual that showed up in the story. Even though the story may be too disgusting and graphic, that was precisely why The Ladykiller strongly impacts the reader.

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The rage of a father who lost his daughter, the evilness of a man, and justice by a woman investigator. All of them made this book one of the best-selling Martine Cole books in history.

5. Two Women (1999)

Susan Dalston got locked up in jail for murdering her husband. Her cruel murder got so much attention as she had four children. Why? She does the crime to protect her children from their abusive father. Although she knows that her crime is unforgivable, at least she knows that her children are safe now.

But, her life is more at risk when she meets her cellmates. Matilda Enderby, a cruel yet likable murderess. And their fate locked in tangled ropes and dreads. Once again, Martina Cole brings a story about a woman and her twisted world. But this time, the story is not about an antihero. The protagonist is a hero on her merit.

the women best martina cole books for your collection

Two Women give readers a powerful story. We felt what the protagonist was through, and we want to justify her wrongdoing. But at the same time, the books bring so many real-life issues that make our emotions on a roller coaster.

6. Faceless (2001)

Marie Carter was accused of killing her two friends. She was then jailed for eleven years and now is a free person. Needing a place to come, she found no one wanted her part in their lives.

She decides to seek revenge on the person who accused her and the natural killer of her best friends. And her revenge brings some people, people who do not want her revenge to come to fruition.

The fascinating story brings to life in the form of a dark and gritty novel. It is exceptionally realistic and fast-paced and makes readers want the protagonist to save her life desperately.

Once again, Cole creates a character that can be sympathized with by so many readers. How her life came to a wreck and how she searched for retribution. All of those with solid research about the community treat women with criminal records. A good book with a terrific and evil story.

7. The Know (2003)

Yet another revenge story of a mother whose daughter got raped and murdered. Joanie Brewer knows the perpetrator and will do anything to bring him to justice. Not the law, but her justice.

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At this point, you may know the formulaic story Martina Cole brings to her books. About women who lost something important and seek revenge. But, this book brings another perspective by making the protagonist itself not so lawful.

A straightforward story, with not too many twists, but enjoyable nonetheless. Cole writes this book with a simple plot, but she still makes so many layers by characterization and social issues she brings to the story.

8. No Mercy (2019)

Diana Davies is a force to be reckoned with as a woman with the most potent family business. No one dares to mess around with her. Since birth, Angus has been a villain and needs to earn Diana’s trust even though he is her only son. He needed her business to make him the most powerful man, and when he reached it, his reign began.

But when the new generation began to take over, his only weakness began to show up. His wife and child were in danger. And Angus learns the truth, shows no mercy, even to your own family.

As the latest Martina Cole books released, No Mercy comes with a gangland matriarch mother as its primary catalyst. A fast-paced story yet with a deep story and a massive twist in it.

The review has mixed responses, but mostly positive. Most negative reviews are about Cole’s repetitive formula in her books. On the other hand, No Mercy shows a new gang family in the modern world.

Martina Cole has her own reputation for bringing a crime world in her books. One of the many strengths of her books is how relatable some of her characters are, especially with her own experience as a single mother struggling to make a living for her family.

Cole’s book brought so much emotion and a whole new genre to the book community for so many years. Also, the continuity with time and age makes people want to read Martina’s Cole’s books and wait for every new release. That was the list of the best Martina Cole books that will add to your books collection.

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