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8 Best Leadership Books of All Time Favorite 8 Best Leadership Books of All Time Favorite
Everyone has an equal opportunity to be a leader, including you. How? The first step is to read the best leadership books all time... 8 Best Leadership Books of All Time Favorite

Everyone has an equal opportunity to be a leader, including you. How? The first step is to read the best leadership books all time to develop your basic skills. Leadership does not simply happen. It requires continuous training to make someone a great leader. Before entering the right way to have leadership skills, you need to know the right concepts first.

Reading leadership books is a great way to obtain the core and basic concepts. So, these are the best books for your recommendation on becoming a leader.

1. Dare to Lead – Brene Brown

Let’s start with the best leadership books for women entitled Dare to lead. This book is perfect for you who are beginning to jump into becoming a leader. Being a leader means knowing yourself and having boundaries between yourself and others.

dare to lead brene brown best leadership books of all time favorite

Being a leader requires courage too. Courage means being able to analyze and say about a person’s performance and behavior. In this book, Brown brings us to challenge ourselves to become more critical, wiser, and able to hide our shortcomings.

2. Start With Why – Simon Sinek

Start With Why is one of best seller leadership books and worth your reading list. The book discusses leaders who have a high level of criticality demands by always having WHY questions. This book will gradually lead us to think further about the goals of a leader’s big vision. In addition, a leader must also have good communication skills, bright thinking, and quality actions.

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It is essential in the business world to know the strategy of your competitors. The right way to compete is to understand your competitors well – and this book can teach you how.

3. First, Break All the Rules – Marcus Buckingham

This book is the best if you have a job as a manager supervising employee work. In this case, the manager’s job is to prioritize companies that want maximum results from their employees.

Being a manager includes focusing on selecting employees, looking at their backgrounds, and understanding employee potential. Of course, the task of a manager will not be easy and super challenging. It takes repeated trials to find out the proper method to retain employees.

A company must reduce the turnover rate because it can be detrimental to the company. Managers cannot make employees productive, and it means managers only develop employee talents. So, there will be more exciting tips that a manager can do.

4. Crucial Conversations – Joseph Grenny

Another leadership book recommendation is about conversations that are suitable for improving leadership. A quality conversation will surely add value to some individuals or companies.

This book directs you to pay more attention to your word and implement your thoughts in a good way. Likewise, a leader must have good communication skills for quality conversations. This book will cultivate the courage to speak in front of many people and awaken a professional personality in work.

There will be more learning material, discovering the truth, and strengthening abilities that are very suitable for improving leadership. The best part is, this is a beginner-friendly book because the language used is simple.

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5. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

This book will assist you in achieving your goal, thriving, and getting wealthy. The book teaches you the fundamentals to understand a group is performing by holding discussion sessions and brainstorming, which have a considerable impact on business continuity.

This book also points out dreams and aspirations. These are not only in the imagination. The author also highlights a few points that can be applied in real life to make the dream of wealth become true.

Napoleon Hill explains how to overcome fears such as fear of criticism, poverty, poor health, romance, and death. When the leader has overcome fear, it will be easy to become a reassurance to others.

6. The Making of a Manager – Julie Zhuo

This book is perfect for you who want to learn about business management. It has only been published in the last few years, making many people quite relate to the current situation in the business world. This book discusses teamwork, leadership, building trust, and much more.

the making of a manager julie zhuo best leadership books of all time favorite

The purpose of this book is to make the reader make the best decision in a business. In addition, this book can also teach many things that are pretty relevant to company life that are practical to be implemented in your daily work.

7. Leadership & Self Deception – The Arbinger Institute

Furthermore, it is still about business books that are worth reading. This book will offer great ideas that are suitable for business continuity. The case studies in this book discuss the problems that exist in nowadays business and how to solve it.

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It also revealed an excellent story with fundamental learning truths. This book will discuss a lot about building a company and the way to become professional. The explanation in this book is quite simple and very easy to understand.

A leader must have many values, such as building trust, thinking critically, and being supportive. This book provides all of the values that a leader must possess to be liked by the team.

8. Good to Great – Jim Collins

Last but not least, this recommendation will not disappoint you. This book is beneficial for a leader because it explains the framework of thinking and what they should and should not do in a company.

In addition, this book will guide you to build a team, provide strategies around sales and trade, plus set an expectation for an employee. The author invites us always to have a sense of curiosity. If you are in the business sector, this book is a must-read.

You will learn so much about becoming a leader by reading ten of the best leadership books in this article. We humans do have the instinct to be able to lead. That way, it will be easy for us to lead a team by applying the book’s concepts above to develop your leadership experience.

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