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8 Best John Grisham Books For Your Reading List 8 Best John Grisham Books For Your Reading List
Known as a legal thriller and mystery author, John Grisham published so many masterpieces and stories. If you want to pick the best John... 8 Best John Grisham Books For Your Reading List

Known as a legal thriller and mystery author, John Grisham published so many masterpieces and stories. If you want to pick the best John Grisham books, it’s maybe a little tricky because most of his books are so popular that his newest release is always anticipated.

But not to worry. We will provide you with the 8 best John Grisham books in order of popularity based on their rating from so many readers in goodreads.

1. A Time To Kill

The life of a ten years old girl shatters when she is a victim of two remorseless young men. The crimes make the whole town of Clanton, Mississippi, shocked in horror. But that turns into something more significant girl’s father takes the matter into his hand ten days of sniper rifle firing each day. Will he save the client’s life or his?

As the first release of Grisham’s novel, this book brings a heavy story about how people see society. From a caring father that lost his daughter to cruel wickedness to how justice is not made just to punish but also in search of truth.

a time to kill best john grisham books for your reading list

Even though the story is fast-paced, the narratives in the book still have weight and add so many layers for the characters. Reports about humanity, racism, and laws delivered with such smooth language are acceptable in the name of history. And like the movies, this title is yet one of the best John Grisham books made into movies.

2. Sycamore Row

After a long time in pain because of lung cancer, Seth Hubbard ended his life by hanging himself at a sycamore tree. When he lived his life, he never trusted anyone, even his own family.

But, the notes he left before his death made a shocking statement. He left all of his assets to his black maid. Not his adult children or any relatives. As Seth’s legal attorney, Jake Brigance begins his battle to uphold his will to the bitter end. Also, there are some linkages with a piece of land called Sycamore Row.

Some people will find this book slightly offensive because of so much racist slang said to the maid by Seth’s family. But, those writings give so much empathy to the maid, shown the circumstances.

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A good story with a straightforward story and character. You will know how the story unfolds without too many twists. But, it doesn’t feel dull and has so many emotions for the readers.

3. The Client

When Mark Sway, an eleven-year-old boy, and his younger brother shared a forbidden cigarette, he found something terrifying. The most sought-after dead body in all America. And now, he is stuck between two forces that are pulling him to both sides in a scary way.

The prosecutor who will break any law to make him talk, and the mobs that will do anything to keep him quiet. The only ally is Reggie Love, a righteous lawyer who tries to protect her client’s life. And she will do anything to do that, or they both lose their lives.

The suspense was so intense, the story was so good, and the simpleness of the book was so enjoyable. Not simple enough that makes the readers feel bored. Even though some reviews did say that the book lacks the depth of character, the story itself is still in Grisham standard, which is very high.

Even though the story sounds heavy, murder, law, etc. Mark as an eleven years old boy, did give the young readers a feeling of connection. So, this book could fall into the category of John Grisham books for all ages.

4. The Pelican Brief

Darby Shaw is a young law student preparing a legal brief. A brief about a killer who whispers eerie words in a posh house and a patron of a porno house clinging to his life in a death door. The brief that Darby prepared implies solving those two murders, the murders of two of America’s Supreme Court members.

Darby became a witness to a murder attempt. The murder was pointed toward her by an assassin. She is in danger because of the brief, and her enemies will do anything to destroy the evidence. Her only ally is a hot-headed journalist who will break any rules to achieve the truth.

the pelican brief best john grisham books for your reading list

As the main character, Grisham gives Darby a strong and independent woman as her main trait. This makes Darby’s bravery and guts to fight the systems and the assassins more believable and feel stronger.

The layer of the plot makes the readers want to uncover the truth as much as the journalist. Maybe some readers find the story a bit dull because of the stereotypical image of Darby. But, all in all, it is still an excellent legal thriller to read.

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5. The Runaway Jury

A story about the life of a Juror in the court. The life of people who will give a verdict to the case. But, when the trials are about tobacco with millions of dollars at stake, the juror’s lives may be in danger. Or maybe they even impose more threat to society.

Some of the jurors began acting strangely. Some of them were even convinced that they were being watched. Then, an anonymous woman told secretly that she knew why the jurors started acting odd.

This book grabs your attention as soon as you read the first page. Unlike some of Grisham’s books that take a point of view from a legal practitioner, this book will give you a point of view from the people outside the systems but still involved in the process.

Even though the story about tobacco’s case seems unreal, it does twist the story’s central conflict. A good read for people who want to be confused, in a good way, by a thriller and mystery surrounding a court life.

6. The Rainmaker

Rudy Baylor almost finished his law school in the world of corrupted, crooked, and insurance scams. In his final semester, he needed to provide free legal advice to the elders. One of his first “clients,” Dot and Buddy Black, told him about his son almost dying because of leukemia, and the insurance company won’t pay them.

At first, Rudy almost doesn’t believe their story. But with further investigation, he realizes that the insurance company might be part of a giant scam in America. So began his journey, as poor, not even passing the bar exam student, to fight the most influential company in America’s biggest industries.

The protagonist seems too vulnerable and naive at the beginning of the story. But as the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that Rudy is not exposed enough to the real world. He is indeed an intelligent young man but doesn’t have any experience nor connection.

The story is complex but easy to understand. Grisham once again showed his expertise in legal thriller story building. That’s why this book is included as one of the best in the list of John Grisham books.

7. The Chamber

Adam Hall is a twenty-six-year-old man with a promising legal career. In his first career, he was recruited by the top law firm in America. And now, he is risking it all on a case that seems impossible.

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Sam Cayhall is facing the death penalty for a bombing incident in 1967. His only hope is his lawyer, who happens to be his grandson. Two of them are faced with a series of events that will unfold the truth behind the incident. Will he save his grandfather’s life or lose his on the pursuit.

Unlike other Grisham’s books, this story mostly told us about racism, the KKK, and the death row penalty to prisoners. A touching and sad story that will make the reader’s eyes never dry in every part.

8. Sooley

Samuel Sooleymon is a promising young basketball athlete from Sudan. He had a chance to showcase his talent in front of coaches in America. But when his game started, he got the news that there was a rebellion in his hometown, South Sudan. Devastated by the loss of his family, his skill doesn’t stand out enough for the coaches.

But, out of sympathy, the coach of North Carolina Central gave him an offer for a scholarship. His determination is precise. The long-awaited out-of-bench experience allowed him to show his main trait, a fierce play. And so the legend of a player with the nickname “Sooley” begins.

sooley best john grisham books for your reading list

This book teaches us, as the reader, about dreams and how to achieve them. Maybe some hardships will come along. But how we overcome those hardships is up to us.

Sooley is the latest Grisham book released in April 2021. Unlike any other of his books, Sooley is not a thriller or mystery book. It brings underlying tones of life and hopes. Maybe not a thrill for our hearts, but a sad yet warm experience for the soul. Despite being the newest book, Sooley is the best John Grisham book to start with to know his storytelling style.

For longtime fans, Grisham’s books always give people yet another message. Not just a story with a message, but also how that message will change some people’s perspectives. That is why people always waited for the new John Grisham books after the announcement.

Maybe not all Grisham’s books are bestsellers or even match with readers’ tastes. But, those best John Grisham books will surely be your new favorite novels of all time.

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