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8 Best Investment Books Suitable For Beginners 8 Best Investment Books Suitable For Beginners
Do you want to have best investment books for beginners? This one is good for you! Having the habit of reading is indeed beneficial.... 8 Best Investment Books Suitable For Beginners

Do you want to have best investment books for beginners? This one is good for you! Having the habit of reading is indeed beneficial. By reading a lot, we will get a lot of input and can confirm the choices of decisions in life.

In addition, the love of reading can also increase the point of view of all problems so that they are more critical when responding to social phenomena. It’s not difficult to cultivate an interest in reading. It just takes effort and starts reading simple things. Let’s begin with inspirational books for beginners that can be relatable.

Books on the issue of life reflection are intriguing if you want to have a clear purpose in life to choose books that suit your life goals in the future. Here are some reading investment books that are suitable for beginners:

1. The Power of Habit – Charles Duhigg

Nothing can’t be changed, neither make habits. Whether it’s addiction, failure, or even tricky things, it will be easy to change if we try. That is the view of life from Charles Duhigg, the author of this book. This book is perfect if you want to change your situation for the better.

Changing old bad habits into better ones will improve the quality of your life. Of course, there will be a long journey to something that you consider ideal by changing small things in your routine to get a reward.

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the power of habit best investment books suitable for beginners

2. Courage to be Disliked – Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitage Koga

This book is the content of a psychiatrist’s conversation with his patient. Even though it seems old-fashioned, Courage to be Disliked is still relatable to today’s human life. We always feel like being accepted in our environment and liked by the people around us. However, what we have to do first is to get ourselves.

This book discusses Adler’s thinking which is a combination of the thoughts of Freud and Jung, a psychiatrist who is quite famous in the world. Adler explained that the past is a moment that has nothing to do with the future. So, we just need to focus on ourselves in the present without worrying about the past.

3. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Mason

The next book, which belongs to Mark Mason, will allow you to see happiness through simplicity. The author will not ask you to be so stupid about life’s problems. However, you will learn to choose which phenomena to care about and which ones to ignore.

Reading this book, you will discover three arts in life: ignoring anything that gets in the way of the struggle for success, fighting for choice, and being happy as an adult with the simplicity of doing the previous two steps.

4. You Are a Badass – Jen Sincero

People feel insecure with themselves for any reason. Jen Sincero discusses how to accept and love yourself. There are two most common choices when going through life: being influenced by others or believing in one’s abilities.

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You will get questions about why you choose everything in life. Then, you will realize that the choice is not from yourself but the people around you. Sometimes other people become poison for yourself to develop. So, by reading this book, you will know how to live life with confidence.

you are a badass best investment books suitable for beginners

5. Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

About two different fathers, one rich and the other poor. The author tries to put it together with a different point of view. This book is nonfiction but told like fiction with real experiences. Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of his youth, raised by two fathers. The first is his biological father, and the second is the father of his friend.

His biological father is a man with a relatively classy educational background and works in a bank. However, his birth father’s thinking about money was very conventional. His second father was just the opposite because his educational background was mediocre. However, his second father was a successful businessman and had a different view of money.

This book will teach you how to make money work for you, not the other way around. So, you will know how to earn a lot of money without overwork so that you can make time for other things.

6. How to Win Friend and Influence People in The Digital Age – Dale Carnegie

Of course, you want to be able to influence other people, right? Did you know that controlling people also requires special skills? Dale Carnegie gives lessons on how to influence others to be attracted to us in the digital world.

In addition, this book also teaches about how to reject other people’s opinions effectively without offending them. For those of you who run a business, especially in the digital era like today, it is mandatory to read this book so that many investors are interested.

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7. Ikigai – Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles

Japanese people have their way of being able to have a long life. This book is relatively concise and leads to the essence of living a long and happy life. The authors of this book, Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles, have conducted in-depth research on the life of rural people in Okinawa, Japan.

In general, some principles show how to survive without putting too much pressure. Because of that, people in the area can have a long life. In addition, the two authors also explain the correct way of dieting for better survival for humans and nature. In essence, humans will be happier if they preserve the spirit.

8. The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

Diving into difficult times is certainly not easy to do. So, let’s do everything slowly. The book by a monk named Zen Haemin Sunim offers a way to be grateful in life. This monk, who is also a former lecturer, invites us to reflect on modern life. Humans in this contemporary era have very dense and fast mobility, so time runs out without passing it with loved ones.

We can think critically about whether the world is busy or the feelings that occupy ourselves for the world through this book.  If we want to relax, we can control the world even more comfortably and be grateful.

All recommended books should be best investment books for beginners. There is no age limit to learn and master new things constantly. Read on to discover the unseen side and adopt other thoughts to realize how vast the world is!

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