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8 Best Contemporary Romance Novels Worth to Read 8 Best Contemporary Romance Novels Worth to Read
Books with romantic stories are always one of the most favourite books to read, especially for the best contemporary romance novels. This kind of... 8 Best Contemporary Romance Novels Worth to Read

Books with romantic stories are always one of the most favourite books to read, especially for the best contemporary romance novels. This kind of genre describes stories set in modern times and doesn’t bring any fantasy element. Sure, it brings realistic fiction which is normally focused on giving people new experiences for daily life.

The Contemporary Romance Novels

The contemporary novels are giving the readers a perception into some corner of another’s experience and how it would be like to walk in someone else’s life. There are many kinds of topics you can take on such as heroines, love stories, metropop, politically-motivated, social awareness, comedy, and many others.

Below are the list of the contemporary romance novels recommendation you can read, those are:

1. You Me Everything by Catherine Isaac

You Me Everything’ gives you a new window on how a woman of single parents raises her son. Jess, the character in this story, has raised her 10 year old son named William more or less alone. Her ex Adam supported only a bit role and was not very reliable at that time.

you me everything best contemporary romance novels worth to read

The story begins when Jess’s mother asks her to take William to stay at the French chateau that Adam runs for summer vacation. So, it might create more bonding between Adam and William. Jess somehow is hiding something big from her ex that makes the bonding between son and father more urgent.

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It gives you a bittersweet story but is optimistic. Once reading this book, you want the world for Jess and her son as they are struggling. You will get a new perception about love stories in different kinds of romantic novels.

2. The Marriage Game by Sara Desai

This title is one of the best contemporary romance books by Sara Desai that you should put on the list. You will get the sexy romantic comedy story. It tells how the main character struggles through her life crisis. As a result, she moves home where she is still under the control of his father. She is not only getting office space, but her Dad is trying to find her a man too.

the marriage game best contemporary romance novels worth to read

The CEO of a company named Sam accidentally ends up in the same office space as Layla. Both of them are having different lives. Sam is more calm, but Layla’s life is such a roller coaster. They have a connection between each other, but Layl also has other men who are trying to get her attention.

3. It Happened One Summer by Tess Bailey

Same as the title, the story of this book tells about summer loving, set in the Pacific Northwest. A rich and party girl is sent by her stepfather after going to jail. She runs a bar business with her sister. During her time in this place, she met Brendan, a bearded sea captain.

it happened one summer best contemporary romance novels worth to read

Brendan is not always there due to has to travel to other place to do his job. But, it doesn’t stop them from developing chemistry. Piper starts asking where she wants to be after getting back at her dad’s bar. This book give you a new perception how a long distance relationship struggling in that situation.

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4. Ties That Tether by Jane Igharo

Azere is the main character of this book. She is a Nigerian woman who is trapped with her promise to her family. The promise is that she will marry a Nigerian man even though they are living in Canada. But, she starts falling in love with a man called Rafael who is not a Nigerian.

ties that tether best contemporary romance novels worth to read

Here, Azere should make a choice for her relationship with Rafael as of course she will suffer from this. The writer gives more exploration about romance, identity, how to define your own happiness, and family relationships. It is a kind of nice and complex contemporary romance story you should read.

5. Destination Wedding by Diksha Basu

Like the title, there is a story about a destination wedding. The main character named Tina travels from New York to Delhi. She goes there for her cousin’s wedding actually. This book really gives you a complicated family relations story. Especially when Tina is already feeling uncomfortable for what she is doing.

destination wedding best contemporary romance novels worth to read

Some drama you will find through this story which is complicated. The family relationship that creates more complications, an ex who comes to the wedding, her best friend who might add some more drama, and how she has to decide her future. It is such a nice story with a lot of emotions you will get.

6. Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

The main story of this book is about a nerdy woman, a sexy neighbour, and a new life plan which is full of rebellion. In this story, Chloe Brown is a main character who has a near-death experience. As a result, she decides to do some exciting things that make her happy.

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get a life chloe brown best contemporary romance novels worth to read

Then, she gets involved with her neighbour and tries to spy on sometimes. In the end, she learns about her neighbour and becomes closer. This book is the first of the Brown Sisters series.

7. Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

This title will give you a nice love story. The main character named Luc is the son of famous rockstars. He needs a fake girlfriend to quit gossip, especially since his dad is making headlines at that time.

boyfriend material best contemporary romance novels worth to read

Accidently, he meets a serious lawyer named Oliver. She seems like a good fake girlfriend. When they try to break up as per their plan, they start to have feelings for each other.

8. My Favorite Half-Night Stand by Christina Lauren

The story of this book might relate to some people who are doing online dating. The main character named Millie is a college professor. She has four best male friends who have the same profession. They try to do online dating when attending a university party.

my favorite half night stand best contemporary romance novels worth to read

Millie is having fun with one of her friends, Reid, at that event. The online dating that she tries to do is not really working out for her. While, it makes things become more complicated as she has a fake identity. She might have to make a difficult decision.

Reading those kinds of best contemporary romance novels will give you a lot of experience. You can try one of them and just enjoy it!

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