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8 Best Chuck Palahniuk Books to Put on Your Reading List 8 Best Chuck Palahniuk Books to Put on Your Reading List
Charles Michael Palahniuk, best known as Chuck Palahniuk, is an American novelist and journalist whose writing is considered lawbreaking fiction. Yet, he can provide... 8 Best Chuck Palahniuk Books to Put on Your Reading List

Charles Michael Palahniuk, best known as Chuck Palahniuk, is an American novelist and journalist whose writing is considered lawbreaking fiction. Yet, he can provide his reader with mysterious and tense reading that will make them immerse deeply in the stories. Here are recommendations on 8 best Chuck Palahniuk books you need to put on your list and read them right away.

1. Fight Club

Aside from being an award-winning novel, Fight Club also became Chuck Palahniuk movies adapted from it, starring the famed actor Brad Pitt. This book is considered one of the most famous novels within the past few decades.

Some even considered the book of which publication was in 1996 as his best work throughout his career. Fight club is about an anonymous character suffering from insomnia who lives an empty, capitalistic, and consumer-centric life.

fight club cest chuck palahniuk books to put on your reading list

His life changes upon meeting an enigmatic guy named Tyler Durden, someone he has ever wanted to be. Soon, they started a fighting club where young fighters could come and beat each other to a pulp.

Later, the underground fighting club becomes a sort of crime, given that Durden and the narrator have gone too far by letting the fighters take the life of their opponents. At the pinnacle of the story, the narrator discovers something that makes his life chaotic.

2. Invisible Monster

This book is among Chuck Palahniuk’s best works, of which the story is refreshing and amazing. It narrates a beautiful model with a successful career named Shannon McFarland. She has everything that every woman has ever dreamt of: a thriving career, the perfect body, and face, a handsome fiancée as well as a loyal best friend.

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invisible monster best chuck palahniuk books to put on your reading list

Everything swapped within a blink of an eye when she had a dreadful accident that left her defaced. In such a condition, she was forced to leave everything she once had. Being invisible to the world, she discovers a splendid transgender female diva called Brandy Alexander, who looks exactly like her before the accident.

Shannon wants vengeance. She believed that her fiancée and best friend had plotted against her and caused the accident. She then discovers that Brandy is her long-lost brother who was supposed to die from AIDS. She plans to live the life she wants with Brandy after finalizing her retaliation.

3. Survivor

Being number two in Chuck Palahniuk’s books in order, Survivor is an impressive novel you need to put on your reading lists. It tells about Tender Branson, who is a lone survivor of a suicide cult so-called Creedish Death Cult.

survivor best chuck palahniuk books to put on your reading list

He dictated his life story into the 2039’s flight recorder, which plane is about to crash somewhere into the Australian outback. Being all alone in a 39,000 feet flight over the Pacific Ocean, Branson is about to reveal his dark life journey.

He used to be an obedient and submissive member of the cult into a buffed media messiah. You will tensely discover every detail of the crash and the true intentions of the Creedish Death cult in awe.

4. Choke

This novel is among Chuck Palahniuk best seller books worth reading. The story he brings in Choke is about a young medical school dropout named Victor Mancini. He has to support his ill mother’s healthcare by playing tricks on people to make them feel obliged to offer him help with his problems.

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choke best chuck palahniuk books to put on your reading list

He is doing the trick by going to fancy restaurants and pretending that the food they serve chokes him. Thus, those people are obligated to give him money to solve his problems – the money he uses to pay his mother’s healthcare bills.

The protagonist also attends group meetings for people with sex addiction behavior with the ultimate goal of having more sex. He also enjoys being in a historical theme park where he works. Victor also often visits her mother, who has a significant influence in shaping him into the person he is now.

5. Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

Even though this novel is not included in the best books of all time and being underrated, Rant still offers something appealing to dive into. It tells a story about Buster Rant Casey, who is a serial killer. He ran away from his small homeland heading to a big city before infecting his friends with rabies.

He then becomes the leader of Party Crashing: an urban annihilation derby. Afterward, he died from a shocking injury caused by a highway accident. Later on, his friends gather the required testimonies for an oral history of his life that brings only more shock to all.

6. Lullaby

The novel of which publication was in 2002, is worth reading given that it provides you with a grim discovery of the character Palahniuk wrote in this book. The main character is Carl Streator, who is obsessed with SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

lullaby best chuck palahniuk books to put on your reading list

He discovers that every dead child was read a so-called culling song-poem the night before their death. Upon doing some research, he finds out that the song comes from an ancient African spell used to euthanize sick and older people.

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Later, he meets a woman who accidentally took his son’s life while studying the culling song. What is more horrible is that he learns that he knows the music and finds out how his wife and son died 20 years ago.

7. Haunted

This novel, published in 2005, is considered Chuck Palahniuk’s most disturbing book you need to pick up to satisfy the urge of your curiosity. You are about to immerse yourself into 23 short stories that come with the most hilarious, disgusting, psychedelic, and disturbing tales to read.

The story is tied together by some ambitious writers who answer an advertisement asking candidates to abandon their lives and are locked in an old theatre that forces them to write. Here, they are secluded from the outside world. Food, heat, and power are lacking in the place. Yet, they have demonic and grubby things in abundance.

8. Damned

This best Chuck Palahniuk books comes in two series, i.e., Damned and Doomed. The main character, that is to say, a 13-year-old Madison Spencer, was brought into Hell after having a marijuana overdose. She is not sure whether or not she will stay in the place forever. One thing she knows is that she will do her best to make it through.

She fights demons with an army of the dead she has risen. Meanwhile, she flashes back to her unhappy life of being the daughter of a narcissistic movie star mom and a mogul dad.

Chuck Palahniuk’s books always come with a surprise that leaves us in awe. The above 8 best Chuck Palahniuk books recommendations are only some of his best collections. Thus, get ready to dive into those novels before venturing more into Palahniuk’s writings.

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