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7 Best Historical Fiction Novels, Take A Trip Through Time 7 Best Historical Fiction Novels, Take A Trip Through Time
When you read a good book, it is as if you take a trip through time, following the flow of the story it brings.... 7 Best Historical Fiction Novels, Take A Trip Through Time

When you read a good book, it is as if you take a trip through time, following the flow of the story it brings. The Best historical fiction novels will provide you with a glimpse of history that becomes the background of the story.

It is not only relaxing but also adventurous to some, given that we can delve into what the main characters are going through. So, get ready to get immersed into each fantastic story of the following recommendations of the best historical novels.

1. Gone with The Winds by Margaret Mitchell

Our recommendation starts with this classic book set during the 19th century of the American Civil War. Gone with the Wind is one of the best historical romance novels of all time.

It tells about the struggle of its main character, i.e., the young widowed Scarlet O’Hara, in raising her child alone during the Civil War. She was raised in luxury because her parents were a wealthy couple who owned a plantation at the time. Unfortunately, the warfare, famine as well as disease have brought hardships into her adult life.

gone with the wind best historical fiction novels

She then can meet an arrogant opportunist named Rhett Butler, whom she falls in love with. That is why some call this novel a mere romance while it provides the readers with stories of the whole Civil War that make it a stunning historical one.

You can find some painful facts to read about, especially regarding race and slavery at the time. Moreover, this Pulitzer-winning book also talks about the dread inflicted by the war on civilians. Though the focus of this novel is on the slaveholder yet, it offers a clear vision of a defining moment in the history of America.

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2. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

You may find out that Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace is not an easy read; yet, it is amongst the best classic literature for students worldwide. The story for this best historical fiction novels is set during Napoleon’s time and his vast army’s attack on Tsarists Russia.

war and peace best historical fiction novels

The main characters of the book, among others are:

  • Natasha Rostova, who is a vibrant and romantic countess at the time
  • Andrei Bolonskdy, is a prince who chose to enter into the war against Napoleon’s country by despising the wellbeing privilege granted by his status.
  • Perre Bezukhov, is struggling with his position, given that he is an illegal son of a renowned count.

The book shares a clear reflection that a war focused on protecting the empire instead of its people will only cause everyone to suffer miserably.

3. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles

A Gentleman in Moscow should be in your 10 best historical novels because it is written elegantly by Amor Towles and will make you cry. Setting in the 1920 era, the book’s main character is a gentleman with a good nature named Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov.

a gentleman in moscow best historical fiction novels

He has to witness how the pressure of the Bolshevik Revolution smashes his life. The novel tells a story about Rostov’s endeavor in searching for what it means to become a man of purpose in a world that keeps on changing time after time.

4. Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Set in the early 1900s, Pachinko talks about love, loyalty, ambition, and sacrifice. Sunja, a teenage main character, fell in love with a prosperous stranger at a shoreline in her hometown Korea. The man promises her everything that she falls for him wholeheartedly.

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pachinko best historical fiction novels

Unfortunately, upon discovering that he is a married man and pregnant, she makes her own choice. She decides to accept the marriage offer from a caring but sickly minister going to Japan.

Regrettably, her choosing the minister as an act to deny her son’s influential father by leaving her home has led her into an intense story that passes through the generations. A touching book worth reading that will open your eyes on a strong woman trying to find her way and strength.

5. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Diana Gabaldon’s book should be on the list of historical novels you need to read. Immerse with Claire Randall, the main character of the book, to experience Scotland in its 1740s. Claire was previously a war nurse and, currently living in the 1940s, is sent back to 1743 in Scotland upon finding an ancient stone in her homeland, the British.

outlander best historical fiction novels

She is sent right before the Jacobite Rebellion as an outlander or Sassenach and survives one war she later determines to change. Her mind is set, especially after she meets Jamie Frasier and falls for him, even if she has to sacrifice her current life.

6. Memoirs of Geisha by Arthur Golden

Get ready to experience Japan in its time before and during World War II with this best historical fiction literature. Chiyo Sakamoto, nine years old, and her 15-year-old elder sister, Satsu, were sold to a geisha house in Kyoto by her family.

memoirs of geisha best historical fiction novels

She has to face hardships at a very young age until she meets Mameha, a senior geisha who teaches her everything about being a true geisha. In the end, Chiyo, whose name is Sayuri, is relocated to New York by her Danna. She owns a small tea house there as a place for Japanese’ businessmen entertainment in the US.

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The book discloses that at that time, women learned that their outer shells were what mattered, and the virginity of a girl belonged to the highest bidder. It also taught women to captivate the most influential man to survive.

7. A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

This number-one New York best seller book is a must-read of the Best historical novels of the 21st century, movingly written by Khaled Hosseini. Dated back in the 1970s in Afghanistan, the book talks about two women of different generations, i.e., Laila and Mariam, who have to marry the same man.

a thousand splendid suns best historical fiction novels

At first, they are fighting their best for the best position in their marital status. Soon, they both realize that they have something in common; accordingly, they start building sisterhoods.

They help one another stay alive in the hardships of their country where the Taliban’s influence starts to dominate. This results in the stripping away of women’s rights.

Sorry to say that currently, many women still encounter the same difficulties. Yet, women also share their rock-solid solidarity and strength to overcome those problems for their own and family’s goodness.

Reading historical novels will bring your emotions on a roller coaster and learn more about the characters and provide you with knowledge about the history behind the story. Hopefully, you enjoy reading all the recommendations above of the Best Historical Fiction Novels and can benefit from the story. Happy reading!

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