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6 Best Arranged Marriage Romance Novels Recommendation 6 Best Arranged Marriage Romance Novels Recommendation
Romance novels might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they surely will never get old. If you are willing to explore this genre’s... 6 Best Arranged Marriage Romance Novels Recommendation

Romance novels might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they surely will never get old. If you are willing to explore this genre’s range, you will find the one that suits your taste—for example, arranged marriage romance novels.

For some people, arranged marriage-themed books might seem too tedious and cheesy. But, this specific theme has never ceased to attract readers, especially the romance enjoyer.

The plot of arranged marriage love novels usually involves the parents’ figure of the main characters. However, the plot of these novels generally covers some plot twists and intrigue to spice them up.

To fulfill your needs, we have prepared some of the best-arranged marriage romance novels. The stories range from modern arranged marriage romance novels up to contemporary arranged marriage romance novels.

Read Arranged Marriage Romance Novels

1. Sweet Temptation

The story in Sweet Temptation starts when Cassio had to marry Giuliaa after her former wife passed away, leaving him with two children to take care of.

Their marriage was basically because of Cassio’s duty to choose his wife and Giuila’s father, who chose Cassio to be her daughter’s husband. It was an arranged marriage.

sweet temptation best arranged marriage romance novels recommendation

Giulia was barely Cassio’s age, but she was indeed a “sweet temptation” that Cassio needed. As time passed, Giulia realized that their relationship was not balanced—Cassio was not interested in that concept of marriage.

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The rest of the story involves Giulia’s journey to fight for her “equal” definition of a marriage and a family. This book is an excellent choice for you interested in reading a stand-alone story of an arranged marriage, wide-age gap, and mafia romance.

2. To Kiss A Thief by Susanna Craig

In this novel, Craig led us to read a historical fiction romance with deep research of Georgian England. The intriguing story starts when Sarah Pevensey, the heroine, is married to a wealthy viscount. However, their marriage was not the one that Sarah expected it to be.

to kiss a thief best arranged marriage romance novels recommendation

She was accused of being a thief. As the accusation smeared her pride, she ran away from her husband and made a new living in a small city. However, they eventually met once again. And the rest of it was history.

If you’re looking for a stand-alone historical fiction about arranged marriage, this book is a perfect choice. This one comes in a completed series of 3: To Kiss a Thief, Tempt an Heiress, and Seduce a Stranger.

3. The Wild Heir by Karina Halle

Another classic contemporary arranged marriage romance novel involving the royal family is The Wild Heir. The story was told from Magnus’s point of view, the Crowned Prince of Norway. He was such a confident guy who loved to do exciting things with different women.

Until one day, he had to step up his game and take the family crown by marrying another blue-blood family member, Princess Isabella of Liechtenstein.

the wild heir best arranged marriage romance novels recommendation

Isabella was a bold woman who never liked the idea of an arranged marriage from the very first time. She never took their relationship seriously. Even worse, she purposefully wanted to make Magnus miserable in that relationship.

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Then, the plot continues to capture how Magnus tries to break Isabella’s wall and bring out the woman in her. If you prefer a story with a wild and intriguing plot, this book is most definitely suitable for your taste.

4. The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

This novel is another Helen Hoang’s sexy romance masterpiece following her previous work, The Kiss Quotient. This book is a spin-off of the first book.

The story revolves around Khai, that one cousin of Michael in The Kiss Quotient. Long story short, Khai’s mother wanted to find him a wife from Vietnam. And that’s when he encounters Esme Tran, a young single mother who went from America to Vietnam to look for her father.

the bride test best arranged marriage romance novels recommendation

Esme took a chance offered by Cô Nga to seduce Khai in return for him paying for a trip to California and a visa. Then, the two adorable and romantic couples experienced a sexy, cute, and hilarious relationship together. This book is a perfect match for those who want to read arranged marriage novels that are modern and fresh.

5. A Bollywood Affair by Sonali Dev

This novel is one of the most popular arranged marriage romance novels from a POC author, Sonali Dev. The story was about Mili, a young woman married to a man at an early age. Mili was only four years old at that time, and the man she married was 12 years old.

Little did she know, after years of parting from her “spouse” due to her pursuing a study in America, the “spouse” had an “accident” and had a pregnant wife.

a aollywood affair best arranged marriage romance novels recommendation

He eventually figured out that Mili was still considering him as her partner. Therefore, he sent his brother, Samir, to meet Mili and convince her to sign a paper containing the annulment of the marriage.

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Long story short, as Mili and Samir met many times, Samir was slowly immersed in Mili’s charm. The rest of the story was just Mili and Samir’s journey to explore a cute and honest relationship. If you’re looking for a book that explores modern India and diversity, you might want to shoot your shot with this one.

6. A Bride Most Begrudging by Deanne Gist

Gist truly wrote a realistic yet compelling story with this one. She portrayed how back then, Virginian colony farmers would trade their barrels or tobaccos with some potential “brides” shipped to America all the way from England—yes, the “brides” were literally on board.

a bride most begrudging best arranged marriage romance novels recommendation

But, Drew O’Connor wasn’t very happy about this. In fact, he was only looking for the “shipped” woman to be his maid and help take care of his sister.

And that’s when he met Lady Constance Morrow, a lady with some attitudes. She claimed that she went to America by force. And eventually, she ended up marrying Drew.

Long story short, their marriage didn’t work that well—there were ups, downs, rainbows, and mostly storms they had to face in that relationship. If you’re looking for an enticing romance novel with a twist, this one’s for you indeed

Arranged Marriage Love Stories Novels

Those books are our recommendation of arranged marriage love stories completed version since most of them are either stand-alone or a part of a completed book series. Arranged marriage romance novels might sound cheesy at a glance. But, believe us, either you’re a romance enjoyer or not, it would be good to give it a go.

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