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11 Plus Size Romance Novels You Should Read 11 Plus Size Romance Novels You Should Read
Love is universal. Doesn’t matter what your age, race, or even your body size is, love always finds its way. So when romance novels... 11 Plus Size Romance Novels You Should Read

Love is universal. Doesn’t matter what your age, race, or even your body size is, love always finds its way. So when romance novels are invented, plus size romance novels also find their way to the heart of the readers.

Here, we will give you a list of books with plus size characters you might love.

1. One To Watch (2020)

Bea Schumacher is a plus-sized fashionista with amazing friends, a pretty good blogging career, but an empty heart. But she is not devastating. She watched the reality show Main Squeeze! Like any other American. But she wonders: is publicity engagement a privilege for smaller-sized people?

one to watch plus size romance novels you should read

At one time, the crew of the reality show called her. They want her to be the main cast for some episode in their show to be surrounded by men. The men will try to captivate her heart.

But she must agree on one condition: no real love between the cast. The thing is if a cupid releases her arrow of love, who could resist the temptation of love? Nobody.

2. Dumplin’ (2015)

Willowdean Dickson acknowledged herself as a fat girl. She never felt down or ashamed about her plus-sized body. Even her mom, a former beauty queen, called her dumpling. The bottom line is: she never cared what people thought.

Then she met Bo, a former jock. She feels an attraction to him with just a couple of glances. What is more surprising is that the feeling seems mutual. But then she starts to doubt everything she believed before.

3. I’ll Be The One (2020)

Kpop industries identified themselves with strict beauty standards and glamorous bodies. Skye Shin is determined to destroy those stereotypical views. As a plus-sized teenager, she dances, sings, and performs as well as any other “standard’ beauties. That was what made her ace her audition.

A moment later, her life is full of training, performance, and TV shows. In the midst of the chaos, she meets Henry Cho. They are not best friends or casual friends at all. They are rivals. But their story is more complicated than the management she tries to convince.

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A plus size romance book by Lyla Lee conveys a message not just about love. This book also wants the reader to learn about life and the dreams we have. What it takes to achieve it is not by judging yourself, but to make the best version of yourself.

4. No Big Deal (2019)

A funny and witty debut novel by Bethany Rutter. Story about a plus sized heroine and her story to push through every hurdle she faced.

no big deal plus size romance novels you should read

Emily Daly is a funny, positive mindset, and a smart girl. She likes her fat self and never tries to change the way it is. Then she meets Joe, her crush in his beautiful eyes. Then everything doesn’t seem like what it looks like.

Her mother also pressured her to diet. With the help of her best friend, Emily will try to stay true to herself; spreading positivity and love – to everyone and herself.

5. Making Changes (2017)

This book is a romantic comedy venture with a little bit of a life lesson. Mackenzie Mayfair is a curvy woman who tries to leave her husband. She will try everything to make her life better.

But every effort has its hurdles. Along the way, she finds a new friend, and probably a new love. But the actual struggle is the doubt in her heart. The neediness of attention – even if that comes from her annoying boss – she’ll take it.

One of the best plus size romance novels of this age. Reviewers said that this book is a real story about real struggles in real life.

6. The Devil Served Tortellini (2005)

Maria Pagliano is a woman without restraints. She likes food so much, as much as she likes men. But now she realized, too much good stuff could bring harm to her body. She then convinced herself to restrict herself. She said: no more stuffing herself with food and men.

But that was just her intention. She meets a combination of the two things she loves and tries to avoid it. She met Dante Del Rosso, a chef with cooking skills and sexy images. His feelings are as strong for her as Maria is. Then began a journey with the temptation of sex and food – the devil set path to Maria’s heart.

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7. Plus Size Heart (2017)

Sophie is a woman with a humble yet strong dream. She just wants to open her boutique in a small town. Never in her life has she made a fuss about her plus-sized body. Her positive energy makes her a likable friend.

Liam Moran is a mega-rich playboy who wants to expand his business. So when he meets Sophia, his impression of her is not a good one, let alone impressive. But then he found out, to make his business go well, he needed Sophie’s land.

Sophie then initiates a mass protest around her boutique to refuse the redevelopment. Her ability to attract people’s attention and sympathy makes her efforts easier. But the ability also affected Liam as he began to have feelings for her.

8. To Be Honest (2018)

As a teenager with a plus-sized body, Savannah waits for her chance to leave her house for college. She doesn’t like the fact that her mother is monitoring her daily. Not just her school, but also what she eats and enjoys.

to be honest plus size romance novels you should read

Her struggles started to elevate when her mother began to force her into dieting. With the new kid in school named George, they began to understand each other. About what is more important in their life than what it seems. They learn how to enjoy their life to the fullest, and of course, with each other company.

9. Gentlemen Prefer Curves (2014)

She loved her job, her life, heck even she loved her voluptuous body. Belinda Gordon has never been happier than she is now. But she feels something is missing from her life. Then she meets Carter, a past that still lingers in her mind.

Carter was surprised when he met Belinda again. She is as irresistible as ever. But his past with her that brought them into divorce made a little doubt in his heart. He still wonders though, could they be a happy family once again?

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10. Trolling Nights (2020)

To fall in love is to open your eyes and heart even for one second. Bevin Moore has a responsibility to make sure her friends stay sane on their Trolling Nights. Whenever her friends have a fling with a man, she has to make sure the man is as safe as possible. But she never meets a man that makes her heart flutter, that is until she met Tim.

Tim is a nice guy, but she does not feel safe around him. She thought if she fell in love with Tim, she couldn’t hold herself. On the other hand, Tim will do everything to make Bevin stop her Trolling Nights era and stop at his heart.

Trolling Nights is a black plus size romance novel with an amazing plot. Savannah Frierson wrote the novels as a lesson that love is universal. Whoever you are and what kind of life you live.

11. Fat Chance, Charlie Vega (2021)

Charlie Vega is a young adult with everything she wants. Everything and more apparently. So many people prejudice her as she is fat and brown. Her mother’s “effort” to make her slimmer and more white doesn’t help either. She already loves herself as she is.

But when she meets Brian, her life starts to change. She likes him, and Brian likes her too. But when she found out Brian asked her best friend Amelia to date, her world started to crumble. Will she convince herself to change her body, or does it even matter?

Fat Chance, Charlie Vega is a new plus size romance novel that has a big impact. A young adult romance that is not just filled with stereotypical slim girls who fall in love with a handsome boy.

Body positivity is the main message from those books in the list of plus-size romance novels. How it affects your life depends on how you see yourself, not others. These kinds of stories are more popular because they are relatable.

So, in plus size romance novels we learn: it doesn’t matter what size your body is, what’s more important is the size of your heart.

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