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10 Romantic Novels for Teens To Read 10 Romantic Novels for Teens To Read
Love never waits for someone to grown-up for it to blossom. No matter how young you are, love always finds its way. That is... 10 Romantic Novels for Teens To Read

Love never waits for someone to grown-up for it to blossom. No matter how young you are, love always finds its way. That is why romantic novels for teens are a genre on their own.

This time, we will provide you with a list of teenage romance books that will give you a butterfly in your stomach.

1. The Fault in Our Stars (2012)

Hazel is a girl with strong determination. She proved it even with malignant disease in her body. But her spirits began to crumble when the doctor diagnosed her final chapter.

But miracles are not always present in the form of otherworldly power. Sometimes it takes the form of a charming boy named August Waters. He showed up when Hazel was at her lowest point. So let it begin, the story that so many people will remember as a heartwarming love story.

The Fault in Our Stars became a best-selling teenage romance in no time – a heartwarming and heart-wrenching story between two people with a strong love bound for each other.

2. The Truth About Forever (2004)

Macy always spent her time without her boyfriend in the library. So when her boyfriend is away from the camps, she then does her usual activity. But this time, the days turned unexpectedly into something else.

the truth about forever romantic novels for teens to read

Her sister’s new job is one of the reasons. But the biggest one is the appearance of a boy named Wes. His way of talking, Truth-telling game, and everything he does make Macy’s world more picturesque.

3. Eleanor & Park (2012)

A love story between two people with two different traits. The girl is a flashy person and the boy is a blending-with-background person. The girl has big chaotic energy and the boy is a typical silent observer.

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But, with an exchange of interesting discussion and music taste, the story turned into something else. A kind of story where there is a spark between them. A story where love is everything for them.

Eleanor & Park (2012) – one of the best romantic novels for teens on our list. Not just a novel with a love-infested story, but also a value in life itself.

4. Anna and The French Kiss (2010)

Anna has never been more excited in her life. She is in her senior year, has an awesome best friend, and is one step closer to getting her crush to become her boyfriend. What could go wrong, right?

Then she got sent to boarding school in Paris. Because of this event, she thought this was the end of her life. Life did not get better after this.

But she’s wrong. She met Étienne St. Clair, a smart and perfect boy. The thing is, he already had a girlfriend. But as a wise man said: every wish has its way to find the wisher. Could she make her dream of a french kiss happen in Paris?

5. The Sun is Also A Star (2016)

Daniel is a good student and a child that his parents were always proud of. He always believed that the universe placed him in that part. But his meeting with a girl makes him wonder what the universe really wants.

He met Natasha, a scientific girl who never believes in fate. She only believes what she sees and counts. Do not have any time to worry about boys or romantic relationships. She only cares about the danger of her family being deported.

But, the universe always finds a way to bring two people together, even two people with almost an impossible probability of meeting.

6. Five Feet Apart (2018)

What if you couldn’t be close to anyone physically? That was Stella Grant’s problem. Her lung condition makes her need to stay six feet apart from people. She did it in hopes she got a chance to get a donor.

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But when she sees Will Newman, her determination gets shaken. Will has the same circumstances. He needs to stay six feet apart from people. But he is a jumpy teen who can’t wait to get out of the hospital.

five feet apart romantic novels for teens to read

They intertwined in “forbidden” loves separated just six feet apart. But now they wonder, five feet apart not going kill them, right?

Readers considered Five Feet Apart is a sad teenage romance book you should read whether you are a teenager or not. This romantic novels for teens makes you want to hug every character in it. A believable concept considering the heartwarming story without a complicated plot.

7. Flipped (2001)

Flipped told a story with two different points of view. An interesting take in a romance genre for teens. Juli Barker always flips whenever she sees Bryce Loski. On the other hand, Bryce always runs whenever he sees her. They always did that even though they are neighbors.

But when they are in eighth grade, Julia sees Bryce not as amazing as before. But Bryce instead sees her as more interesting right now. It’s a love story between two people with two very different feelings.

A highschool romance novel so witty yet so deep with a meaning of finding our true self. With light humor and good conflict, this book could be your go-to reading material in the afternoon.

8. All The Bright Places (2015)

Meet Violet Markey, a girl with a positive attitude. She waits a moment when she can leave this town. She is also grieving the loss of her sister – this is her story and the beginning of her downfall.

Also meet Theodore Finch, a boy with unique hobbies. He finds death is a fascinating concept. His daily activity is finding every way to kill himself. But he is always saved by unexpected events around him.

When they meet at the ledge of a tower, they save each other unintentionally. They found a weird attraction between them. But when Violet’s world begins to expand, Finch must slice away his.

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9. Love From A to Z (2019)

Zayneb was labeled by her teacher badly just because her religion is Muslim. As a rightful person, she stood up and confronted her teacher. With that, her school suspended her as an act of rebellion.

Then she went to Qatar to make herself a new person. In Qatar, he met Adam, a good-natured boy with a world on his shoulder. Her mom died, plus he feels responsible for her sister’s life.

When he is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he stops all her education to pursue a career as a maker. A way to keep her mothers’ memories in him and his sister.

Zayneb and Adam path not just crossing. Their way of living began to entwine interestingly. A warm and soft story between two humans with the purpose of a happy life.

10. It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2006)

Craig Gilner is an ambitious boy with a big goal in his life. He starts by getting into a prestigious high school. But when he got in, the pressures and expectations made him stressed. He switched from an ambitious boy into a depressing and suicidal teenager.

His family admitted him to a mental hospital. But medicine for his “illness” was never a medical one. He found what makes him like this together with his new housemates. A Bunch of problematic people and one of them may be his source of new love.

It’s Kind of a Funny Story is a must read teenage romance book in our list. Not just because this book has a great story, this book is also almost a real story. The writer himself, Ned Vizzini, spent his time in a psychiatric hospital. So he knows how it is to live among “problematic” people.

Be it a good or bad lesson, love in our teenage era always teaches us something. That was a list of romantic novels for teens. We hope this list will bring you back to your time before the coming of age. Or if you are a teenager yourself, you will find a lesson or even yourself in the story.

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