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10 Recommendations on the Best Philosophy Books for Beginners 10 Recommendations on the Best Philosophy Books for Beginners
If you are a new beginner who wants to learn about philosophy, the following 10 best philosophy books for beginners will do you a... 10 Recommendations on the Best Philosophy Books for Beginners

If you are a new beginner who wants to learn about philosophy, the following 10 best philosophy books for beginners will do you a favor. So, get ready to spend more of your time reading the following valuable books.

1. Republic By Plato

When it comes to philosophy, the name Plato or Socrates always comes up at first. This book is written by Plato who was Socrates’s student around 380 BC. The book is written in Socratic dialogue form that best describe teacher-student discussions in finding the truth.

The essential issue brought up in the Republic is asking about justice and the reason why everyone should be just. We can consider this book of which original publication is in Greek as one of the best philosophy books of all time.

republic by plato recommendations on the best philosophy books for beginners

Plato put some narratives, a number of studies as well as strong explanations that make the book easy and fun to read. The recommended translations of this book among others are:

  • Benjamin Jowett (1892)
  • Paul Shorev (1937)
  • Peter Karnot (1990)

2. The Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle

This book is written in 340 BC by one of Socrates’s student, Aristotle who also had founded Aristotelian tradition and Lyceum. This is one of the best philosophy books every beginner should read due to its content.

In this book Aristotle reasons about ethics’ significance and its connections with different principles. He believes that the main objective of ethics is to achieve the ultimate happiness. Ethics become the source of society formation as well as the idea of democracy to help humans reach their supreme contentment.

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3. Selected Writings by Thomas Aquinas

The most renowned philosopher of religion i.e. Thomas Aquinas takes in the ideologies of ancient pagans such as Greeks into his own fusion in most of his writings. This Western philosophy expert brings about questions on the relationship between reason and faith.

You may be able to find something to think about from this book when it comes to faith and reason matter. A matter that generally raises a debate even between family members.

4. Philosophy 101 by Paul Kleinman

People may think that a philosophy book is full of unexciting details and wearisome methods that makes them uninterested to further dive into it. Yet, Paul Kleinman made his Philosophy 101 book fascinating that will encourage beginners to want to learn more on the particular subject.

philosophy 101 recommendations on the best philosophy books for beginners

You will find out that there are hundreds of entertaining philosophical issues, puzzles and illustrations that are vital for every beginner. This book provides the readers with the answers they need on philosophy inquiries. Even though the topics may not be comprehensive enough, you will value this to-the-point book as a beginner.

5. The Apology by Plato

A beginner may wonder about Socrates and wants to learn more about him. Unfortunately, being one of the greatest philosophers that men have ever known, Socrates never wrote a book or any other writings. We can know him through his student’s works like Plato. In this book an insight about Socrates’ life is revealed.

The Apology portrays the trial Socrates had against the Athenian government. He believed that he had a duty that comes from the Oracle at Delphi. He is obliged to discover the truth and reveal the false ones and wisdom of other people. Many youths admired him; however, he was hated by the people he discomfited.

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That is the reason why he was falsely accused of doing a crime he did not commit and found guilty. His punishment was exile or prison which he declined, causing him to take death as the alternative punishment. It was Hemlock who killed him in 399 BC.

6. The Analects by Confucius

This book is full of Confucius’ words and sayings brought together by his disciples prior to his death. This renowned Chinese philosopher lived in 6th century BCE who is best known for his Confucianism principles. These principles lay emphasis on education, morality and family.

If you are a beginner, then, this should be one of the first Philosophy books to read to help you understand more about philosophy and its perks.

7. At The Existentialist Café by Sarah Bakewell

Sarah Bakewell did a great job in portraying the coolness, excitement as well as how revolutionary current philosophers are. She brings together the risks, the appeal along with the legacies of those philosophers in this book.

Famous names like Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, Hannah Arendt, Iris Murdoch, Martin Heidegger and many more are among the aforesaid philosophers. Their ideas and lives are what Bakewell wrote in the book. This book should be on the list of the modern philosophy books for beginners.

8. Mortal Questions by Thomas Nagel

If you have just started your journey in learning philosophy, Thomas Nigel Book Mortal Question would be the best option of a philosophy book to read. Essential matter of philosophy, that is to say our life and its effects are reviewed here with a philosophical viewpoint.

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mortal questions by thomas nagel recommendations on the best philosophy books for beginners

Questions like what is the meaning of our life, war, instability or death along with many other issues are what is discussed in the book. Every beginner can learn about the broad subjects in an easy-to-read writing.

9. A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russel

As the title suggests, this book provides its readers with concise and really brief history as the best means for a beginner to get to know the subject better. Bertrand Russel not only wrote the book well but also makes his book really easy to read.

The highlight of the book is that both history and philosophy are influencing each other. You may learn that there are three major sections discussed in the book, i.e., Ancient Philosophy which highlighted the Greek one, Catholic Philosophy and Modern philosophy. Dive into the depth of philosophy by reading this valuable book.

10. Native American Wisdom by Kent Nerburn

When it comes to philosophy, we should never leave behind the indigenous native American beliefs and ideas. The way they honor the relationship to their spirit, their ancestors’ ones, their relationship to the land are worth learning and studying.

Get ready to know more about the Native American philosophy and do your practice through this one of the recommended philosophy books.

Philosophy is actually when we decide to learn about the questions we often asked about life. When we are curious about our existence, the reason why we are here, the good and the evil and so on. As a matter of fact, philosophy encompasses a lot of different topics and each part of the world has their own different actualizations.

Thus, you can start learning the subject as a beginner by delving into the aforesaid 10 Best Philosophy Books for Beginners. Happy exploring!

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