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10 Recommendations for Native American Romance Novels 10 Recommendations for Native American Romance Novels
Love and romance stories are endless and will always be interesting to read. If you like romance novels about America, there is a great... 10 Recommendations for Native American Romance Novels

Love and romance stories are endless and will always be interesting to read. If you like romance novels about America, there is a great choice for an adventure in native American romance novels.

Besides being interesting to read, there are life lessons that you can get from the best novels written by the best writers as well.

Best Native American Romance Novels

Many of the best romantic novels can be your reading choice. Here are 10 recommendations for original American romance novels that you can read.

1. The Spirit Path

The Spirit Path tells the story of Shadow Hawk, a leader who is looking for his life partner. The whisper in his heart said he had to find a white woman. She is the woman who must accompany him to fulfill his destiny.

One of the best native American romance novels in this series features a female character named Maggie. Maggie is a white woman who becomes Hawk’s destiny.

For Maggie, Hawk is the man in her dreams. Eventually, they met and got to know each other better. Their different backgrounds are not a hindrance. They believe true love can overcome any obstacles they face.

2. Feather in the Wind

Another best-selling Native American romance novel is Feather in the Wind. This novel tells the story of the character Black Wind who sees the woman of his dreams on the horizon.

feather in the wind recommendations for native american romance novels

The woman’s name was Susannah. The two had known each other but they were separated for a long time. Despite being separated for hundreds of years, they have not forgotten each other.

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When they meet, they promise to live together. This book teaches us about self-confidence and love. Long life apart does not make them forget each other. They believe love will unite them.

3. Yellowstone Dawn

A very touching love story, depicting a couple, Danica and Josh, who have to overcome many obstacles because of their differences. Danica is known as a strong woman; on the other hand, Josh is a mixed-race guy that many people don’t like. A recommended story for an original American romantic novel lover.

Yellowstone is where they first met. In the National Park, they tied the promise of love. They put aside ego and differences.

They are aware that there are many obstacles in their way but they believe they can overcome them because of the power of love. A novel written by Peggy L. Henderson teaches about the importance of mutual confidence to welcome a happy life.

4. Through the Fire

Beth Trissel, the author of this novel, tells the story of a couple’s love when Britain and France fight for territory in India. It starts with a young Indian, Shoka, who kidnaps a widow, Rebecca, to sell to French soldiers. However, after seeing Rebecca’s beauty, Shoka is attracted and falls in love with her.

He was trying to figure out how to escape the girl. He also tried to distract the French soldiers. This popular Native American romance novel teaches that love sometimes starts with bad things. Initially kidnapped to sell but instead, he fell in love with the kidnapped girl.

5. Lone Warrior

One day, the Comanche tribe kidnapped a girl named Marissa. In the abductor’s power, Marissa feels very afraid and imagines her bad future.

She then meets Wind Ryder, a young man who informs her that she will be fine. Marissa believes now she will be fine. Bobbi Smith romantically tells this story and Lonely Warrior is one of the well-known native American romance novels.

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Although the fear has not completely disappeared, she is better now. Unfortunately, Wind Ryder also experienced the same thing. The Comanche kidnapped Ryder and took him away from Marissa.

Finally, news of the kidnapping reached Marissa. However, Marissa remained calm and not stressed. She believes the power of love will conquer all.

6. Gray Horse

Gray Horse, one of the most popular Native American romance novels by Ciana Stone, is about a character named Mathias Gray Horse. His solitary life keeps him away from the real world. He didn’t want to talk except for the most important things.

That’s what Gray lived every day until he finally met Reece. People refer to Reece as an ‘insect woman’ because she is an expert at conquering bees.

When they meet, love begins to grow between them. Reece tried to deny what was in her heart. However, the more she resisted, the stronger the feeling for Grey.

7. Wind Warrior

The novel by Constance O’Banyon tells the story of two brothers, Wind Warrior and Dull Knife. However, their brotherhood was broken because of the jealousy of Dull Knife who was not happy to see the power of the Wind Warrior.

wind warrior recommendations for native american romance novels

One day, the two fall in love with the same woman. She is a beautiful white woman. However, only one can own her. Both are involved in fierce competition to get it.

The struggle for love with full sacrifice between having a dream girl and maintaining brotherhood. Who got the woman of his dreams? Belongs to that one touching Native American romance novel.

8. After Midnight

The bestselling novel by Sarah Grimm tells the story of a female character named Izzy who tries to get out of the shadows of her dark past. He not only wants to get out of his dark past but also wants to become a new person with a new identity.

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One day, she went to a bar to see Black Phoenix. The vocalist of the band, Noah, suddenly approached Izzy. In short, Noah fell in love with her.

He knows what Izzy is going through and tries to help heal her. He can also help Izzy out of the shadows of the past. Finally, the two agreed to establish a more serious love relationship.

9. Red Sun

This famous Native American romance novel contains an exciting story set in a love triangle background. It starts with a woman named Solei who stays at a hotel.

Solei’s presence at the inn caught the attention of the two brothers. In short, she knows if the two brothers are ‘race’ to get her love. As if at a crossroads, Solei had to choose one of the two brothers. It is certainly not easy to make that decision. But as hard as it was, Solei must choose the one man she loves the most.

10. Chase the Wind

The novel by Madeline Baker tells the story of a character named Elizabeth who refuses to be paired with a man. She refuses to marry Dusty because she doesn’t love him. She is instead attracted to Chase the Wind, Dusty’s half-brother. Compared to Dusty, Chase the Wind had a more handsome face.

In short, the two decided to run away, away from Dusty. What will happen to them both? Where did they flee to manifest their love? Chase the Wind is the answer.

For those of you who like to read novels about love, the 10 native American romance novels above are highly recommended for you to read. There are many lessons you can take from those novels.

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