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10 Most Popular Romance Novels 10 Most Popular Romance Novels
For a long time in every history, a love story has always made people interested. Either in real life or fiction, a love story... 10 Most Popular Romance Novels

For a long time in every history, a love story has always made people interested. Either in real life or fiction, a love story could bring people together or divide them. A need to read the most popular romance novels is an urge that comes every time we want to feel those feelings.

Hence, here we will give you a list of the most popular romance novels of all time. I hope this list will provide you with a new collection on your bookshelf.

1. Pride and Prejudice (1813)

After Jane Austen published this classic romance novel, Pride and Prejudice became a benchmark on how romance novels should make a conflict. This most popular romance novels has been adapted as a movie, series, even unofficial sequels for so many years.

When Mr. Bennet of Longburn got older, he worried no one was going to inherit his property. He and his wife do have five children, but all of them are daughters. In their culture, a son of a family is the only one who could inherit family heirlooms.

That is why Mr. Bennet then decides that all his daughters, or even just one, should marry a man with bourgeois background and families so that he could pass on his wealth. But, the story is never as easy as it is told. A book where they learned that love could not be forced. To marry someone is to love for the rest of their life.

2. The Fault in Our Stars (2012)

Once upon a time, Hazel was a cheerful and knowledgeable girl with a dashing smile. She knows what others don’t. But in the past years, her life has been nothing but terminal and medical check-ups. Her cancer is eating out her body.

the fault in our stars 10 most popular romance novels

Suddenly she met Gus, a gorgeous surprise in her life she didn’t know she needed. Their fate became entwined and shaped their story.

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John Green writes The Fault in Our Stars with such a deep connection between characters. A love-in-first-sight story with meanings as big as our universes. Also, a novel that can make you cry and smile in just a few pages.

3. The Love Hypothesis (2021)

The newest popular romance novel on our list. Ali Hazlewood writes this book as romance with a touch of science. A kiss starts everything. But in this case, Olive Smith kisses the closest man she found around to convince her friend that she is indeed in love.

Why does she do that? Well, her friend Anh is a busybody type. So if she knows that Olive doesn’t have a boyfriend, she knows Anh will make a fuss about it.

Unfortunately, she kisses a man with a not-too-good reputation. A well-known jerk and jock. But he did agree to her to be her fake boyfriend. Thus began a funny yet touching story about them. A story about how Olive tries to explain love as logically as possible: but she eventually knows that love is not just about research and notes.

4. The Notebook (1996)

A story about the unbreakable love between two hearts separated by time and space. Noah just came back from war to his hometown. The town where he met the first love that he never sees after a breakup. He decides to stay and restore his father’s historical house.

the notebook 10 most popular romance novels

Allie sees a historical house being restored by a young hero from war. She knows that hero was also her long-lost love. A love that leaves her without news. Now, she is determined to find him and ask everything she wants to know.

They met, and they fell in love again with each other. A happy summer starts and rolls like no other. But Allie has a fiancee, and she doesn’t want to hurt him. So with blurry eyes, it is her turn to leave Noah.

5. The Hating Game (2016)

Lucy Hutton is always an intelligent and hardworking girl in her office. She always dreamed of a friendly working environment and a steady job, with a possible promotion. But again, her work isn’t easy, and her “workmate” is not making it any easier.

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Joshua Templeman is a big body with a bigger brain. An epitome of a likable workmate with a bright career. But with a reason that no one knows, he and Lucy are always in a game. A game that makes them a nemesis in their workplace. Lucy hates him, and the feelings seem mutual.

Someday, Lucy will realize that every game they play is just a way for Josh to make a move. Until the kiss that makes her wonder, are they just playing another game?

6. It Ends With Us (2016)

Lily is a hardworking woman with a big dream. She built her own business and tried to make it work. Lily always knows that nothing is easy. And now she realizes that love is not as easy as she reads in the story.

Ryle Kincaid is a neurosurgeon with the character of a lion. A prideful and almost arrogant person. But he also had a soft spot for Lily. Their feeling is in a level of mutual understanding and compassion, almost like love.

The only one Lily is confused about is Ryle’s attitude towards a relationship. And when she drowned in doubt, her past love appeared before her. It wavers everything she builds with Kyle.

7. Jane Eyre (1847)

Being an orphan since she knows the world, Jane always felt she never fit in any society. She was working hard just to make others recognize her as a person. Now, she tries to make her fate better by working for Edward Rochester as a caretaker.

Not for long, Jane was charmed by Rochester’s nature as a man of power. She does not just have a crush on him. She fell in love with him.

jane eyre 10 most popular romance novels

But, it seems that Edward is hiding something in Thornfield Hall. Something dark and no one has ever known. This book is not just another historical romance novel, you know. This most popular romance novels embodies how love should be built-in truth, not lies—one of the best romance novels for adults.

8. Eleanor & Park (2012)

In her life, Eleanor never was an ordinary girl. She always wore mismatched clothes, colorful hair and wore any accessories that made her stand out more. She wants to be recognized, and it works.

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Park is the boy in the back. He hunched his back, read books, and wore an invisible cape. No one feels his presence, and he is glad to be like that. But not Eleanor.

They met and made conversations and exchanges in a taste of music. Their discussion makes them closer, physically and in the heart.

9. Virgin River (2007)

Robyn Carr’s most popular romance novel series is about finding love even in a place you hated. Melinda Monroe is a widow with a broken heart. She just lost her husband and needs an escape. So when a nursing job opens in the remote Virgin River, she decides to go there.

At first, she seemed optimistic. But upon arrival, she hated that place so much. Nothing in Virgin River is convenient nor healing for her. She quickly decided to leave the following day. But when a baby is abandoned in her lodging, her stay in the Virgin River becomes more complicated.

10. The Time Traveler’s Wife (2003)

A best-selling romance novel by Audrey Niffenegger. With touching and extra love on every page. A truly heartwarming story. Henry is an ordinary man. A loving husband of Clare and a modern Odysseus, a faithful husband. Only one thing about him is unordinary. He has a genetic condition that makes him time travel at any moment.

Despite her husband’s condition, Clare always encourages him and waits for him every time he comes back from time travel. She knows that her husband needs her more than anything. Like she needs him.

Niffenegger’s writing makes everything about this book heart-wrenching and warming. She brings what matters in most love stories about faithful husbands and wives.

The Romance genre always makes people feel every kind of emotion. Whether it’s happiness, sadness, or even joy, a love story always exists as time itself. Therefore, romance novels are the best way to feel those emotions instantly. That’s been a list of most popular romance novels which maybe could be to your liking.

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