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10 Books by Native American Authors 10 Books by Native American Authors
With more than 500 tribes, native Americans have so much culture and diversity. Then it’s not surprising when Indigenous people make their culture into... 10 Books by Native American Authors

With more than 500 tribes, native Americans have so much culture and diversity. Then it’s not surprising when Indigenous people make their culture into books. That’s why there are many books by Native American authors.

In this list, we will provide you with some of the best-selling Native American books to add to your reading list.

1. There There (2018)

A debut novel by Tommy Orange, a Cheyenne and Arapaho author. It is a story about twelve different people in an Indigenous community. Each of them has its problems and conflict; from a young boy who doubted his tribe’s inheritance to an alcoholic who tried to pull his life together—switching from a first-person to a third-person perspective, an exciting take on the long problems faced Native Americans.

there there books by native american authors

This book is not just about how Native Americans live their lives with their problems and how they overcome those. Despite that, every character in There There has rich traits and is very engaging.

2. The Only Good Indian (2020)

For a long time, Lewis lived a quiet life far from his homeland. He tried to forget something he and his friends had done almost ten years ago. Something they thought was an adrenaline rush but ended as a regret.

A nightmare haunted him, a nightmare from that event which he tried to forget. He then searches for help from a friend, a Crow woman who might know how to stop the suffering. But from there, a true horror just begins to unravel. This time, horror comes with antlers.

3. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (2007)

Based on the author’s true story, Sherman Alexie’s novel tells the story of a young cartoonist, Junior. When he knew his future might be stuck in Reservation while growing up, he took matters into his own hands. Junior then moved into an all-white school, where the only Indian beside himself was the mascot.

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A heartbreaking yet beautiful story about life that living through poverty is not an impenetrable struggle. With the right determination and a strong will, you also can achieve your dreams. No matter who you are and where you come from.

the absolutely true diary of a part time indian books by native american authors

4. The Round House (2012)

Written by Lousie Erdrich, one of the most famous Native American authors, The Round House brings a moving story to the readers. What is the Round House? The elder told us that it’s a place where we can seek shelter from evil—a place built by a spirit to heal every soul within.

When her mother brutally attacked and wouldn’t leave her room, Joe, a thirteen-year-old Indian, decided to investigate the case himself. With the help of his friends, he needs to find justice for his mother and his family.

A mystery story with more touching prose and twist. It is not too suspenseful and action-packed, but it still makes us feel the thrill and shiver with more important lessons about heritage, family, and love.

5. House Made of Dawn (1968)

N. Scott Momaday wrote House made of dawn with the richness of indigenous culture and a lovely story. A story that makes us wonder about how we want to live.

About a young man with two worlds he lived in. His father raised Abel with respect even to the harsh land, the wisdom of nature, and the peyote drug. But now, he also lived in a more brutal world of modern society, exposed to exploitation and erratic behavior.

6. The Night Watchman (2020)

Yet another young adult novel by Native American author Louis Erdrich. Based on her grandfather’s life, this novel brings another touching story.

As a Chippewa Council member in his homeland and a night watchman in the factory, Thomas Wazhask always knew his heritage was about freedom and wisdom. So when the so-called emancipation bill came out, he knew that the government threatened his tribe with the new account.

Patrice, real name Pixie Parenteau, is Indigenous by blood but not by choice. She works hard to make a living for her mother and brother. But when her alcoholic father comes and demands money, she decides to search for her older sister in a big city even though she doesn’t know her whereabouts.

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A long story with a load of Native American cultures and their relationship with the American government. Full of character that is relatable to everyone, even if we come from different backgrounds and countries.

7. Winter Counts (2020)

When the law by the legal system doesn’t do justice, a vigilante shows up to punish the criminals. A kind of punishment that will never be forgotten.

Virgil is his tribe’s vigilante. He punishes everyone who deserves it indiscriminately. Not run by justice, but Virgil hates the law with all of his heart with money and power. And so he became the only thing money and power couldn’t defeat, a weapon.

But his action took a personal turn when his nephew got tangled in heroin. With the help of his ex-girlfriend, he tries to find the source and destroys it. After discovering the truth, the wickedness surrounding his tribe shocked him, the truth about a new council member in particular.

A frightening and profound story about how we appreciate our roots and heritage: Virgil now knows that being a Native American comes with its own risk.

They were written by David Heska Wanbli Weiden, a masterpiece in thriller crime and full-packed mystery. A book named as the best Native American novel in 2020.

8. Moon of the Crusted Snow (2018)

The most unexpected genre about native tribes in North America, a post-apocalyptic adventure with a thriller-driven plot. Panic and confusion broke out when the food ration began to thin out in the Anishinaabe community. Their struggle is not going to end soon; it even got worse. But they didn’t know it could get much darker when a visitor came.

The visitors who claimed that they were refugees started to try taking control after a couple of months. They seem to have succeeded in doing that. Frustrated by the condition, Evan Whitesky and some youngin’ embark on a journey to bring back their tradition and order. A full-packed thriller about when the community collapses, another must arise.

9. Fire Keeper’s Daughter (2021)

One of the newest books by Native American authors, Fire Keeper’s Daughter, is a debut novel by Angeline Bouley. Daunis Fountaine is a hard-to-fit eighteen years old biracial. Noth at the tribal community and her hometown, she will never find herself among them. But still, she has a dream that keeps her going in life. But when her mother fell sick, she had to give up her dream for her mom.

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fire keepers daughter books by native american authors

Still, unexpectedly she found another dream in the form of a boy. After knowing him for a bit, she realized that Jamie is not what he shows to others. Something hiding behind his dashing appearance.

But, when Daunis witnesses a brutal murder, she gets tangled in a terrifying crime and is forced to go undercover. Not to run away, but to solve the case with her knowledge in chemistry and medicine.

10. The Marrow Thieves (2017)

What if people lost their capability to dream? Madness is the answer to that strange question. Sadly, in the future, told by this book, that was precisely what happened—true chaos caused by the lack of dreams by people.

The only cure is known as the marrow of Indigenous people, who never lost their ability to dream. Unfortunately, that means the world began hunting for the marrow for the sake of the cure, willingly or not.

Running away from the hunter, young Francis tried not to get caught and survive. In a journey to find his beloved one and find a new one along the way. He was mentioned in the best books by Native American authors that won the 2018 Sunburst Award for young adult fiction.

With so much culture, Native American is one of the most heritage-rich people on earth. Their ingeniousness in surviving is what makes them a strong community. Passing through every guise and judgmental gaze, they make so much proof that they are free people as much as other people. One of them is books.

That is why so many books by Native American authors are found throughout history. Their rich culture is not just close-circled wisdom but also a glue that keeps them together.

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