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10 Best Selling Authors of All Time You Need to Know 10 Best Selling Authors of All Time You Need to Know
Countless number of writers have brought great impact to their beloved readers in many different ways. Some even offer fascinating masterpieces for readers from... 10 Best Selling Authors of All Time You Need to Know

Countless number of writers have brought great impact to their beloved readers in many different ways. Some even offer fascinating masterpieces for readers from different generations so that makes their books become best sellers. Here are our 10 recommendations of best selling authors of all time known from the number of books sold.

1. William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is no doubt in our first list of Top 10 best-selling authors of all time. The British poet and playwright who was born in 1564 had the privilege to write plays for Queen Elizabeth I. He is famous for works such as Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear and many others.

Shakespeare’ works are an integral part of our literature up till now. An estimated two to four million copies of his books are sold internationally and is still counting. What a number! No wonder that this author deserves the title of the best-selling author of all time.

2. Agatha Christie

Who doesn’t have at least a copy of Agatha Christie’s mystery novel? Guinness World Records has confirmed that this famous British female writer holds the world’s best-selling fiction writer title.

agatha christie best selling authors of all time you need to know

Being named as the queen of mystery, up to four billion copies of her book are sold globally and are still on the rise. She is also celebrated as one of the most translated authors in the world according to UNESCO and Guinness World Records with 7236 translations of her works.

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3. Barbara Cartland

This British romance novelist has written approximately 723 books with more than 600 of them being novels. Barbara Cartland’s total books sales are estimated from 600 million up to 2 billion pieces. Her first novel was published in 1932 under the title Jigsaw. She was influenced by Elinor Glyn books.

The time setting for her romance novels are from the 19th Victorian era where sex was something taboo and should not be spoken openly. Cartland was not only a novelist but also plays drama, music. Operetta as well as writes articles for magazines.

4. Danielle Steel

Danielle Steel who was born in 1947 is celebrated as the queen of romance. She has already written more than 160 novels with 500 to 800 million copies sold universally over the years. She is not only among the top selling authors of all time but also the bestselling author alive.

danielle steel best selling authors of all time you need to know

People may only know Steel for her famous romance novels she has written so far, but she also published books and poetry for children.

5. Harold Robbins

Our next Top 10 famous books and authors is an American writer named Harold Robbins. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Robbins is famous as an adventure novelist. His most famous novel `is A Stone for Danny Fisher has been adapted to film with Elvis Presley as the lead actor.

He is also famous for his other works such as Never Love a Stranger which was published in 1948 and The Carpetbaggers of 1961 publication. His book sales scale up to nearly 750 million copies worldwide. Therefore, he deserves the title of best selling author of all time with other qualified ones on the list.

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6. Sidney Sheldon

Sidney Sheldon is not only a famous novelist but also a TV producer of which show is well known all over the world called ‘I dreamed of Jeannie’. He gained his fame after he reached 50 for the suspense romance novels he wrote. With only 21 titles of all his works he is estimated to have sold 300 to 600 million copies throughout the world.

7. Enid Blyton

Enid Blyton is a prolific British writer especially in writing books for children. Some of her works, Brer Rabbit, for instance, are considered classic literature that the majority of children in the world adore. The Famous Five, Noddy and the Secret Seven are also children’s favorites that makes her name popular.

It is estimated that Blyton’s book sales reach the number of 600 million copies from 800 literature with her name on them. This fact confirms that her work deserves to be one of the best-selling books of all time.

8. JK Rowling

We are not exaggerating when naming JK Rowling as one of the Best authors of the 21st century due to all her incredible work. Rowling is a novelist who gained her fame by writing Harry Potter books when she was in an underprivileged condition. Her Harry Potter masterpiece became very popular; as popular as the movies and theme park inspired by them.

jk rowling best selling authors of all time you need to know

With approximately 500 million sales on Harry Potter books and is still counting, Rowling hit the record as one of the best-selling and wealthiest authors in the world. Her masterpiece holds the title all-time best-selling book series for children from Guinness World Records in 2008.

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You can also read Rowling’s other books such as The Silkworm, The Casual Vacancy or The Cuckoo’s Calling aside from Harry Potter.

9. Leo Tolstoy

It is always difficult to measure the estimated numbers of books sold from older authors including Leo Tolstoy. However, his book sales are estimated around 413 million copies worldwide. War and Peace and Anna Karenina are among his famous works.

10. Stephen King

We can give the title to Stephen King as the King of Dark Fiction due to his spine-chilling novels. Many of his works have been adapted to films such as The Shining, It and The Green mile. The estimation of his book sales is about 350 million copies.

Therefore, he is qualified to be on our 10th on the best-selling authors list. Moreover, he is one of our famous authors today who also wrote children’s books and short stories.

Each writer has their own characteristics and unique way in writing their stories that potentially draw their own fans and book lovers worldwide. Surely, there are more names that deserve the title of bestselling author, too.

However, the aforementioned 10 Best Selling Authors of All Time may help you to recognize them as well as their incredible works. Thus, you can gain the most benefits from each book you choose to read. Happy reading!

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