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10 Best self-help Books For Men To Change Your Life 10 Best self-help Books For Men To Change Your Life
Life sometimes gets more challenging and requires man to make a change and improve. And every man has a different solution for their hardship.... 10 Best self-help Books For Men To Change Your Life

Life sometimes gets more challenging and requires man to make a change and improve. And every man has a different solution for their hardship. But, not every man can handle going to professional help. That is why they search for enlightenment from the best self-help books for men.

Here we will provide some self-help books for mental health and self-improvement. Some of them may help you despite genders but are primarily published to help men in self-development.

1. Outliers (2008)

A brilliant, entertaining, yet illuminating landmark work for self-improvement. Take an intellectual way to see the world of the most successful and famous, questioning how they are different from average achievers.

The answer lay in a more simple way than most people expected. Not their background nor their materialistic foundation. The focus of this book is how to become the most successful people in their way.

The book itself provides data to make every argument in this book more credible. But, the main effect of this book is self-reflection and how to level up our way of thinking and do.

Some of the reviews even said that this book is the first self-help book to read before reading other books. Maybe you will read that luck is one of the most prominent factors in a successful life. And how you find a chance in life can be your way in successful living.

2. You Are A Badass (2013)

Jen Sincero writes this book with 27 chapters. Each chapter is an anecdote with a hilarious story full of inspiring advice and occasionally an f-word. In the name of self-development, this book will make you laugh and reflect at the same time.

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you are a badass best self help books for men to change your life

You will be forced to realize what you have and what you don’t, how to change it, or why you don’t need to change. The most important thing is how to kick some ass.

3. Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds (2018)

A story from a man titled “The Fittest (Real) Man in America,” this book taught self-discipline, hard work, and mental toughness. David Goggins is a man with a past full of nightmares and poverty. But with his gut and determination, he became a man of honor in the U.S Armed Forces.

With a law he calls “The 40% rule”, he believes that most of us just utilize 40% of our inept talent. So, we need to push forward through the pain and struggle and use all of our potentials.

4. Make Your Bed (2017)

“At the end of the day, it would be a reminder that I have done something well, something to be proud of, no matter how small the task.”

Admiral William H. McRaven once gave a speech at the University of Texas. He shared the principles he learned in Navy Seals and how to implement them in our daily life.

This best self help books for men develops his speech and tells a story about the people he met during his service. With such optimism, it will inspire most of the readers to take a small step in life, for the better self.

5. Man’s Search For Meaning (1946, re-published in 2006)

Victor Frankl told his own experiences as a psychiatrist and his patient in a Nazi’s death camp based on his true story. Vivid detail of his horrifying experiences as a psychiatrist and his observation of his patient.

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mans search for meaning best self help books for men to change your life

During his observation, he found that no matter how much suffering we go through, we need to find its meaning to get the necessary strength to push forward. With a small and short dream, he told us how he undergoes the daily horrors he faced.

In the second part, he develops a therapy in search of meaning. So this book doesn’t just give us his story but also the concrete step to making our lives better in cruel worlds.

6. Unf*ck Yourself (2016)

Garry John Bishop told us to take responsibility for our life. Not by looking for a job, earning money, or getting married. It doesn’t invent a new way to help yourself but retold the way with such enthusiasm.

Not to make you an incredible person, nor a superhero. But to make you embrace the high and low of life, feel better about it, and feel great about what you achieve. And this book might be one of the best self-help books that actually work.

7. How To Stop Worrying and Start Living (1944, republished in 2004)

Dale Carnegie provides all the stuff you’ve heard before. But, he also gives examples of how those solutions change people who implement them in the most compelling way and explicit language.

Carnegie also has a unique writing style that makes the readers always want to read the anecdote. It gives us the chance to become free people and release all worries. And it’s named as self-improvement books with the most significant impact by some readers.

8. The Mask of Masculinity (2017)

Every man has a mask called masculinity, an image of a solid and dependable human. But that mask also demands men to be unbreakable beings with immortal souls.

the mask of masculinity best self help books for men to change your life

Lewis Howes, in his journey, to uncover how men hide behind this cursed mask, a vulnerability behind an emotionless face, and a crumbling faith behind an indestructible wall of masculinity.

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This book is a must-read self-improvement book for all men. To change the paradigm about masculinity and change how we see masculinity.

9. The Antidote (2012)

Oliver Burkeman writes this book with a purpose. If you read it in a positive way of thinking, you will find this book too offensive because it is about how to embrace the negative in our lives and find salvation from them.

Is it wrong to be afraid of death? Is it wrong to fear failure? Burkeman never says yes in this book. Yet, he told us to do the negative thinking and find a way to make it work. Because, whether you want to face it or not, failure is always a probability. So, for the people who may suffer from depression, this book may be your choice self-help book for depression.

10. Who Moved My Cheese? (1998)

Life is a maze. The workplace where you make a living is a maze. Even your family and environment are a maze. Your prized cheese is what you want in life: a happy life, decent pay, and a supportive family.

With an imaginary story about four mouse characters trapped in a maze searching for cheese, Spencer Johnson rebrands how to achieve your dream. Maybe you need to make a sacrifice here and there, but reassure yourself that every hard work has its reward. And you will get there, eventually.

Self-help is a simple way to get your life together. And reading a book may be the smallest gear you need to make it move. Maybe it’s for mental health, character building, or self-improvement. These books will provide the push you need. But, the best self-help books for men can do you only that far. Whether you change your life or not, it’s up to you to make a move. This list is just a starting point.

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