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10 Best Secret Pregnancy Romance Novels for You to Read 10 Best Secret Pregnancy Romance Novels for You to Read
If you are an avid reader of secret pregnancy romance novels, it is pretty sure that your craving for stories on love scandals and... 10 Best Secret Pregnancy Romance Novels for You to Read

If you are an avid reader of secret pregnancy romance novels, it is pretty sure that your craving for stories on love scandals and maternity dilemmas needs indulgence. Nonetheless, finding out the long list of such a trope on – let’s say – Goodreads is tiring and yet of little to no use at all.

A voracious binger of secret baby novels will need to know the brief synopsis of what he or she is going to read beforehand. That being said, to indulge your thirst in the stories of love and pregnancy, here we have our best recommendations for you.

1. The Billionaire’s Legacy

What makes Reese Ryan’s The Billionaire’s Legacy our first list recommendation? While this is one of a billionaire pregnant romance novels offering you an intriguing love story, it is not time-consuming to finish the book in one sitting.

the billionaireslegacy best secret pregnancy romance novels for you to read

In brief, the story introduces you to Benjamin Bennett, a tech billionaire, and his crush, Sloane Sutton, in a short steamy weekend chill. However, as Benji reveals that Sloan is pregnant with his twins and wants to marry her, she resists it. Why? Find out so many dilemmas beyond Sloane’s resistance throughout the story.

2. The Cad and the Co-Ed

L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid have successfully dragged their readers into Bryan Leech’s redemption – or his attempt to do so – and Eilish Cassidy’s secret pregnancy. However, the problem is that Eilish keeps her pregnancy from Bryan somehow.

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This is our second recommendation for accidental pregnancy romance books in this list. You will explore how the pair has to deal with their differences and personal issues. The conflicts are so enchanting that you should give this book a go.

3. A Redo

Another one of the unexpected pregnancy books comes from C.M. Owens’ A Redo. Therein, Allie Thrash has raised her daughter—and hatred against Wren Prize—for seven years straight. Her bad luck leads her to his town and his figure coincidently.

The story is so comforting that we will see how Wren Prize’s struggle to bond with his daughter and Allie Thrash’s for letting him into their life again. The scenes are packed with mature traits and chemistry towards parental responsibilities though.

4. Back in the Texan’s Bed

Another quick read of unplanned pregnancy romance novels is here. Back in the Texan’s Bed by Naima Simone tells the story of Ross Edmond, an oil heir, who proposes to share life with Charlotte Jarrett after discovering his secret son.

The way that Charlotte keeps her secrets from Ross is something of an enigma. Why did the former chef of Ross’ family leave the town a couple of years ago? Should there be any relation to Charlotte’s secrets? You should find it out there for sure!

5. Fumbled

Imagine if you were a single-parent Poppy Patterson who has successfully created a real utopia of her own life, but unexpectedly met the man who has given her a child. What kind of emotions will you burst into?

fumbled best secret pregnancy romance novels for you to read

Alexa Martin in her Fumbled has brought comfort to all the readers by picturing huge chemistry and plots of secrets between Poppy Patterson and TK Moore so vividly. It is one of the best one-night-stand pregnancy romance novels you must read!

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6. Rock Solid

Conor Prescott meets an attractive yet desperate woman at the airport and then, with no doubt, has her way with her. The incendiary night is over and he wants it some more by morning. But unfortunately, she has gone for good as he is thinking.

Philips and Erica Wilde are creative writers who compose the chemistry of the characters to the highest level. The major problem they have created for the story is far from betrayal but more closely related to the fear of being in love.

7. Tattered

A young lady, Thea Landry, has been living an unfortunate life as her mother ditched her and subsequently pushed her to have her life in the ghetto. The presence of Prince Charming won’t make her life any better. But instead, she has to keep him in her life, not only for her but also for their daughter.

It is Devney Perry’s work Tattered that will deliver you both steamy plots and life lessons. It is one of the best surprise pregnancy romance novels we recommend for you.

8. Then, Now, Always

The way that Mona Shroff shocks you with the conflicts in Then, Now, Always is fascinating. She gives the readers surprise in the middle plot where Maya asks Hutcherson for legal help for her daughter Samantha.

then now always best secret pregnancy romance novels for you to read

The thing is that the lawyer doesn’t know that Samantha is his very own daughter, born from the woman who has broken his past. What if he finds out the truth? What do you think he will be doing then?

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9. The Cowboy’s Secret Twins

If you are a big fan of historical pregnancy romance novels, The Cowboy’s Secret Twins might delight you with early American conflicts and secret passions. Henry James Randolf III gets a Christmas surprise when Melissa Monroe comes to his ranch in Texas with her twins, James’ flesh and blood.

As the gunshots fill the air, James has no other option but to ensure all of them are safe. Carla Cassidy has mixed both passionate love plots and cowboy warships in a very beautiful way. That is the reason why you should read this novel.

10. The Tycoon’s Toddler Surprise

The Tycoon’s Toddler Surprise by Elizabeth Lennox sits on the last tier of secret baby romance books 2021. The story goes around the miscommunication and mental issues of the main character, Kristen, who finally married Mikhail Benovich and gave birth to a daughter.

As Mikhail strived for his family, the tension between the spouses was inevitable. What comes later is shocking and yet you get to find it yourself though.

The top 10 recommendations for the secret pregnancy romance novels above are of their unique literary qualities and colors. They can serve you a good recipe of incendiary passions as well as the dark secrets of a personality. However, you may want to find more and more similar books out there.

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