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10 Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors You Must Read 10 Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors You Must Read
Emotion, color, and diversity are what the country of India offers. Therefore, Indian authors have their own unique and vibrant ways in describing everything,... 10 Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors You Must Read

Emotion, color, and diversity are what the country of India offers. Therefore, Indian authors have their own unique and vibrant ways in describing everything, including love. As vibrant as their country of origin is, these 10 Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors are too dear to skip. So, set your cozy corner up and get ready to immerse into these love stories in a vivid Indian way.

1. Wish I Could Tell You by Durjoy Datta

Durjoy Datta is a renowned and best selling Indian author who has written some of the best novels by Indian authors for youth. Among the many of his masterpieces, this novel is one of the favorites due to its contemporary background.

The protagonist is an optimistic and generous person Ananth and a heartbroken and disheartened writer named Anusha. Their story starts when both of them join the same NGO known as When their fine virtual lives come to the real ones, there is no way that they can get away from each other.

wish i could tell you best romantic novels by indian authors you must read

In this book, Datta surprises his readers with the insight that an online relationship can also make a big change into someone’s life in surprising and rewarding ways.

2. 2 States the Story of My Marriage by Chetan Bhagat

As one of the most popular Indian authors, Chetan Bhagat’s works are categorized as the Best Indian novels. Many of his works have been adapted into Bollywood motion pictures, including this book. Two States talks about his own love story.

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He reveals all the challenges and difficulties a lover from two different cultures have to deal with when they want to tie the knot.

The story written by Chetan in this book is so gorgeous, portraying a concept of accepting each other’s parents and families. Instead of watching the film, you had better read the novel in order to get to know the whole story in a deeper way.

3. Hold My Hand by Durjoy Datta

Hold My hand is Durjoy Datta’s stirring love story novel you have to put on your reading list. Considered as one of the best romantic novels to read, this book tells the readers about the romance of a young couple named Deep and Ahana.

A young man named Deep who loves books more than getting socialized was offered an internship in Hong Kong. There, he met this gorgeous blind girl named Ahana.

The love started to spark when they both explore Hong Kong together. The story becomes more complicated when Ahana’s boyfriend get into the frame. How would they cope with that problem?

4. A Bollywood Affair by Sonali dev

You should not skip reading this engaging Bollywood romance novels given that it offers you with a heartfelt and unique story of a modern Indian woman. Mili Rathod married her husband when she was four following the traditional arranged marriage in her hometown.

She is still waiting for her husband whom she never met for 20 years. Even though she is raised conservatively by her parents, Mili has the chance to continue her study in America. Then, a well-known Bollywood director who happens to be her brother-in-law meets her in private.

The director, Samir Rathod asks her to end her marriage with her brother. Nonetheless, he falls for Mili within no time. Will Mili choose to keep her marriage with a man she never met or will she take her brother-in-law director as her partner for life?

5. A Half-Baked Love Story by Anurag Garg and Gunjan Narang

Love story novels are very common to female readers, yet, this book also resonates for male ones. The protagonist in this book tells his flashback story about his true self and first love – a totally different person to who he is now.

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Aarav is a rich little monster skirt-chaser who lives the way he wants and picks any girl he wants to spend the night with. Nevertheless, at one New Year’s party, Aarav got drunk and shared his long-buried secret with his friends. He unravels that once – in the old days he fell in love with a girl named Anamika.

This novel makes the readers recognize that one’s past relationship with someone special has the ability to change and shape the person for a lifetime, even years after the romance ended.

6. I Too Had a Love Story by Ravinder Singh

If you want to read romantic novels by Indian authors online, this book could be your best option. Ravinder Singh provides the readers with a story that will make them explore their feelings and emotions when it comes to losing someone they dearly love.

i too had a love story best romantic novels by indian authors you must read

The lead characters in this book are a couple who wants to get married by making online accounts on nuptial sites and by chance matching each other. Luckily, both of their families agree on their marriage invitation.

The twist begins to arise when something happens exactly before the D Day of their marriage. Since then, everything in their lives will never be the same anymore given that they can not feel happy anymore.

7. It Started with a Friend Request by Sudeep Nagarkar

Make sure that you read this interesting novel given that it is one of the best Indian romance novels about online love. It talks about a man named Akash whose typical woman he wants is someone who is a traditionalist.

Then, one day, he happens to meet a free-spirited beauty named Aleesha at a disco. They exchange their Blackberry PINs as a way to keep them communicated. However, their love story does not run smooth and the relationship continue

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8. Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat

This book tells the readers about Madhav and Riya’s love story. Both characters are opposite to each other. While Riya is a wealthy girl from Delhi, Madhav comes from average people. He loves Riya but she does not have the heart to love him. However, Riya offers him to be his half girlfriend. What will happen to their love story?

9. Almost Single by Advaita Kala

This book is among the Funny romantic novels by Indian authors you need to delve into. The story in this book is about a common woman known as Aisha Bhatia who works at a hotel in New Delhi. Aisha loves to party and go out with her friends. Her mother insists she get married given that it is uncommon for a 29 years old woman to stay single.

almost single best romantic novels by indian authors you must read

She and her friends try to find an appropriate partner from both dating applications and festivals. However, when a handsome businessman checks in in the hotel where she works, Aisha starts wondering what a relationship means to her.

10. Law of Averages: A Hilarious Love Story by Kshitish Padhy

This book is fun and easy to read and surely will entertain its readers. It starts when a common guy named Ritwik wants to be successful in the comic book business. He then met Shubangi whom he later wanted to tie the knot with. Unfortunately, he has to do his best to impress his would-be father-in-law. Read the whole story to find out about his struggles in pursuing his ultimate love.

Indian love story novels may be different from the ones written by western authors. Yet, they are rich and offer festive colors that no western novels offer. Hopefully, the above-mentioned Best Romantic Novels by Indian Authors help you to travel into the country and experience the story yourself. Happy reading!

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